Jim Sinclair: Euro Will Prevail Over the USD

sinclairJim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers over the holiday weekend regarding the Eurozone’s proposal to take down shadow banking and asset rehypothecation.
Sinclair states the proposal is a direct blow to the global banksters:
Now we have a proposal which when adopted would be a Euroland Blockbuster. A direct kick in the slats of Shadow Banking, something that will never occur in the USA. Euroland would unravel the collateral chains of Shadow Banking there, if you can call it that, a knee capping.

Sinclair states the Eurozone’s latest proposal is more evidence that the Euro will ultimately prevail over the USD, to the contrary of US MSM MOPE This is, in the final analysis, more evidence that the Euro in whatever form it ends up, two or one, will take ascendancy over the dollar, certainly if these proposal become solid action.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

Lowered Prices


From Jim Sinclair:

For those who love to condemn the euro, please be rationale for a moment. In Euroland there has been much government inflicted economic suffering. In the Union of the Dollar, the USA, there has been nothing but stimulation and banksters getting free passes. As horrible as it is, Euroland has kicked off the confiscation of depositors funds called bail-ins. In Euroland the gold held in reserve is valued at market prices. In the USA the gold reserve is valued at a phony $42 and change. Gold will be worn as a neckless around the neck of the Euro.


The USA is a monetary union of individual states that are in as much financial difficulty, some more, as any member of the European Union. Mainstream media’s greatest success is to condemn Euroland while applauding the dollar and hiding the financial condition of the majority of states. That is total nonsense. When it is all done and finished Euroland took measures that no state of the USA will ever take.


Now we have a proposal which when adopted would be a Euroland Blockbuster. A direct kick in the slats of Shadow Banking, something that will never occur in the USA. Euroland would unravel the collateral chains of Shadow Banking there, if you can call it that, a knee capping. The USA has emasculated new bank regulations, making a fool of Volcker’s name of part of it. The USA entertains all the flim flam of the Bankster and Brokesters. Since Banksters and Brokesters own Washington there is little hope of any change.


This is, in the final analysis, more evidence that the Euro in whatever form it ends up, two or one, will take ascendancy over the dollar, certainly if these proposal become solid action.


The new currency arrangements will not be made by Washington but rather by Euroland and the BRICS.


Physical gold will be emancipated from fraudulent no gold paper casino.


EU Weighs Curbs on Banks’ Use of Client Assets as Collateral 

By Jim Brunsden - May 24, 2013 10:29 AM ET


Banks and brokers face a clampdown on using assets they hold for clients as collateral for their own trades as part of European Union moves to bolster market stability and rein in shadow banking.


The European Commission is weighing whether firms should have to obtain formal consent from their clients before being allowed to reuse assets to back other trades, according to a document obtained by Bloomberg News. The consent would be enshrined in a “contractual agreement” between the parties.


The handing over of collateral is an integral part of repurchase agreements, or repos — one of the activities under review by global regulators as part of their efforts to regulate shadow banking. The reuse of clients’ assets poses a potential threat to financial stability should one of a chain of firms that handled the securities go bankrupt, according to the document prepared by commission officials and dated May 15. Uncertainty about who holds an asset can fuel panic in times of market stress, according to the paper.


“Complex” chains of collateral can make it difficult for investors to “identify who owns what, where risk is concentrated and who is exposed to whom,” according to the document. “This has consequences for transparency and financial stability.”


Under the plans being weighed by the commission, banks and brokers holding securities for clients wouldn’t be allowed to reuse the assets for trading on their own account — speculation on the markets aimed solely at boosting their own revenues, according to the document.




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  1. If you have a lil extra time….

    • Heres a great youtube link on ”shadow banking”, the essence of which is repos and reverse repos (and their infinite rehypothecation). It starts with the tail end of her talk on Credit Default swaps.

    • Something I stumbled across, kinda puts the EU in “perspective”    grrrrrr

    • @4 oz
      That IS one fabulous video! The matter-of-fact way Grant Williams dissolves all the financial memes is a joy to behold!

  2. All the Fish in the North Sea may die and China may collapse afterwards.

  3. The Coast to Coast website is : http://www.disclosureRadio.com on May 25, 2013 has Karen Hudes which also has
    website : http://www.kahudes.net
    So call the FBI, let them know our country is being held hostage by corporations.

  4. In my view this effort is by a few starry eyed politicians who are going to end up getting their faces shut one way or another. The concept that the bankers who own the government would allow this is fanciful at best.

  5. Pull up your armchair and be entertained:


      Well I listened and it’s the first time I’ve heard of the Poof.
      PASSED MAY 23, 2013

    • I made it to the 3-4 minute mark. No thanks.

    • @Bay of Pigs
      LMAO I never said it was good. Lol but I’m open minded. Lol

    • LOL! Yeah, you can put NESARA, the WANTA FUNDS, GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS, DRAKE, ETC…. into the land of fairy tales and unicorns…no our situation does not take POOFNESS to drone on an on about how the ‘good guys’ are fighting the good fight. The only good guys left are the stackers that are bringing the fractional reserve PM model to it’s final conclusion. Stack on brothers…you are the real ‘white hats’ and I down some Jim Beam in your honor. ‘)

  6. I really don`t think our Jim knows what the hell is going on.  This is another of his best guesses.  A good kick in lady liberties c*nt flaps!  That wont go down very well now will it?  What is America to do?  Keep calm and carry on?  

  7. luciferian  happy ending ?

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  8. The Shadow bankers hold assets of $65-70 trillion dollars.  They are offshore, on shore  and everywhere. 
    If the jumped up  johnny-come-lately Euro powers that be think they can take on this array of assets, largely privately held and in my opinion, forming much of the asset base of those elusive elites, then the Euro folks have bigger balls that I given them credit for. 
    Shadow banking is called this because it’s extra-national, not controlled by any sovereinty and pretty much far enough from the grasping little fingers of the DBank and Merkel bimbos to tell them to have a nice big glass of STFU and take a hike. 
    This asset base is 3 times as large as the total net worth of the Forbes 400;  as large as the entire world GDP.   I expect they  would not take kindly to anyone, Merkel, Draghi, Bernanke, Abe or Jinping telling them what sort of collateral they can use or not.  Many of these elites of the Shadow banking empires are the royalty and world rulers clans that settled in for the long game as the jumped up jackasses with fancy titles try to tell people what they can do or not do. 
    This is just a speculation on my part but $70 trillion throw weight and asset lever base is not to be trifled with or told what to do.

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  10. Ahhh, the Arctic glaciers may move North and the Antarctic glaciers may move South. No one known but it may happen. Sure would like some good time line reports rather than mythology and suppositions along with maybe.

  11. Don’t know which forum to address this in, but here is the comment:
    For the silver biotic thing, first thing I noticed is poor design for that add. The principles of design seemed to be followed for silver doctor’s logo, but that biotics add has terrible design applied to it.
    Here are the 4 main elements of design you want to follow:
    P roximity — categorize things close one to the other.
    A lignment  — try aligning things on one side or another… the top SD logo does this … that biotics add doesnt. try avoiding centre-alignment.
    R epetition — repeat main elements of the design throughout
    C ontrast

  12. Ranger  I am good this pole reversal thing.  I much prefer anarctic ice with my scotch than that skanky arctic ice.  Of course, putting good single malt on ice is a crime against humanity in  either hemispheres.   Cheers.

  13. @AGXIIK

    LOL! Agreed, although I’m savoring the Bourbons. Some with ice, some without. It’s hard to find clean ice these days…sigh.

  14. I think they are up to 7 bowls of rice a day now….

  15. Why is EVERYTHING with Jim Sinclair an “Email Alert”….. Just sayen thats all lol …

  16. My wealth is not stored in Euros or US dollars.  Will the Euro tank first or the dollar?  Flip a coin.  That’s how I feel about it.  

  17. Mwah ha ha…Expect you to talk Mr Bond, I expect you to dies!!!! Mwah ha ha…(Cue music…and take)…At this point Send email alert, saying something big bold and dramatic, and don’t forget the exclamations and music!

  18. UndeRGRound. 
    As I understand it, partly expalined by Lombardi and Stansberry, the shadow banking empires are real people working  with real FIAT and assets.  The word Shadow is use to a perjorative manner to denote a dark and secret empire.  In some ways it is, depending on who owns which shadow bank.  These banks consist of private offices, a form of equity fund that is personally controlled by a family.  Others are large  multi billion dollar open equity funds.  Think Soros and his funds worth hundreds of billions.  Others are hedge funds operated on a public or private basis.  In my opinion, the really big money is the royals,  century-old business trusts,(Pat Fieldss will know more about that)  charitable foundations and old money accumulated for centuries, hidden from public view, traded quietly and capable of moving entire markets. 
    Jim Willie contents that some families are worth trillions, which stands to reason given the decades and centuries of wealth accumulation.  Some are the private funds of the leaders of entire countries. Putin is reputed to be worth trillions since he has a stake in nearly every corporation in Russia and 25 palaces and dachas.
     If you take the short 30 year time  period of a $50 billion wealth accumulation of Bill Gates, maybe $100 billion when his Gates foundation is added in, all one would have to do is have a 1000% increase in wealth to hit a trillion. Gates is a sharp person and it would not surprise me to hear he does that within his lifespan.  Willie states that the Bush Crime Empire (his words) is a trillionaire level.  I have trouble wrapping my head around that even if he provides some compelling evidence but who knows.  Fault me for not trusting this but it is hard to be that secretive when in the office of the presidency but there are some interesting dots that were connected after 9-11.
    Queen Elizabeth II is thought to possess well over a trillion in holdings owned by the crown in either direct or indirect assets.  That seems more likely when you consider that Prince Charles and his family supposedly owned the land under the City of London, ground leasing it to all of the occupants who have buildings above ground.  This and other landed gentry and royalty have been accumulating wealth, assets, possessions, power and income for centuries. 
    The Rothchild family is reputed to be worth $10 trillion. That would not surprise me since they are a family office, an enterprise in which all the children are educated to the family causes. Anyone who disagrees with this empire philosophy is cut out of the globe spanning enterprises. The various barons and other members of the Rothchilds have their fingers into so many enterprises it would probably take an encyclopedia to list them. They’ve mastered the abilities to move markets, political parties and the ppolicies of entire countries, having become the masters of financing entire countries.
     The Roosevelts are more secretive but that family is embedded in US and international corporations as well as key government offices; elected or appointed.  They hold the strings of considerable power along with the American first families, Pilgrim Society (what little I know of them) and the new money rich who are probably little more than strap hanging wanna-bees hopiing to get a ride in first cabin
    The way I look at it, if a family can survive a century, and interesting enough, my Canadian family is working on its 6th generation,  starting in 1851, that family can become sufficiently well connected, politically astute to use the levers of power quietly and to their advantage,  built a durable stack of money, equities, businesses, land and power base, and thus can survive and thrive for centuries. Often they become the government and the business, removing anyone contenders or compromising them enough to serve the long term purposes.  Families intermarry to consolidate their wealth and power thus creating an even more effective wealth generating machine.  Wealth begets power and power preserves wealth.
     The rule of 72 says your money will double every X years depending on the annual return.  If a family can generate 12% a year, their wealth doubles every 6 years. If the tax and regulatory friction can be reduced by political means–think lobbyist and bribes to accomplish that end, the family will do well even when others starve.
      In 60 years you’re talking some some serious money. In 120 to 200 years, a good business plan and serious family office ethos seeing to the wellbeing of the family, educated in that family plan, even black sheep can do well, will build a nearly insurmountable business empire.   Ne’er-do-wells are usually sent packing or executed.  The family office, private equity or hedge fund becomes a nearly unstoppable force, weathering times of peace and war and even fostering the start and end result of conflicts.  The Rothchilds were good at that.  The Royalty of Europe, China and India retained much of their wealth through thick and thin and still thrive in the background, making and breaking the political elites who are given the illusion they hold the reins of power.
    $70 trillion in ‘shadow banking’ empires might be a little low but they didn’t get to this level by dealing in bad investments.   I doubt if they dabble in derivatives unless its to strip the top end of the profit from them then dump them off to the financially illiterate. 
    Even the Japanese government, B of J and equity funds are buying derivatives to juice returns.  Those financial WMDs will end badly and those who foisted these instruments to the Japanese know that they were doing and the damage it would cause.  I think its just another instrument of currency wars designed to damage foes or reduce damage to the ‘family’  I wonder who Abe pissed off that the Japanese pension plans and banks were allowed to buy these instruments unwillingly.  I also wonder what will happen to the Japanese find out they are completely screwed as a nation. The fall will be ugly.  But lots of wealth people are playing the destruction of the Japanese yen for all its worth. Soros shorted the yen from Jan to March 2013 and make more than $1 billion.  That’s how a family office works.  A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money. But Soros was always good at feeding in ugly face on the destruction of others.

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