In the wake of this week’s further confirmation from EU Finance Minister DiselBoom that depositor bail-ins are headed to banks across the Eurozone, Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers, warning investors to Get out of the system or financially perish.
Sinclair states that the financial flood-gate is straining (hence Bernanke’s unwillingness to even appear at Jackson Hole much less serve a new term), and that the further can-kicking of the mother of all meltdowns is no longer possible.   Sinclair’s plea to investors and depositors alike is to: Ethically And Legally Exit The System While You Still Can!


From Jim Sinclair:

It is clear why Chairman Bernanke has not expressed enthusiasm about being reappointed as Chairman. In this meltdown of all meltdowns, he has accomplished keeping depositors free from loss or confiscation and temporarily plugged the hole in the OTC derivative meltdown phenomena. Both of these apparently are no longer possible.


The fever of activity by monetary authorities internationally would indicate that some financial flood gate is straining.


There is one thing you need to know, and one thing only. Get out of the system or financially perish. The worst of your problems is solved by your ethical and legal exit from the system while you still can. This is why I am holding these meeting internationally, not because I like to give up my time or add onto the traveling that is demanded of me.




“This has been an effort to juice the economy, and it has done its work,” he said. “The question is, what are its limits?”


“Since the beginning of the Great Recession the Fed has bought $2.5 trillion in bonds.”


“Even as Fisher blamed Congress and the Obama administration for failures on fiscal policy, he also expressed confidence that lawmakers would act to fix shortcomings in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform legislation, which was aimed at preventing future government bailouts of large companies deemed “too big to fail.”


“This is a train in motion to correct and simplify how we deal with ‘too big to fail,’” he said. “I do think there will be action on that front,” likely after June, he said.”


Problem is not inflation but fiscal stalemate: Fed’s Fisher  Wed May 8, 2013 1:08pm EDT


(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve’s extremely accommodative monetary policy has not boosted jobs as much as it should because the U.S. Congress and White House cannot agree on tax and spending policies, a top Fed official said on Wednesday.


“Inflation is not an issue … I don’t think you can say inflation is doing any damage to the economy,” said Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher when asked in an interview on CNBC what is holding back the economy. “The fault lies with the fiscal authorities, and until they get their act together, I don’t think you are going to find the kind of growth we would like to see.”


The central bank is now buying $85 billion in Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities each month to bolster an anemic recovery and push down the unemployment rate, now at 7.5 percent.


Far from igniting inflation – the biggest fear of central bank policy hawks like Fisher – the bond-buying program may be falling short of its goals.


Inflation by the Fed’s preferred measure is running at about half the central bank’s 2 percent target, leading some to speculate that, if anything, the Fed may be closer to expanding than paring back its asset-purchase program.



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  1. I’ve been out of the banking system more or less for nearly 5 years now.  I totally shut down my B of A (Bunch of A-Holes) accounts…checking, savings, and credit card.  Paid off the card and told them to F themselves and to close everything else out.  They actually tried to fight with me about closing everything down as if they could tell ME what to do.  It was actually very funny once I started telling the dude on the other end of the call what a crooked, corrupt, POS, bank he works for and that he should quit working for them if he had any decency in him! lol
    But…since my company has to do direct deposit I still had no choice but to go somewhere else and I moved things over to Charles Schwab and opened up one of their checking/brokerage online accounts.
    I kinda liked it because I got like 4% interest at the time and any ATM fees were refunded each month back to me…very nice.  Well now, of course, I get something like .45% interest, but it is still something, haha.  And to this day they still do reimburse me for any ATM fees I get anywhere I use my card. 
    Back to direct deposit…since I have to do it, I wait until Friday morning when my money is in my account and then I go to the ATM and I yank out as much as I can that day.  1000 limit.  Then the next day I grab the leftovers and leave just enough to use for what few remaining online bill transactions I have, cable, electric, car insurance.  That’s it…
    If the banks close down I won’t get caught off guard with much in my account…they might get a few hundred bucks if they catch me on a high spot before some bills get paid…but other than that they aren’t going to get shit!
    My fiat is stashed in miniature bank accounts called real physical gold and silver, lead (ammo), and lead delivery systems (guns), food, etc. You name it.  Cash is stored safely outside the system as well.
    I highly recommend you all do as Santa has said.  I saw this coming about 6 years ago and got out early.  Now I know many people scrambling to get with it right now and they better move fast before capital controls are initiated and we get “Cyprused” or “Corzined”.
    Keep stacking the phyzz folks and have a kick ass weekend!!!

    • Well said, SA1st.  You have a great plan there.  I am still mired in paper but am working my way loose.  The stack is doing very nicely these days and IRA money is being withdrawn on schedule.  Am taking SS benefits early and am converting them to food, water purification, PMs, ammo, fuel, tools, and anything else that looks useful in a SHTF scenario.  Wife is about 1/2 on board.  Not great but could be worse.  Still owe about $40k on the mortgage and will pay that off with worthless fiat AFTER the SHTF.  lol

    • ” move fast before capital controls are initiated and we get “Cyprused” or “Corzined”. ”
       “Cyprused” or “Corzined” is the new four letter word. LOL

  2. roger that Save America Ist and Chrissy   I think we are pretty much on the same page here.  Fine tune the details of your exit plan.
    I read the title of Sinclair’s essay and say WTF to the words Ethically and Legally.  I really,  really hate turning the other cheek after getting rotof***** by anyone, even some invisible banker bass turd trading metals on paper and screwing the good, honest harding working folks who populate this and other sites. 
    Passive resistance in not my style.  Preferences include revenge and bringing down the wrath of God on these people.  Unfortunately they have way more guns and firepower so active resistance at this stage would be signing a death sentence and I prefer to stick around long enough to actually  do something meaningful when the inevitable SHTF occurs.
    So I guess Jim means going ‘all in Gandhi’ this round.  No sense in leaving a trail for the bad guys to follow.  Hut it still chaps my ass to do itthis way.  SA First your plan is one of the best I’ve heard to date. You’ve systematized your presence within the Matrix and left some good bolt holes to use when needed.  Cheers and you have a great weekend too.  Ditto for Chrissy   Keep that windage dail well lubed

    • “Passive resistance in not my style.”
      Nope, me either, but don’t you just LOVE how passive the enemy gets once they are dead?
      “Preferences include revenge and bringing down the wrath of God on these people.”
      Agreed.  I am in for some of that.  After all, if one cannot obtain justice from human institutions, then calling upon those of a more permanent nature seems quite fitting.  Be sure to request the “Old Testament” version, though.  lol
      “Unfortunately they have way more guns and firepower so active resistance at this stage would be signing a death sentence and I prefer to stick around long enough to actually  do something meaningful when the inevitable SHTF occurs.”
      Agreed.  Avoiding jail is the #1 prep, IMHO.  That is the last place one wants to be when the SHTF.  No telling what will happen to those poor bastards.  The jailers might all run off, taking the keys with them as they go.
      After the SHTF, of course, any number of very interesting possibilities could open up to us.  The thought of dirty, ragged, and starving banksters begging me for work and food cheers me immensely when I am depressed about the current state of affairs and those who helped create it.

    • We have way more guns and firepower than they do, plus we have the advantage of playing guerrilla to their fixed operations.

  3. “Inflation is not an issue … I don’t think you can say inflation is doing any damage to the economy,” said Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher when asked in an interview on CNBC what is holding back the economy. “The fault lies with the fiscal authorities, and until they get their act together, I don’t think you are going to find the kind of growth we would like to see.”
    This is the kind of statement we get from those who have drunk the Fed / BLS Kool-Aid.   It is well documented that they have cooked the books as regards the official inflation calculation.  Look at the info on to see how inflation was calculated by the US Gov prior to about 1990 when they started tinkering with it to generate “better” numbers.  They are playing games with this to both reduce the Gov’s obligation to retirees whose SS benefits depend on this inflation number and to make them and their stupid policies appear to be better than they actually are.  No, we do not have 2% inflation in the US now.  What we have, at least for those of us who are not air plants and who therefore MUST have food and energy to live, is MUCH closer to 9% inflation.  This is more than 4 times higher than the Fed / Gov are willing to admit.  This does not, of course, change the reality of the situation, as anyone who buys food and fuel well knows.  Not only that but if we use the rule of thumb known as The Rule of 72, we can see that with a 9% rate of inflation, our buying power will be cut in half in only 8 years… and that’s a helluva penalty for simply buying into the bankster-created fiat paradigm.  
    The good news, of course, is that we don’t HAVE to be abused like this.  We can convert our extra fiat paper into alternative currencies that do not participate in inflationary wealth destruction.  These are, of course, gold and silver.  By converting extra fiat into these currencies, we are opting out of the fiat-inflation game.
    For example:  if some distant relative had left us a $5,000 inheritance in the year 1913, with the stipulation that this box not be opened until 2013, what would you prefer to find in that box… 250 gold double eagle coins or $5,000 in 1913 style paper banknotes?  Even if the banknotes could still be converted from these old style bills into new ones, which the US Treasury is not obligated to do after all this time, but if they did you would then have 50 brand new $100 bills to spend.  Not bad for a windfall.  But what about the gold coins?  What would they be worth in today’s money?  Well, assuming no numismatic value, even the gold itself would be worth around $1500 an oz., so about 242 ounces of gold from the 250 double eagles would be worth about $363,000… and that is a LOT more than a mere $5,000!  Such is the power of inflation to destroy wealth, particularly over extended time periods.
    In the example given above, it should be noted that the buying power of the $5,000 in banknotes and the $5,000 in gold were exactly the same in 1913.  After 100 years, of course, the buying power of the gold remains while that of the paper currency has all but evaporated.  This is why many of us buy and hold gold and silver: they endure, where other forms of currency do not.  Instead of $363,000 to spend today, only $5,000 remains from the paper currency.  This is about 1.4%, meaning that 98.6% of the wealth represented by those banknotes in 1913 has been destroyed by 100 years of inflation.  Of course, this is not strictly a century-long phenomenon.  I only use this time frame to illustrate the point that gold and silver retain their purchasing power while paper does not.  Most of us have already seen some examples of inflation destroying wealth and we know that it does not take several decades to occur.  Inflation is not the most powerful force in economics but it is both insidious and relentless.  Like the power of flowing water, it WILL carve its way through solid rock given enough time. 

  4. Here’s proof that 2% inflation (growth) is unsustainable:
    * Year 10: 22 % increase
    * Year 20: 49 %
    * Year 40: 221%
    * Year 100: 724%
    * Year 200: 5,248%
    Can anything in Nature grow at this rate in a sustainable way?  People just do not seem to understand the severity of exponential growth.  Rather than pure physical growth, what Nature seems to always choose is balance, equilibrium, harmony, and stability.

  5. Hey,
    so here is an open question to those who have experience in the financial industry:
    Would you say that you have known many people in the industry who were in the occult, devil worship or similar things (Wicca, New Age, Illuminati, Order of the Eastern Star, Shriners (bunch of creeps), Jesters, Black masses, Freemasonry, even Rotary Club, Lions Club, or higher uber-creepy lodges like Memphis Misraim etc.) ?
    I’m just curious… because I know most people that get involved in the occult have success and wealth as one of their big motives, either embracing some sort of Deist philosophy of the afterlife or openly accepting success for eternal damnation… and I figured for those in the industry, have you noticed that many people seek success by being into this kind of stuff?
    BTW: Jesus has already defeated the devil, and no to you occult initiates, the devil is not wise and he can’t enlighten you or open your mind: this is like saying that Soviet/Marxist indoctrination enlightens; it only makes you BELIEVE you’re enlightened, while you’re really being sucked into a defeated darkness. Jesus is victor, Satan has already lost, and is just trying to gather as many losers with him into an eternal Hell of torture.
    Choose the victor, Choose to repent of your sins and trust in Jesus’ free forgiveness and Eternal Life. Jesus ain’t weak: He created every demon and spirit being there is: thus, where do you think your spirit guides/demons get their existence to begin with?
    Choosing the “power” that comes from the occult and the devil (even “white” magic like Wicca offers) is a deception: It’s like choosing to side with the school-yard bully, and then a bunch of tough Marine Corps and Delta Force dads come along on the playground to show who’s got the real power: it ain’t the bully… Mr. tough guy runs away scared.

  6. Proverbs 1616   I’m take a shot at your question  I am a former banker who still associates with that group so that I can assist my business clients with their commercial financing.   From 1982 to 1996 I was a member of a Kiwanis Club in San Diego.  If I recall the derivative of the name it is an Indian name, Nunc Ki-wanis, meaning we meet, we trade, we make noise.
    The clubs are dedicated to local and international charitable works.  This extent of this is usually on a community basis.  I never saw any occult or other weirdness in our club.  That sort of stuff creeps me out so if I got a hint of that I would be out of there.  I was a member of the Rotary Club, but recently resigned due to an internal conflict with an SOB member, life is too short for that, but never saw anything creepy or occultish there.  While I was an officer and director of both clubs during my stint, if there was some sort of this stuff going on it would be well above my pay grade and more on the national or international level.  The normal formalities were saying the Pledge of Alliegance and a short prayer.  Given my course in life today, the pledge has many ironies.  The prayers are enjoyable as is the Lord’s Prayer, my favorite. It doesn’t change the fact that I am more than a bit of a heathen but that is another story.
    Me and my banker associates were, buy and large, aggressive, competitive and particularly money oriented people since the paychecks were pretty large. It was for most a good day job and many still pursue that career.    Most of my associations were agreeable.  Some were quite personal as several became good friends.  I never saw any weird occultic behaviors.  Most of us were scalp taking hard asses, a behavior needed for success in my industry.   If there were any people who believed in those strange Wiccan, Occultic sorts of things they would have been  done well behind the scene.  Since I moved up in the ranks and if this was going on , I expect that I would have been invited and initiated into the group with ceremonies resembling something from Tom Cruise’s movie, Eyes Wide Shut’  It never happened to me.
    I did get involved in one of those personal and professional development new age workshop sorts of organizations patterned along the lines of EST.  Being a person who needed some fine tuning and polishing as I was really rough around the edges in my 20′s and 30′s, it worked out well for me. These groups had some strange bedfellows like the Scientologists and related folks but again, that sort of strange behavior sent me the other way  My associations with the workshop group ended after a few years when the ‘educational’ corporation imploded after the owner became ill.
    I assume that what you refer to exists in the financial world.  When someone trades their soul for the dollar or any other currency they lose sight of what is important.  My experience was never within or part of that sort of group.   As far as the Shriners and Masons go, I only knew one Shriner and he was a real dingleberry.  We heard tales of the Shriner conventions.  The hotel bedsheets could have stood up on end by themselves once the convention ended.  I think those funny hats were used as condoms.

    • Thanks for your input.
      Really, occultists are everywhere… was just wondering about the financial industry.
      Well, even most lower-level masons aren’t exposed to the true esoteric meanings… but when you come across a 32 degree Mason…. he knows what he’s doing.
      By the way, Masons have different meanings for the “G”, at lower levels and for non-masons, they’ll say it stands for God. Nonsense… it really stands for generativity (generating life.. reproductive organs). Masonry is essentially an offshoot of ancient fertility cults… thus those obelisks everywhere… and notice masonic tombs when you drive by a masonic cemetary…. those creeps have shaped their tombs like elongated phalic symbols. Creepy Masons. yeck.

    • And Masons really this twisted amalgam God called “Jahbalon”… which stands for “Jehovah”, “Baal” and I forget the third. Talk about blasphemy, associating Jehovah with Baal…. wouldn’t want to be them on judgment day.

  7. “Talk about blasphemy, associating Jehovah with Baal…. wouldn’t want to be them on judgment day.”
    Nope… but… I would not mind a front row seat at THEIR judgement.  Do you suppose that it is consider bad form to giggle as they are hurled, kicking and screaming, into the flaming pit?  :-D

    • You know Ed. I’ve given it a lot of thought… I don’t think sinners take the escalator down… Think how slow the line would be moving? There’s a lot of sinners to condemn, and lets face it, they’re not going to volunteer for hell… So I think God will say to the sinner, take the path ” up”. And the sinners will smile and take that escalator up…. Up up up, THEN it drops them waaaaaay down…. Into the lake of fire! Ha! 

    • I agree, no escalators.  I always thought of it as more of a trap-door kind of thing where people stand with heads bowed and relate the story of their lives, judgement is rendered, and then the trap is either sprung or not, depending on the circumstances.  If sprung, they hurtle into the abyss above Hell and land with a splat in whatever form of s**t they deserve.  If not, then they are escorted into Heaven and Life, Part II ensues.  :-)

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