Jim Rogers: There Are No More Strong Currencies, Hang On To Your Silver!

The Daily Ticker’s Lauren Lyster interviewed commodities guru Jim Rogers Tuesday on the blistering pace of gold and silver coin sales to start 2013 by the US Mint. 

Lyster began the interview by holding up a 2012 US Silver Eagle, and asking Rogers whether a USE is a collectors item, money, or simply a way to buy precious metals.  Rogers responded by pulling his own ASE out of his pocket, and stating “I have a 2013!  You can’t get them, can you, they’re sold out!
Rogers stated that It worries me that the US Mint has run out.  It’s not just the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, several mints have run out of coins!

Further into the interview, Rogers informs Lyster that there are no strong currencies any longer, and while the dollar will likely continue to see safe haven flows from investors who don’t understand what they are doing, there are no longer any strong currencies, hang on to your silver!

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When asked by Lyster why silver coins are selling like hot cakes Rogers replied:
Because everyone’s worried.  I’m not the only one who is worried about the future of the world, lots of people are. 

Rogers urges caution regarding new positions however, and states that the recent surge in speculative longs on the COMEX worries him, and that he wouldn’t be buying right now. 

Regarding his outlook on gold Rogers stated that he’s not rushing to buy gold right now, I’m certainly not selling, but if it goes down, I’ll buy more.

However Rogers states that there are no longer any strong currencies, and while the dollar will likely continue to see safe haven flows from investors who don’t understand what they are doing, there are no longer any strong currencies, hang on to your silver!

Click here for Lauren Lyster’s full interview with Jim Rogers on gold, silver, and the US dollar:


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  1. The real reasons that Jim Rogers favors the Russian Ruble and the Chinese Renminbi may be because he understands that Russia could easily back their currency with Gold, and China could easily back theirs with Silver.
    Also, when he says that Silver is not money, he means that Silver does not presently function as a common currency.  He emphasized that Silver (like Gold) is a store of value.  Silver, however, can easily be converted into currency, so Silver is a far superior form of savings for store of value, as compared to paper money (which bankers can print out of nothing).
    Jim Rogers is wrong about staying away from the Gold and Silver markets due to speculators being involved in these markets.  That is what the manipulators want people to think–that Gold and Silver are nothing but pure speculative gambles.  The truth is far from it.  Possession of physical Gold and Silver is for safety and protection, and even Jim Rogers agrees that they’re the soundest stores of value.  Agriculture may make greater gains in price some day, but not if the world population collapses.  And ultimately agriculture is not a form of money like Gold and Silver are.

    • Spot On!
      Jimbo, if everybody in the world suddenly wanted just one ounce, why would the annual supply of silver satisfy only 1/7 of them?
      See, that’s he’s speculative bubble! He just wants to by more of them. While the supplies are available..

    • @Plebian:  Your comments are right on!  I do see where you may think Rogers is saying stay away from “positions”, IMHO, I believe he is referring to LEVERAGING which would not be a sound play given the fucking crooked bastards you’d be playing with.

    • “Jim Rogers is wrong about staying away from the Gold and Silver markets due to speculators being involved in these markets.”
      Which is hilarious, when we really think about it.  Rogers has been an agricultural commodity investor for many years now and speculators are ALL OVER that market.  If he really didn’t like speculators, he would find a market where they do not exist.  Hmmm… and just where would that be?  None that I can think of.  :-/

    • @ Plebian
      Russia does not have a lot of gold. Russia has plenty of oil and gas. One of the assistants Putin has long offered start to sell oil and gas with partial payment in gold. He says about 10% of the payment for oil and gas need take in gold and 90% in dollars and euros.  His name is Sergei Glazyev.

  2. Jim is a 50/50 guy with me. I like listening to Jim Grant or Marc Farber any day of the week over Jim.

  3. I was disappointed with some part of Jim’s interview.  He advised to not to rush into silver and also tells people to not sell their silver or gold coins.  That’s a confusion message. He gives the impression that there is a speculative bubble in physical silver coin purchases.  That is just wrong. 

    • Investors have 3 actions they can take… buy, sell, or hold.  Sounds to me as if he is recommending that we “hold”.  That may be fine for some investors, depending on their situation, but perhaps not for most of us.

    • Buy and hold, no such thing as enough silver.

    • You’re right. It’s as though he’s saying the market has pegged silver at it’s true value and that price suppression isn’t going on. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”.

  4. Or maybe its artificial scarcity so they can raise the premiums on their coins? I prefer Canadian bullion anyways .9999 is always better!

  5. Now that miss lyster is on mongoloid mainstream media ( she was going off the reservation of truth even at the end of her stint at RT ). To think that any hard hitting truth will come out of her interviews is unfathomable. Like this one, and the one with gigolo jim rickards, to says some good things but is as much about mutual self promotion as it is anything else.
    As for not selling my silver coins.. I won’t be, I’ll be buying more. I have enough eagles, and silver bullet silver shields, and polar bears and cougars for now.. back to boring maples.
    Someone wake me up when the cartel allows the price to get over 35 so I can actually start not being annoyed at the price action.

  6. Good Ole Jim, One day he says he’s long Agriculture because that is the best, the next day he’s pumping Silver.

  7. The most important part of this video was between 3:20-3:27.  You don’t get any stronger of a message than that.  It is too bad Lauren did not focus more on that statement…that was the story. 

  8. I’m not buying Silver because I’m worried.  I’m buying Silver as part of the world wide effort to get some payback from the banker bastards. 

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