Jim Rogers: Protect Yourself From Currency Debasement With Gold, Silver, Wheat, Oil, NG

On the heels of yesterday’s Fed Minutes which implied the Fed is getting ready for another massive dose of money printing, Jim Rogers tells CNBC viewers to protect themselves from currency debasement with gold, silver, wheat, oil, and natural gas.
If it weren’t for the precedents set in MF Global and PFG, natural gas would be a very intriguing play currently, as it appears to have finally bottomed. Unfortunately, stacking natural gas insn’t very easy, so we’ll continue to stick with gold and silver.

Roger’s full interview below:


  1. Sticking with physical silver…the others are still PAPER holdings.  Looks like another good day for us!!

  2. Aloha and Good Morning! Last night between the times of 10 & 11pm Silver was fluctuating between .60 & .71 cents and then, I dozed off. To awake at 4 am and then log onto the site at 5am to see Silver and Gold moving on up. I will show you how exactly how, I feel about this. 

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    We are John McClain and the Bankers are the Bad Guys.. 

  3. I saw this and just had to post it. I think Charles Darrow must have been the CEO of JPM…
    Monopoly Rules and Banking System Similarities

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