China Gold June Imports_0In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have a look at the narcissists’ rally as we drown in central banking their currency wars and their quantitative easing without wealth creation. In the second half, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about why we don’t need to worry about a recession because we’re in a depression! They discuss US Federal Chairman, Ben Bernanke’s, plan to not Beggar Thy Neighbor, but Enrich They Neighbor by jumping out of the printing plane together with simultaneous devaluations. And, in terms of gold, Keiser and Rickards suggest maybe it’s the Chinese manipulating the price of gold . . . and not the US Federal Reserve.


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China would have sufficient motive for an artificially low gold price:

China Gold June Imports_0

Chart courtesy ZeroHedge

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    • Hi again, was testing to see if I can post—
      Ok, Rikards strikes me as a psy-ops guy. Alot he says is true, then he losses me- says USA has all its gold (8,133 Tons ,right, that is the govt claim - really Jim? really, we think not, ask Germany….)
      He is close to US military, and works for them at times.

    • Ya, and the entity tickling my anus is a sprite. This Jim Rickards guy is an insider and he speaks some truth but mixes it with garbage. His words need to be taken with caution.

  1. This theory has been put forward before (
    I hate to use Dan-Harold-Speak but “for this to be true, you have to believe” the CFTC has been covering for China’s looting of the PM reserves all along without the western powers doing anything about it… or the leaders of the west and east is collaborating in a transfer of wealth/control to the east (actually “more” likely IMHO).
    The west would otherwise have to be really really REALLY retarded and we know the people in the top are actually pretty sharp. The other option is that the power elite is in an every-family-for-themselves mode trying to loot as much as they can in a total chaos hoping they will come out on top enough to be out of harms way as everything crashes. That may be true for most in the US congress not for the people pulling the strings, or humanity has a weak poor outlook and next to nothing will save us.

  2. WHY cant they both be doing this… All part of a bigger plan?
    I am reading Currency Wars now, about halfway through. Gotta say, all the hype about how good it is… Not impressed, written like a third grade story…

  3. An interesting view. I’m not surprised by his view since I know from his book that he played the Chinese side in the Pentagon hosted Financial War game.
    I’ve also read another “Currency Wars” by a Chinese author Song Hongbing. The book is published in 2007. The book is a best seller in China, over 2 million sold and still growing. In the book, he suggested Chinese government to spend 200 billion US dollars every year to buy physical gold. It can suck in US gold reserve (8136 tons) under just one year! He predicted when this campaign starts, the international bankers will try to suppress the gold price in the paper market. Western central banks will act together to sell their gold reserve to lower the gold price. Gold price may crash in short term. If that happens, Mr Song suggested China to keep buying. The Chinese foreign reserve is so huge it can absorb all the western central bank gold reserve (21000 tons) in just a few years. When that happens, the gold price will shoot up to the moon and US dollar reserve system will be completed destroyed.
    So who is behind this recent paper gold sell-off? China or International bankers? I’m leaning towards International bankers. Why? Who recommended selling gold right before the crash? Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Warren Buffett and JP Morgan. These International bankers. Are they doing this for China? Not likely. These people sucked so much wealth by playing the paper money games. They wanted to keep their game longer. However, I’m afraid the end result will be the opposite of what they plan to achieve.

  4. You can bey your sweet Xrecfsutraiyiyxxx!! that China is the cause of the huge Gold take down with paper. 600 yons/
    mininh ytheir chink asses off and inmporting to overtake foreign stores of gold. When they catch up to their goal of 4 to 6000 tons, the commodities market will shine bright

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