Jim Rickards: China Has the Greatest Motive to Manipulate Gold!

Lelde Smits Jim RickardsWhen asked by Aussie Lelde Smits what prompted the plunge in gold & silver Jim Rickards responded:
We know there is some central bank manipulation, we know this is going on, its actually disclosed in certain ways.
Whenever you’re trying to solve a crime you ask who has the motive?  The person with the greatest motive to keep the price of gold low is actually China because they have the most to buy.  People point their finger at the Fed, but you might suspect China.

Rickards full interview on gold, QE, & Bitcoin is below:

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  1. Just got home from a 16 hour shift.  Have to get some sleep to go back to work tonight.

  2. She would be fun to talk about PMs with, but why can’t Aussies and Brits pronounce the letter “l” (gode, sode for gold and sold, etc.)…drives me round the bend.
    As for Rickards, nobody in finance is as glib as he is, and thus really sounds as if he knows what he’s talking about. I read his twitter account and reread his book every few months, trying to get a better handle on his thinking.  

    • How can a commodity be manipulated AND an in/deflation indication at the same time?
      I am not done buying energy and food. If I could, I would manipulate them down, BECAUSE it’s getting expensive for me.

    • Makes me laugh an American explaining the English language to the people who invented it, created it and have been using it for longer than an American can say he’s American. Please take care of it, you guys have a tendency to break and corrupt everything. Its Colour ffs, not Color!!!!
      Oh wow, another original “Jim” article. Not the…duh duh da!!!!! Chinese!…..I think its Martians. Or it could be the Lizard people again….And David Ike says…

    • http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/dictionary/gold_1
      Sorry been trying to figure out the differences that Yanks and Limeys have in saying the word Gold…Sounds the same to me.
      Now Route  (Rowt, for a yank, Root for a Limey), yup give you that but Gold…nope.


    • Only People in Idaho know how to speak the language properly. I lernt to spel it to in fifth grade! (Fifth grade was the best three years of my life!!)

    • :-)
      I’ve never noticed the ‘l’ disappear, either.
      Having worked with many north Americans I have noticed the letter ‘t’ pronounced like a ‘d’ when it’s between two vowels lol
      You say lader, I say later, you say warder, I say water, you say bedder, I say better :-)
      As for Rikards, he’s shill, so f him.

  3. @WaitingForSilver
    Cornwallis is still dead isn’t he?

    • many people are dead, what’s your point? so is Wellington, Napolean, Nelson and William of Orange. Still isn’t an excuse to fuck up a language now is it, then bleat on how us limeys can’t speak the language we created properly.
       if your referring to the term “friend of the Welsh” which Cornwallis translates into, then this conversation is meaningless as the irony of many signatures of the declaration of independence were of Welsh descent, much like myself.

    • Masonic Welsh at that.
      And not just Brits spell it “colour”… everyone else in the Commonwealth does too. I find Indians often speak a better and more proper English than Americans. Then Americans pat themselves on the back for not sounding like snobs. And then they act like snobs by correcting other people’s use of the language. lol.

  4. Rickards is a cfr insider.  I take anything he says with a pound of salt. The western stooges have stated numerous times they have every interest in managing gold.

    • “The western stooges have stated numerous times they have every interest in managing gold.”
      Was that managing or mangling?  Oh… never mind.  ;-)

    • Western banks are suppressing gold to pay off China, if China would dump all the bad bonds it is holding the western banking system would crash.

  5. I almost added about Rickards:  What’s wrong with this picture? or Who’s he working for?  I mean, name one country that Rickards hasn’t visited in the last year?  What’s he evangelizing for? Just curious.
    As for the English, they used to speak English before the Great Vowel Shift, but now they mostly sound retarded (except for the Scottish; they have perfect vowels and consonants).

    • You’re just scared of Marchas with your, “except for the Scottish; they have perfect vowels and consonants”lol
      Ever been to Glasgow? “wanna game of fitbie, laddie” :-)
      An Englishman speaks perfect English regardless of accent, dialect, stammer or stutter. Why? Because, by definition he IS English speaking in English lol.  Simple concept to grasp, take your time………:-)
      “wan owt from shop, lad?”
      “aye, lad, where’s the shop”
      “downth road ‘n’ topeth thill”

    • Clues in the title English Language. Now if we were talking about (excuse the generalization) the American language, this conversation would be going another way. And is America a real country? United states? The more I look the more I see a divided nation, who are united in taxation alone, the very thing you fought against the British for in the first place. I gave up on nationalization a long time ago, I’m a pirate with no affiliation, a free man.

    • “I’m a pirate with no affiliation, a free man.”
      Free indeed… and, no doubt, right up to the point when everyone wants to hang you.  Pirates are not treated kindly, for some reason.  ;-)

    • @coppersterling  -  While it is true that if one enjoys breathing that it’s best not to piss off a Scotsman, but they actually do have well formed vowels. As for the Glasgow-speak, just because they have good vowels, it doesn’t necessarily follow that what they have to say is, well, terribly interesting…Marchas being one exception.

  6. “China has greatest motive to manipulate gold!” 
    This is old news as I posted this well over 6 months ago on SilverDoctors.  It’s all but guaranteed they have their hand in the cookie jar along with a few dirty banks which are helping to hide their tracks, I mean manipulation, in the marketplace. 






  12. @WaitingForSilver & IdahoEagle999 , no need to bicker about differences in our country’s own interpretations of the English language, when we can instead squabble here over inflation vs. deflation, which direction PM prices are headed, and why.
    But speaking of languages – did you know that Russian has it’s own version of “Does the Carpet match the Drapes?”
    English is the language of Business,
    French is the language of Love,
    and Russian is the language of Slang.

    • Dude I dont care where your from, as long as your nice, your fine by me. Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.

    • Agreed!  Unfortunately, there are still places where the rule has been rewritten to: Do unto others before they can do unto you.  Hmmm… somehow, that sounds Russian to me.  lol

    • Mammoth says:
      December 24, 2013 at 3:53 PM
      “…when we can instead squabble here over inflation vs. deflation”

      There’s really nothing to squabble about as far as “inflation vs. deflation” is concerned. The truth is easy to recognize.

      All one needs to do, to see the relatively HIGH INFLATION that we’re experiencing, is go to http://www.shadowstats.com and click on CPI, and the TRUE inflation (shadowstats ’80 based) is clearly seen in the chart. The chart indicates a most current inflation rate of ~8.7%.

      The chart shows that the inflation rate today is higher than that of: Most of ’82, all of ’83, ’84, ’85, ’86, ’87, ’88, ’89. ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, half of ’01, half of ’02, part of ’03, part of ’08, all of ’09. Therefore, in looking at the data for the 31 years prior to this one, we find that: True Inflation NOW is higher than that of all of 18 of the past 31 years; at least most of 19 of the past 31 years; at least half of 21 of the past 31 years; at least part of 22 of the past 31 years. Moreover inflation today is on par with most of ’04, ’07, and ’10. Therefore inflation has only been lower than today in a mere SIX of the past 31 years. Thus REAL inflation, measured by shadowstats.com in the correct way, is clearly relatively high since 1982.

      A good explanation of the government reporting scam of CPI data is from analyst/journalist Bob Rinear, at: http://theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly/Faked_Numbers_Hides_The_Economic_Reality_for_Most_Of_Us
      Rinear states:

      “ALL the (government)data is corrupted, and the biggest dog of them all is the CPI numbers.

      The Government had been trying to hide inflation from us like a mom hides candy from her 4 year old. If something is going up wildly like the price of food or energy, they simply don’t include it in the readings. They say those areas are “too volatile” to be included in the measure. Hey, I don’t know about your family but in mine we need food and energy. It’s “included” in my budget for sure. But just leaving out certain sectors that don’t fit their “under 2% annual inflation” is just a fraction of the games they play. Then there’s the substitution game. In the Governments game of “hide the baloney”, if something that they measure is getting too price heavy, they switch away from it. In their words, if steak is going up too far and too fast, consumers will switch to hamburgers. Since burgers are considerably less expensive than steak, then the inflation rate has actually fallen. HUH??

      So, the substitution factor allows for wild price appreciations to take place, and they don’t have to include them in their final reading. Nope, just swap to something that hasn’t run as far. But oh wait…there’s more. Then when they couldn’t contain inflation with substitution they came up with the hedonic readings. This is like lucasion mathematics on acid. The idea here is that even if something costs more, but because it is technologically more advanced than it used to be and “could” help you produce more…then it actually can be recorded as costing less. Is that how you see the price of things? Of course not. If a Chevy “car” cost 18,000 last year, and is 18,720 this year, you don’t tell yourself it is actually cheaper because it has a better stereo system than last years. You simply say “it went up”. Why? Because it really did. But not according to the Government wonks. That car DECREASED the CPI. Go figure.”

      Moreover, PPI has become a USELESS MEASURE, as intelligently stated by shadowstats.

      According to John Williams of shadowstats.com
      ( http://www.shadowstats.com/article/producer-price-index-ppi ),
      in regard to the PPI:

      “the PPI has been through more severe series redefinition and methodological changes than most other series, including the Consumer Price Index (CPI).”

      “changes over time have included elimination of imported goods prices, which helped to erase inflation resulting from a weakening dollar. Hedonic quality adjustments also were introduced to the series”

      “Once predominantly a measure of manufactured goods, PPI in the last decade or two increasingly has become a USELESS MEASURE of the services sector “wholesale” inflation. Due to the limited scope of services surveying, those COSTS ARE HEAVILY UNDERSTATED AND ARTIFICIALLY DEPRESS INFLATION reported for the broad finished goods index. For example, it is rare to find a PPI measure of insurance costs that represents more than 20 percent of the inflation rate seen in actual policy costs. The PPI concept lends itself as poorly and nonsensically to the services sector.”

    • Bloody hell the Scotsman took the English and American language if you can call it that and really screwed them up.So There. Merry Christmas.  Lol  Keep Stacking

    • @$$$$$$$$$
      So, the bottom line is that if one plays enough games with the data, one can create any result they desire.  That this is not reality seems not to overly trouble those in the Gov and at the Fed who are doing it.  
      That more “economists” are not crying “FOUL!” over the manipulations of this data shows their true value to the country… and it is minimal.  If they were less interested in sucking up to and being hired by the Fed, the Gov, the banks, and Wall Street perhaps they could be true to the ideals of their area of study.  Until they are, however, their input, unlike that of John Williams, is just so much drivel.

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