pearl harborChina has acquired 2,000 tons of gold, and need to acquire another 2,000 tons.  China is converting large amounts of dollar derivatives contracts into physical gold. 
Tensions are rising between the US & China, and China is secretly stockpiling massive amounts of gold…

As the currency wars were heating up, China wasn’t just stockpiling gold futures contracts.  They also had their hedge funds take positions in a block of highly leveraged derivatives.  Out of the blue China orders these hedge funds to sell these secret holdings-all at the same time.  In 1 single day they dump the equivalent of the entire GDP of Canada, India, or Russia on Wall St.
An economic Pearl Harbor we never saw coming…

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  1. Economic Pearl Harbor?
    Well, I’m afraid to say I don’t think this is one battle the United States will come out on top of…  But I’m rather hoping I’ll make enough money from it that I shan’t give a flying f*ck.

  2. so, as has been the case what the last 3 days at least.. silver gets punted to the mid 28s, then clears 29, to amble down to what will be a close just below 29.
    May all the conspirators wake up with stage 4 cancer with a side of flesh eating disease. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Pearl Harbour?….I think you will find that was the Japanese not the Chinese. The Chinese are just going to be using the American Dollar to buy real exportable goods from America. No cymbal monkeys for the Chinese, only raw goods.

  4. “In 1 single day they dump the equivalent of the entire GDP of Canada, India, or Russia on Wall St.”
    Gee.  I wonder where they learned that tactic?  Could it be that they have been not only watching the PM manipulation game but studying it in minute detail?  Why, yes, it could!

  5. i read SILVER DOCTORS daily; yet rarely comment.   i’m commenting today on Mr. Rickards.   this guy is the fastest, slickest talker i’ve ever heard.    he knows way too much & methinks the guy is a former C.I.A. operative.   i don’t trust him for a minute.   

    • lynnybee…Your radar is working well.  Rickards is card carrying member of the CFR(Council on Foreign Relations).  Maybe he’s a double agent.  Or maybe he’s a triple agent trying to atone for past sins by coming clean. Hard to determine who side he’s really on. Either way he’s one of the Boyz.  That’s why he knows so much about the system.  He’s part of it.  

  6. Talking about Economic Pearl Harbor… I think I just figured out, how to start one from London by JPM. 
    Please read the page 31 of the prospectus of SLV.
    The custodian’s liability to the trust, if any, will be limited to the value of any silver lost, or the amount of any balance held on an unallocated basis, at the time of the custodian’s negligence, fraud or willful default.

    So, JPM is liable of damage caused e.g. by its rogue trader, only to the value of the silver at the time of the fraud, not at the time of the discovery of the fraud. Moreover, they can settle the liability in USDs (which they would get from the Fed’s printing press). The difference between the pre-fraud and post-fraud silver price would be their profit. 

    The only guy going to jail for this, would be the rogue trader. 
    JPM would be stupid not to do this. I know for sure that they are not stupid.

    • The custodian’s liability to the trust…”
      Will be whatever the local ordinances say that it is.  JPM cannot make law by writing their wishes into a prospectus or any other document… MUCH as they might wish otherwise.

  7. We know that China isn’t selling its physical gold so once that country buys gold, that gold is gone from the gold market for a very long time. Also, the other question is who is providing all of these gold and where do the gold bars come from?

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