Jan Skoyles: The Paper Silver & Gold Dominoes Are Falling!

paper goldWriter and researcher Jan Skoyles joins the SGTReport to discuss German gold, the paper silver and gold Ponzi, three dead international bankers in one week and the stunning work of her pal Koos Jansen, the man Harvey Organ calls “the go-to researcher” when it come to Chinese gold accumulation and the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

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  1. ….and Jan’s firm will ‘hold’ your bullion for you. You can fuck right off with that suggestion LOL!

  2. Jan say’s the UK’s economy is turning around and good times ahead. Say What? Keep Stacking

  3. Looks like we got em right where we want em.
    *scratches ass*
    *looks around*
    *takes secret whiff*

  4. Jan is very conservative from where I’m sitting, politically correct. Slightly on the alternative side of mainstream, but with a charm. Plus she’s in a trheesome with those Bitcoin pushers at RT. Who are large holders (millions) of it, bought cheaply. 
    About the “insight” Koos’ research offers… If London were to send truckloads of gold to Switzerland to be refined and stored for China, this goes right under the rader. Jim Willie’s source talks about 18 months of 1,000mt each. That would be on a different scale than the small trading going on at the Shanghai exchange. Heck, China has the very best submarines. They could send a prepared freighter (underwater dock) and sub to Bremerhafen and China could be sitting on those megakilo’s already. My bet’s on storage in CH or Germany though.

  5. It could be they all know they got caught in the  gold silver pm trap. Knowing when they stock market collapses big time this time things will be 10 times as worse as last time. When the stocks slide hard it will take the comex default with it. An the government will come in an freeze the price od pms. and even outlaw it since so much is moving out of the USA. This gold isn’t going to china but my guess is the NWO bank war chest. The give away here is that they get to buy so much an the price doesn’t move. Meaning to me its all the governments buying for the NWO. Taking it out of the system fast so the day of the comex collapse could be any day.

    • It is going to China as payment foe not dumping US bonds and collapsing the dollar on the spot

    • I don’t think it is chinas best interests to dump all their holdings all at once, surely they’re trying to lighten the load, but pitching them at once wouldn’t do them any favors either.

    • Consider that there are economic issues and political issues in all this and that the Chi-Coms care a great deal more about politics than they do about economics.  If some political advantage could be had via dumping some dollar based assets, they WOULD consider it.  Yes, it would be a trade-off but they might be willing to accept it IF the political pay-off was substantial.  China very much wants to be numero uno.  They are not collecting so much gold because it is pretty but because it will give them the economic power to rule the world.  The Chinese have a keen sense of history and have, no doubt, read much US history.  This includes the Bretton Woods “agreement” from July 1944.  It wasn’t really an agreement so much as the US telling the rest of the world that WE were the big dog and when we bark everyone else can wag.  What made us the big dog then was the fact that we had the world’s strongest industrial base (untouched by WW-II) AND a large percentage of the world’s gold reserves.  Hmmm… let’s fast forward the old history machine to 1990 or so.  China is building up a large industrial base AND a huge gold reserve.  Why would they be doing that?  It isn’t rocket science, folks.

  6. 4oz  Leeb has  a bead on the industrial use of silver, it’s strategic value, China’s view of of that fact and solar power
    $20 an ounce is a good price. 
    Braehorn Investments occupies a small suite of offices in Reno. It manages the Apple cash stack of about $150 billion  Is Braehorn or Apple stacking silver?   The joke of it is that silver is mission critical to everything Apple builds. Just a smidge of Braehorn’s stack—$10 billion, would screw the market into the ground with a epic shortage.  Just sayin’ 
    Is Apple stacking silver.  Braehorn?

    • Most reports i read is of slowing global demand for silver.  I would really like to see hard numbers to prove this otherwise rather than anecdotal evidence or statements about what someone thinks about what should be happening.
      As far as AAPL stacking silver, i am sure they have some sort of extended contracts on the books, after all they’re producing all the time and therefore consuming all the time… how far out those go is anyones guess, may be buried in interviews or quarterly reports somewhere.  The savings they could sustain in pricing their silver well would be enough to pay a small army of mkt geeks, even though it is a hair on the ass of the elephant i n terms of their total pool, i have to imagine they have a strategic plan around sourcing.

    • AAPL does not need to stack silver.  China is where AAPL products are made and THEY are stacking silver, as well as much else.

  7. If Apple stacks silver they don’t need, they’ll need to pay taxes over the profits. And they hate taxes.

    Insane really that no-one has decided to go goldfinger with silver. Just decide to own it all. And no, that’s not what the Hunt brothers tried. They were just hedging their many dollars, and the world ran out of paper silver. Margin hikes settled it then, and will settle it again.

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