gold vaultAt the recent Whitman Expo in Baltimore, former US Mint Director Edmund C. Moy who ran the mint from 2006-2011 opened up on visiting Fort Knox during his tenure as Mint Director.
Is there really any gold left in Fort Knox?  Mr. Moy’s first thoughts on viewing the inside of Fort Knox:
These bars at Fort Knox look like dirty gold…One of the first things was, Is this real gold?
Former Mint Director Edmund Moy tells his story and reveals what he saw with his own eyes when he toured the mint in the MUST WATCH clip below:


On whether he saw any gold inside Fort Knox:

“I’ve been to Fort Knox, I’ve been INSIDE Fort Knox, and I’ve seen the gold. So I know that its actually there!…I can personally vouch that there is gold at Fort Knox, and I have personally seen it!”

On how much gold remains in Fort Knox:
“There’s alot of gold…I can’t tell you how much is in there or how they’re organized, but there’s alot of bricks in there!”

Moy indirectly supports the theory that most of the good delivery bars have already been leased or swapped and removed from Fort Knox and only dirty gold remains:
One of my first observations about the gold there, when you think about modern 400 oz  good delivery bars that are made in Switzerland, you think of shiny gold.  These bars at Fort Knox look like dirty goldOne of the first things was, Is this real gold?

However, what Mr. Moy fails to address is who and how many parties hold title to the likely hyper-rehypothecated pile of gold remaining inside Fort Knox vaults.

Edmund Moy’s full thoughts on touring Fort Knox:


Fort Knox Secret Contents:


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  1. This guy Edmund Coy was a former director of the mint so how do we know that he’s not doing a public tour to mislead the American public. And how come no President of the United States has been to Fort Knox within the past several decades?

    • Totally agree! He seems to be the type they would send out on such a mission. P.R. is an integral part of the charade. If he is a shill, it only shows how desperate they are getting.

    • @ widget I haven’t read about any.  It’s a good story to keep an eye on.  One lady so far is sticking out her neck and saying it’s so.  You know that former world bank whistle blower what’s her name. I like my own hypothesis about where the Fort Knox Gold is.  If they want it back we can send it back to who ever express delivery all wrapped up inside a tomahawk cruise missile or what ever.  

  2. His story completely jives with what has been said before. There are a bunch of token gold bars, with orangeish hue, clearly the stuff that was stolen from the americans by FDR.
    “yeah there’s gold there alright, it looks like shit and I’m not sure how much there is, but there is gold there.”

    • The only person qualified for such an audit would have to be Henry Kissenger.
      Then we would truly be able to trust the government.
      This would definitely put an end to all the conspiracies… LOL

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “The only person qualified for such an audit would have to be Henry Kissenger.”
      Assisted by Zbigniew Brzezinski, no doubt?  lol
      Man, I can’t believe that these old fossils are still alive.  Maybe they are extracting the life-essence from young people and using it to extend their pathetic lives?  Would not put it past them if it could be done.

      “RON PAUL!!! “
      No doubt!  I loved those pics of Bernanke when Ron Paul was grilling him on various money matters.  He looked like a vampire who was being confronted with a silver crucifix!  I fully expected Bernanke to hiss, bare his teeth, and shrink back into the folds of his cape!  lol
      Love the sign on Paul’s desk.  Of course, these days we could add LIE, CHEAT, SPY, and MURDER to the list.

    • @Conax
      I got an email notification of your message but cannot find it in this thread.  This is odd, since this has always worked before.  Did you delete it?  Anyway, I will paste it here and respond:
      “Maybe Ron Paul, Chris Powell, Jesse Ventura, Judge A. Napolitano and a small army of photographers and accountants.  And you, Ed_B.  There ya go.”
      Yikes!  Me?  No way, Jose!  lol   But, that would otherwise be a worthy group for sure.
      This whole idea of a REAL audit of the US gold hoard is an idea that has been long on the shelf and that needs to be brought forth.  Of course, if there has been skulduggery afoot, and it looks a lot like there has, then the truth is the VERY last thing that those involved will want to see the light of day.
      Maybe after the gold hoard has been audited, we can then move on to getting a REAL audit of the Fed itself.  Now THAT would be a fascinating topic and it is one that the citizens of this country both need and deserve.  Getting it, however, will be like pulling the tusks off an elephant… by hand.  ;-)

    • @Ed_b >>>Man, I can’t believe that these old fossils are still alive.  Maybe they are extracting the life-essence from young people and using it to extend their pathetic lives?  Would not put it past them if it could be done.
      SPINAL TAP … LOL … I’ve heard weirder things that were true *<shudder>*
      Embryonic T-Cell Milkshakes for breakfast lunch and tea .. 18yrold blood transfusions daily .. all in a days work for a globalist technocrat fearing the day of judgement and hoping every day that some head transplant technology will come around.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “SPINAL TAP … LOL … I’ve heard weirder things that were true *<shudder>*
      Embryonic T-Cell Milkshakes for breakfast lunch and tea .. 18yrold blood transfusions daily ..”
      Yep, not to mention cloned DNA infusions and forced organ harvesting from young donors.
      “…all in a days work for a globalist technocrat fearing the day of judgement and hoping every day that some head transplant technology will come around.”
      These people really are a piece of work, alright.  But their day of judgement IS coming, both here on Earth and afterwards.  I would LOVE to be in the gallery while these creeps try to explain to God what they have been up to here on Earth.  Somehow, I do not think that He will be at all amused by their behavior and callous disregard for their fellow human beings.  Perhaps He will see fit to reincarnate these douche bags as each and every one of their victims and their family members, so that they could live through the pain and suffering that their greed has inflicted on others?  Now, THAT would be the ultimate in justice, IMO.  <insert wicked grin here>

    • Silver Dollar is correct.  But all presidents since LBJ were in on this scam as NONE of them ever did anything to change what LBJ had done.  A man or woman of conscience would have objected strongly to the theft of money from future generations in order to pacify today’s voters.  This has been the greatest “taxation without representation” issue in the history of the republic… steal from those who cannot vote in order to give largess to those who can.  This is absolutely shameful and disgusting.
      As to Mr. Moy, however, I have an excellent sense of perception of the character of other people and I sense no duplicity in him.  Yes, he is a bureaucrat but he is not a politician.  It is very sad to think about all those $5, $10, and $20 US gold coins being melted down and turned into 22k bricks.  Perhaps it is time to refine and re-cast them into new standard delivery bars?  An audit done at the same time would be good too.

    • @undeRGRound


      “Ed_B Speaks the real truth.” 
      Thanks, RGR.  I try hard to be accurate and truthful in my comments.  This is such a great web site that it would be disrespectful not to do the best we can with our comments.  There are many really good people here and I am proud to be among them and part of the community here.  
      On the other hand, we all have opinions about things and reasonable people can, in good conscience, differ with others on various points.  Much can be learned here by listening, especially to those with whom we disagree.  I loved Pat Fields comment here the other day when he said something like, “Nothing important is ever determined by agreement”, or words to that effect.  That was a great comment.  None of us has a patent on truth.  All can and are encouraged to contribute.  The discussion that follows can be most illuminating for all.  Cheers, All.  :-)

  3. Uhm in uh Fort knox uh I uh uh haha actually seen the gold uh one of my uh responsibilities hehe…
    Great guy, nice smirk glad hes enjoying his job, on face value I think I trust every word he says 110%…
    If he ever needs a job I need a second hand cars salesman, I think hes perfect got a good sales pitch, he sure convinced me of all the gold in Fort Knox.

    • The USA is known for fractional reserve leasing out anything that isnt bolted to the concrete.
      Surely the wouldve given the germans their worthless tons of gold back since the entire world is losing faith in it anyways.

    • Right now, the Citizens of The United States own all the gold in that vault.
      It will take a very special piece of paper (authorization to remove type), to remove any gold that’s left.  And
      when the military takes over the White House, the Army will take over
      security duties and relieve the treasury guards (bank guards can’t be trusted in a coup).
      Goldfinger was real.  And made before the London Panic gold transfer.  Connect, connect, connect…

      PS Ah, no. I don’t think there’s any gold left in there, except for that one 10×10 room they had on camera in 1974. Gotta keep at least one Show Room, just in case.

    • @ibex >>>given the germans their worthless tons of gold back since the entire world is losing faith in it.
      Even though China is pulling 100+ tons of physical from West to East in full delivery a month, Germany cannot have 300 (which is only a fraction of their actual supposed gold stored in overseas vaults) and cannot have it for 6-7years why? Because the US and the UK have always feared Germanys geopolitical situation (only real historical competitor to AngloAmerica), and have always tried to keep them out of the hands of Russia, as a Russian-German alternative to London-New York world finance would have stripped the Anglo-American Empire of its hegemony and rewritten the history and economic structure of Europe and Asia.
      So Germany gets to bailout Southern European basket cases of their failed economies that were brought down by Mortgage Backed Securities sold through London but comprising US toxic mortgages sold on a bubble (purposeful Trojan Horses), thus putting Germany ALL-IN to the sure to fail Euro Project. And then their Gold which collateralizes all of Germany’s banking in a world financial crisis is dangled in front of their nose like a carrot to keep them on board so that they keep towing the Anglo-American party line against Russia.
      It’s all geopolitics IMO. And the Russians and the Chinese are getting truly pissed off, and if the Germans had any true balls left they would throw all the US and other NATO troops out of their country, demand ALL Gold from ALL countries to be returned to the Bundesbank, and start arming themselves again and getting independent.

  4. Wow, where to begin.
    1) The the bars look dirty or corroded (right from his mouth) – problem is real gold is inert and does not rust or tarnish!
    2) There are a lot of bricks down there. So are they all filled with tungsten in the middle or are they 100% gold?
    3) He said that the gold bars were not shiny and/or pure. So just what purity are they then if they are not 9999? Maybe that explains why they are ‘corroded’…

    • “That’s approx. 92% purity.”
      Indeed it is, although the gold assay of many US pre-1933 gold coins was 90%.  Whatever the gold assay, enough coin metal was included in the coin to ensure that the proper weight of gold was actually in the coin per the official specifications.
      If a good portion of the coin weight that was not gold was copper, then, yes, coin metal bars would be susceptible to some corrosion at any point on the surface of the bar where copper is exposed to air.  One would expect that over the decades these bars would also collect some dust as well, which would make them look dirty, if not corroded.
      American Gold Eagle coins, IIRC, are 22k or 91.67% gold.  They also contain some silver as well as some other metals of very small amount.  It is the silver content that helps give these coins their bright appearance, unlike Krugerrands, which tend to have a slight orange tint to them due to their copper content.  American Gold Buffalo coins are 99.9% pure gold with only trace impurities in them.

    • there are still more magic the gathering cards in the shed out behind mt gox than there is gold in fort knox. I find it hilarious that Jim Willie always posits that VX nerve gas is stored there LMAO!
      I don’t know if I’ve ever told the story before but one of my university professors told a story where he claimed to have been in fort knox and seen gold there. He told us a story that he asked a guard if he could have 1 and the guard said if you can carry it out with one hand, you can keep it. Years later that last statement leads me to believe he is full of shit, or my professor was actually a girl – presuming they are 400oz good delivery bars.

    • @Agxiik   “…There are more Bitcoins in Mt Gox than gold in Fort Knox”
      PRICELESS!!!!   A line straight out “Fox In Socks!!!”
      The book begins by introducing Fox and Knox (sometimes called “Mr. Fox” and “Mr. Knox”) along with some props (a box and a pair of socks). After taking those four rhyming items through several permutations, more items are added (chicks, bricks, blocks, clocks), and so on. As the book progresses the Fox describes each situation with rhymes that progress in complexity, with Knox periodically complaining of the difficulty of the tongue-twisters.
      Finally, after the Fox gives an extended dissertation on Tweetle Beetles who fight (battle) with paddles while standing in a puddle inside a bottle (a Tweetle Beetle Bottle Puddle Paddle Battle Muddle), Knox acts on his frustration by stuffing Fox into the bottle, reciting a tongue-twister of his own:
      When a fox is in the bottle where the tweetle beetles battle with their paddles in a puddle on a noodle-eating poodle, THIS is what they call…  …a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled fox in socks, sir!
      Knox then declares that the game is finished, thanking the Fox for the fun, and walks away while the beetles, a poodle, and the stunned Fox watch.
      And NOW, you know how we got to the point in this country where there’s no gold and no one even cares to be befuddled by the muddle….

    • @mikeyj80
      Congratulations to your daughter and… GOOD JOB DAD!!!    Think of it this way.  When she grows up, she’ll be well-trained in the semantics of language to be able to deal with the government’s MOPE for Dopes to give us false hopes to keep us on the ropes while we figure out how to cope with financial ruin and social perdition.   Remember that, in the end of Fox in Socks, Mr. Knox stuffs the fox and his muddle in a bottle and declares the game over.
      And THAT, my good friend, is PRECISELY what the Sheeple need to do when the govco attempts to pull the wool over their eyes!

    • @Sovereign Economist
      Now you’re talking Bernankes language. Befuddle Muddle Ben will announce another Tongue Twister later this week.
      Taper Twuddle Twiddle Twuzzle Tozzle … Abracadabra … he bought another 2 months to concoct another twister.

    • This reminds me of DICK Solomon reading “Butter Battles” 
      on that old sit-com “3rd Rock from the Sun” 
      (season 1, episode 4)
       But it shows him holding Fox in Socks… hmmm

  5. CDL  On a good day with a tail wind I could carry maybe 120 lbs of gold in a good load bearing vest. 
    about the only thing coming out of Ft Knox is gas.
    Anything the government says nowadays is lies. 
    That’s a very easy equation when dealing with the Prints of Peas and Shotgun Joe

    • “On a good day with a tail wind I could carry maybe 120 lbs of gold in a good load bearing vest.”
      No doubt, AG.  As strapping a fellow as you are, I have seen you carry about 80 lbs, of ammo in a range bag without too much difficulty.  ;-)
      But… one of the great features of gold is that one can carry quite a lot of monetary value in only a couple of pounds of the stuff.  Makes for good bugging out, hiking, or swimming with real wealth on board.  Not so with our beloved silver, though.  Yes, we can swim quite a ways with $50,000 worth of gold in our pockets but not with $10,000 worth of silver… blub, blub… blub.  ;-)

    • “Just remember, right after SHTF the Silver will be much closer to parity so get a pair of water wings!”
      LOL, RGR!
      Have gold and silver EVER had price parity?  If so, it must have been REAL local and temporary.  For most of history, gold has been more highly valued than silver by ratios in the 10-20:1 range.  I would be VERY happy with a 15:1 average ratio… and not by the price of gold falling by 75-80%!  lol   Yes, I do know about silver’s many virtues, but just do not see any possibility of price parity with gold any time soon.

    • @Ed_B
      SILVER was ABOVE Gold at times, during the Pharoahs. More often it was equal or at 1.5:1 but Gold gained popularity due to being easier to work and did not tarnish. Current mining ratios are Under 9:1 so that is “Closer to Parity” is it not? If one does not buy Gold before the crash, water wings are the next best thing  ;)
      The above info was seen on a documentary, about the Silver Sarcophagus  

    • @undeRGRound
      “SILVER was ABOVE Gold at times, during the Pharoahs. More often it was equal or at 1.5:1 but Gold gained popularity due to being easier to work and did not tarnish.”
      Indeed?  Well, that IS news to me.  Thanks for sharing that bit of history.  This makes me wonder whether gold ore was more common in ancient Egypt than was silver ore.  If it was, then that could partly explain the low G / S ratio you note.  For the bulk of history, G / S ratios of between 10:1 and 20:1 have been the norm.  With this ratio around 62:1 these days, it is quite a bit above the historical ratio.
      The heaviness of gold contributed to its reputation as “the king of metals” and “the metal of kings”, as well as its regal nature of not combining easily with other elements or corroding.  Back in ancient times, gold and silver were often found in mixed ores that were somewhat refined into “electrum”, a white metal alloy of gold and silver that was often in the range of 40-60% gold and 60-40% silver with some copper and other trace impurities.
      “Current mining ratios are Under 9:1 so that is “Closer to Parity” is it not?”

      Closer, yes, equal, no.  Parity means “equal to”, does it not?  
      The SGT Report web site used to list the total ounces of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium mined around the world during the current year.  They seem to have dropped this ticker but the last time I checked it was some months ago and it was 9.3 oz. of silver mined for each oz. of gold mined.  This mined ratio has been declining for some time now, so very well could be at 9:1 or even lower now.  Not that scarcity always equals value, of course, but when discussing PMs it is usually a substantial contributing factor.

    • Indeed so, Charlie.  He will be filming away when some Santa brains him from behind with a bat.  Not a good time to lose track of the old situational awareness. :-/

    • Heck, I reccon I’d like to have seen some elves… the elves is what you have to look out for …
      Santa will knock you down, and the elves will kick ya whilst your on the ground. These guys got off lightly. Never underestimate ANYONE, even at Disney land, if you piss off Mickey Mouse enough he’ll kick your ass … don’t let the costume fool you … LOL

  6. “…Paging Mr. Edmund Moy, please pick up a white courtesy phone… Mr. Edmund Moy, please pick up the white courtesy phone….”
    Another Disinformation Bobblehead!!!
    What’s interesting to me is… “Why NOW???”   Why are they trotting this fossil out of the skeleton closet now???  Could it just possibly be that we are fast approaching a time when it may actually matter to the world what’s ACTUALLY in there as contrasted with what they SAY is in there???  Like someone will actually have to open the vault doors???
    Do you suppose, if, indeed, we are about to see the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET early in the new year, that they might just possibly have to open the vaults to show the world that the gold is actually in there???    (“Oops!   Uh…. er….  it WAS in here…. Moy just said he saw it a couple weeks ago….   Somebody call Rubin and find out WTF they did with the tungst….. ‘er…uh… replacement bars that were supposed to be put back in there…
    The dollar is threatening weakness again… they KNOW they are going to run out of duct-tape and racer wire to hold it up here real soon and when they do… we’re gonna get a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET whether it’s formally done by the global bankers and politicians or it’s done by the marketplace.
    Then, they’ll have to get Edmund Moy to vouch for the gold all being there…

    Hey, to any of you resident cointelpro trolls here, any idea who actually HAS the gold that was in Ft. Knox???

    • IDK if I am a resident counter-intel-pro but 
      the Chinese have all our Gold!!! 
      The Fed issuing all the QE to buy U$TBonds did not just make new ones, IMO. 
      They were repackaging the bonds dumped by the Chinese so as to throw us off, IMO. 

  7. So a theory I’ve yet to see is a connection between the 100th anniversary on the 23rd and it being a Monday.
    I’ve read people say that on a Monday the dollar would crash and gold would sky rocket, and I’m surprised no theorists have yet connected the Monday theory with the 100th anniversary… maybe China and Russia will flip a switch then?

    • @Mammoth
      Ah, those pretty Iskanders, what, you mean to say that their deployment on the Polish border isn’t just a routine exercise? You think it might be a message? Huh, but the Russians are too nice to threaten anyone.
      I mean, in any case, the Poles (and Estonians, and Lithuanians, and…) just love the Russians, da?
      Oh wait, they hate Russia. Hmmm. Don’t they know that really smart PM bloggers just KNOW that Russia is ultimately a good force fighting against evil? I mean,, like, hellloooooo Poland, like, wake uuuup, duh!
      Ah, wait, I figured it out, the Poles et. al. are evil, so, I mean, yea, Russia is hated by the forces of evil, making them good.
      Anyway, in all seriousness, it could be related to an impending action by them economically, but if I had to guess, I’d say that it was more of a message to the EU to back off in Ukraine and to let the Ukrainians know that the Russians mean business. That and seeing as Russia is the moral compass of the West (please refrain from spitting out your coffee) according to Czar Putin, maybe it’s a double warning to back off the homo business and let Russia be straight (which is ok, I must say that I was happy that my friend Sonja in Israel was not a homo… I guess Russia isn’t so bad!) and don’t even think of making trouble for Russia in the Olympics.

  8. Ok Sovereign Economist   Rhymes are just way to much fun
    The old  silver loving curmudgeon
    Waxed max to a state of high dudgeon
    The point of his joy
    Was one Edmund C Moy
    With a knobkerrie handy to bludgeon

    • Better watch out.  With rhymes like that, you are likely to be a datapoint of interest!   LOL!
      You better watch out,
      You better not Skype,
      You better log out,
      Yeah you better not type,
      The NSA is coming to town.

      You’re making their list,
      They’re checking it twice;
      They’re watching almost every electronic device,
      The NSA is coming to town.

      They see you when you’re stacking
      They hear while you’re awake
      They know who you call and who you write
      So encrypt for goodness’ sake!

      With Congress in the dark and a cloak-and-dagger court
      We’re lookin’ for answers, they’re comin’ up short
      The NSA is coming to town.

      You’re making their list,
      Their Checking it twice;
      They’re watching almost every electronic device,
      NSA is coming to town
      The NSA is coming to town,
      The NSA is coming to town.


  9. They never publicly audited fort knox so it could trusted by the American people meaning something is in there that they are hiding. Meaning theres a lot of missing gold, or false gold. Then this deal with Germany seems real fishy. The greatest power on earth doesn’t have the gold that was stored in its banks. An tells that country they will have to wait 7 years to get it. That means that that bank just defaulted. An if its a central bank the american government defaulted. An whats even more fishy is why not just ask for the money value of the gold back. Then they can just go buy it on the open market?

    • Open Market purchases would drive the prices thru the roof. 
      They basically made a deal with the Germans, hence the silence. 
      “After China, we will take care of you”   :-(

  10. Hmmmmmm
    I do not Skype
     It’s not my type
    Those on Facebook think I’m friends
    No chance there, my warmness ends
    Twitter yes or Twitter not?
    Derivative “TWIT,’ the best they got?
    Startpage gets me on to Goo (gle)
    Tracking paths to me are few
    Cookies stick like super glue
    I wipe my hard drive through and through
    Just check my blogs, they’re not obscene
    Me not so Horny, know what I mean
    The internet is way to porny
    I like my jokes and cartoons corny
    Call me old; a technodoof
    I stack my smack up to the roof
    A single malt,  I sleep quite well
    The government can go to —–

    • Ranger  It seems that on the world wide scales of all this nudging and supressing, pushing people from one asset class to another, with either fear,  greed or both, the people who are long and strong in light of all the disinfo and agitprop will prevail.  But time is the key here.  2 years.   seems like a good number  
      What are you reading into the interest charts and graphs? 
      What’s with PR’s downgrade

      Tues AM Oops just picked up the PR downgrade Moody and Fitch are rating PR bonds Junk status. That’s going to force a $1 billion call and taxes are going up. Puerto Rico, the Greece on our shores.

    • Yeah, listened to it today.  Greg was going there.
      Hey, I don’t blame him.  It’s like, come on already, let the markets all trade freely and let the marbles all fall where they may.  Let the system collapse, so we can catch up to Iceland, already.  I’m sure there’s a lot of folks here that would love to see Jamie and Blythe in stripes.

  11. Now keep in mind that in the secrets of ft. knox video, the bars are stacked in a manner that would allow “cut in half” bars to be stacked in a way to appear “whole bars” (22 lb bars, no less!?!)
    So it’s possible that the quick napkin calculation he made could very well be half of his quote.

  12. Edmund Moy’s comments just seem off to me.  A little too much effort and concern over is there gold?  I believe guilty dogs bark first and he seems too distracted by the idea of whether there is gold or not….instead of how much gold.  He seems focused on trying to convince there is alot more than a little, rather than there is so much that it certainly matches with public claim of how much.  His comments to me confirm the public stated amount is not true, there is far less gold that can be claimed as owned by US.

  13. It is totally disingenuous to come out with the statements Moy made.  There are so many other issues as to the quality of the gold, the amount, and whether it is leased, and how many times.  It is irresponsible to offer these kinds of off-handed remarks.  Who makes such a shallow statement – not usually a guy in his professional position. I smell a rat, or is it a ruse? 
    Just the fact that the gold has not been audited in a loong time is enough evidence that they want the subject buried.  If we had a real government, somebody would force an audit so the people would know.  It is our gold! (supposedly).
    This whole thing stinks.

  14. Who friggin’ cares! It’s not like it could help us with our debt anyways. The amount of gold in Fort Knox is chump change to the dollars printed by the FED. It would only be worth $176 billion. That only takes care of our deficit for 90 days.
    Hold on to your gold and silver. It is priceless compared to the amount of fiat money sloshing around the world.

  15. “…400 oz  good delivery bars that are made in Switzerland, you think of shiny gold.
    These bars at Fort Knox look like dirty gold…One of the first things was, Is this real gold?
    O.k., will somebody please post a photo of a French (or Swiss) maid so that we can have Fort Knox’s Gold bars cleaned up?

  16. Yes we have no bananas Mr Shill
    Boy tptb must think we are totally dumbfuck stupid.
    This stunt reminds me of her majesty’s visit a few years back to showcase LMBA Gold Plated Tungsten bricks.
    oh well just validation these mf s are becoming exceedingly desperate.
    Whos on first?

  17. willnotbeaslave
    many years ago i read an article in a business magazine, Fortune Forbes, I forgot the name.  The article talked about the amount ofmoney the wealthiest tech gurus and the like were investing into anti aging companies, both private and public.  The amounts ranged from $10,000,000 to $100,000,000.  At the higher end of the investment it usually involved more than one person.  These serious amounts of money were done with the specific purpose of coming up with means, including pharmacological, technological (Think Bil Gates downloading his ‘consciousness’ into a cyborg) or natural means.   That article was written over 10 years ago
    If one thinks that Soros, Gates, Buffett, Ellison, Zbig, Kissinger and hundreds of other billionaires wouldn’t love to carve the world into zones ruled by the uber-elites, pulling the strings of their futuristic Hunger Games, then that person does not understand human nature.  We all live forever but imagine living as a serf, zek or peasant in a world populated by just enough humans to satisfy the whims of this elite, living in their perpetual and immortal bodies.   No thanks—I’ll take the natural way out before I’d live in that world.
    If these people are allowed to run their course in life extensions, they will accomplish this goal, at least to the extent that they could live for hundreds of years. 
    It would be as if the Rothchilds and Roosevelts could cultivate a live clonal environment where they are their spawn would live a continuous existence. but unlike the present day situation where grand father to father to son transition of wealth extraction and preservation served well for 300 years, this would be petri dish to petri dish to petri dish, a continuous existence of the same cell culture. Only this  in vitro culture would need regular infusions of healthy host material to continue their existence.  I don’t plan to contribute to that grand experiement unless there’s lots of lead and brass involved.

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