gold kissThe citizens of a dying empire may need to ask themselves some key questions.
What happens if the death of the American empire is not that important to the price of gold anymore?
What happens if the death of the American empire is becoming… irrelevant?


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Submitted by Stewart Thomson:

  1. Many gold analysts believe that Janet Yellen is bullish for gold. Others note that gold sold off as she was confirmed as the next head of the US central bank. That’s bearish.
  2. To add to the confusion, the recent US jobs report was deemed bearish for gold, but then Ben Bernanke gave a press conference, and he was quite emphatic that the declining employment participation rate is a serious concern.
  3. Gold has been drifting sideways since April. The bulls have argued that the recovery is too weak to taper quantitative easing, and the bears say tapering is inevitable.
  4. Regardless, I think that a trending move will begin very soon, and it will be substantial.
  5. Please click here now. That’s the daily gold chart, and I’ve highlighted an enormous symmetrical triangle pattern. I call it the “Indian Tonnage Triangle”, which may surprise gold analysts who believe the recent price action was caused by “taper caper” talk.
  6. To understand why I’ve given it that label, please click here now. In one of his famous movies, Clint Eastwood says, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Unfortunately, I don’t think American gold bulls and bears understand their limitations, in regards to affecting the price of gold.
  7. Please click here now. You are viewing a gold demand statistics table, courtesy of US Debt You can see that gold demand from Turkey is beginning to rival American gold demand, but the demand from both nations is relatively small. China and India are the “elephants in the gold room”.
  8. CP Chidambaram is the finance minister of India, and he has successfully implemented draconian measures to reduce Indian gold imports.
  9. Many Indian jewellery businesses have closed, and jewellery stock charts look like the Dow did in 1929. I don’t believe the actions or words of any Western entity are more relevant to gold right now than Indian tonnage numbers.
  10. When an empire grows, the citizens of that empire get a feeling of great importance. When the empire dies, the citizens can believe the death of that empire must also be equally important. That’s not necessarily true.
  11. The citizens of a dying empire may need to ask themselves some key questions. What happens if the death of the American empire is not that important to the price of gold anymore? What happens if the death of the American empire is becoming… irrelevant?
  12. If an American fiat tree falls in an Asian physical gold forest, does it really make a sound?
  13. If America is really becoming irrelevant to the price of gold, and India and China are now the key price drivers, the immediate question on every gold investor’s mind must be, “What can restore Indian gold imports to levels that push the price higher?”
  14. For the possible answer to this critically important question, please click here now. Very few Indian politicians have made the cover of Time magazine, and Narendra Modi is one of them.
  15. Indian national elections are scheduled to begin in May of 2014. Mr. Modi oversees the state of Gujarat. It has a population of 60 million, a 1% unemployment rate, a 10% GDP growth rate, a standard of living equal to Germany, and equity analysts in India have labelled the current Indian stock market price surge, the “the Modi rally”. They believe he will win the national election.
  16. His home state of Gujarat is recognized as one of only two states in India where government corruption has been virtually eliminated.
  17. Many Indians believe that Mr. Modi is a devout Hindu who views gold as a sacred metal. Regardless, if elected, the “Modi Man” has promised to dramatically reduce government corruption, which could open the door to an epic increase in foreign investment. That should eliminate India’s current account deficit surprisingly quickly.
  18. Also, CP Chidambaram is getting old, and he has publicly stated that perhaps it is time for the old guard to retire.
  19. Whether gold’s next big intermediate trend move is to $980 or $1680 should not be a concern for long term investors. Focus on the sizable and consistent growth of the middle class of India and China.
  20. Silver Shield AdIn the shorter term, liquidity flows on US futures markets will likely continue to be a key minor trend price driver. If you are an aggressive investor, please click here now. That’s another look at the daily gold chart, highlighting my key buy and sell zones.
  21. I’ve recommended buying the $1266 area, and selling into $1350. That’s worked out pretty well. Note the superb position of my “stokeillator” (14,7,7 Stochastics series). The lead line is now at 20, which is bullish. A crossover buy signal seems to be imminent.
  22. Please click here now. You are viewing the daily chart for XME-NYSE (SPDR SP Metals and Mining ETF). Its holdings include a number of the world’s biggest base metal mining companies. I expect some profits to be booked by institutional money managers, and those profits could flow to the more undervalued precious metal stocks. The strength of gold stocks over the past few trading sessions, compared to gold, suggests that process is underway now.
  23. In China, the government is working hard to increase reform. Two hundred million Chinese citizens exist on wages of about one dollar a day. Despite all the growth so far, there is room for much more. As their wages rise, many will become eager gold buyers.
  24. That gold is found and produced by Western mining companies. QE might get tapered, but does the Chinese and Indian middle class really care? They’re hungry for gold, and getting hungrier all the time!

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Thanks! Cheers  St

Stewart Thomson

Graceland Updates

  1. It’s difficult for me to believe that there is a class of humans in China or anywhere else for that matter that once given the helm of the Gold market will not embark upon the same measures and manipulation that Western bankers are involved with for the sake of their own currency.  We’re at a point in history where it seems like there is more potential for returns by saving in metal rather than in a bank or other traditional financial institution.  I’m not a Gold bug.  I do own some Gold.  I just want to stay out of the hair of the banksters.  That’s why I acquire white metal instead of GOLD. 

  2. It is obvious isnt it?  Part of the trillion dollars a year is now being used to buy up bitcoin (watch out), which ultimately is the same reason prices in gold are kept down- all in support of the dollar.  When the dollar collapses, so does bitcoin, gold should rise from the dead.

    • Bitcoin seems about as valuable as digital fiat to me. As Gerald Celente would say…..”It’s not worth the paper it’s not printed on!”
      What is it that people don’t get about smoke and mirror currency? It is all faith based with absolutely nothing of any value behind it. When faith is lost, wealth goes with it. Gold and silver have always been money and will always be money going forward. If the day ever came when gold and silver become of no intrinsic value, that is global game over….survival of the fittest.

  3. The scum cartel consists of the largest collection of liars, cheats, thugs and murderers. Stewart Thomson really doesn’t understand the manipulated world we are living in. The cartel knows that gold will win out at some point, but they don’t want anyone to protect themselves with PM. They are using their liars in the mass misinformation media to try to convince the dolts that gold is worthless and to buy stocks as they rig the stock market up. “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies”. They are at war with us and want to send all of us to FEMA camps to be exterminated.

  4. If the bankers are buying up bitcoins (which would add to their positive momentum) with monopoly money, they will use those holdings to smash bitcoins as soon as enough are acquired.  After all, easy come, easy go.
    The November performance of PMs is so lousy, so bad that it’s surreal. November (historically) is one of our best months.  Yet here we are, bumping along the bottom week after week.  I too, am starting to lean toward the idea the bullion bank’s default is just around the corner, and the continuous beatings are to shake loose more phyzz and allow cheap cash settlements when the forced manure happens.
    Right now bitcoin is another means of betting against the banks.  Don’t think those cagey bastards aren’t plotting its demise.
    Bitcoiners are brothers under the skin with gold and silver folks, if a little geeky.  They will come under fire and we will see how they hold up.

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