Is NOW The Right Time for Silver? The Doc Weighs In

SDBIs NOW the Right Time for Silver?

In this exclusive interview with Reluctant Preppers, precious metals advocate The Doc from & SDBullion examines the essential points that must be considered when deciding whether NOW is the right time for silver.

The Doc discusses where we are at in the current secular bull market, market psychology, physical demand trends he’s seeing in the market, and what the final blow-off tops in gold & silver are likely to look like. 
The Doc covers how he recommends strong your precious metals (storage MUST be allocated & segregated), discusses what lies ahead in 2014 for Gold and Silver, and explains why we should listen to Eric Sprott & Jim Sinclair’s outlooks for Gold and Silver in 2014.

Is NOW the right time for silver?  SDBullion’s founder breaks down the PM market below:

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  1. Ag is under 21 FRN, sometimes a person can be so focused on the best that they miss out on the very good! Off topic, look @ about 9:00 what do you see?

  2. Alas, the rats of Wall St. are in every wall. It seems to be a constant in the universe!

  3. In ’04-’08 (5yrs) the US ran a $3.47 T trade deficit vs. an increase in treasury debt ownership by foreigners of $1.4 T (of $2.45 T new public Treasury debt)…$2+T of dollars not recycled into Treasury debt…

    In ’09-’13 (5yrs) US ran a 2.45T trade deficit vs. $2.8 T increase in foreign treasury purchases (of $6 T new public Treasury debt)…$400 B more dollars came home into Treasury debt than went out in trade surplus…
    Seems a bit counterintuitive…when countries have more dollars they buy less Treasury’s at much higher yields and then when they have smaller trade surplus’ they recycle all and then some into Treasury debt at far lower yields
    Now with QE “ending” and no further Fed buying upon tapering conclusion (Fed owns 25% of all note/bond debt)…it’s up to the domestics (who’ve added zero in sum since ’00 and ownership of public Treasury note / bond debt has collapsed to 20%) and foreigners (who have skyrocketed to own 55% of all public note/bond debt)…the foreigners are supposed to continue rolling their massive positions and be a huge net buyer to avoid a US super rate spike whiiiiile the US trade deficit continues shrinking…ooooorrrrrr, the Fed has been the real “foreign” buyer since ’08 and will maintain a mysterious Belgium/Ireland/Russsia/etc. bid to ensure rates only ever get lower?!?! 

    TIC is quite clear it does not know who “foreign” buyers of Treasury’s are, only the location from which the bid came.  Which seems more logical, “foreigners” w/ fewer and fewer dollars to recycle and less and less % of trade being done in dollars want ever more ever lower yielding US treasury’s…or hello shadow QE.  Which makes more sense???  Impact of unlimited dollars but also unlimited fraud on PM’s is open for discussion
    Otherwise, the only place domestic sources to raise the cash to replace the Fed / Foreign bid for rollover and new Treasury’s would be selling risk assets…and in large quantities…that would not be the stuff of bull markets.

    • I agree. Buyers could be from Antarctica and it wouldn’t really matter. I see the 10 year is responding a to today’s news a little bit at 2.75 but larger forces are keeping that in check. 
      Does anyone know how much the US owns in foreign entities? Last figure I read was over 5.2 trill but I’m sure its much larger now. And who the hell knows what it is officially when its part of the crazy carry trade loop we live in. 

  4. There are rodents on Mars.  Go figure.  

  5. Nice discussion Doc.

  6. Maybe it’s because I’ve been here so long (Bring Back The ‘Comment Coin’ Radio Button), personally, I think these ‘SD Site History Lessons’ in interviews are superfluous. Hell, the site is now pretty widely quoted in the silver genera, even at esoteric ‘insider’ locations like Perhaps a revamp of the ‘About’ tab could be done and Doc could warmly, yet succinctly invite listeners to visit and review the history for themselves. It wasn’t just this particular interview, I always grate at these resume’ and personal history segments in the cases of already currently well known personalities and websites.

  7. Is now the right time for silver, you ask. OF COURSE IT IS! It is always the right time for silver, how could it be the wrong time? The silver doesn’t care. Since it was spewn out of a supernova, every single moment was the right time for silver.
    But is it the right time for us?

  8. Jim Sinclair calls silver “gold” on steroids:

  9. welcome to the 1990′s   my modem went toes up. 26 KB is the best I have
    This must be Yellen’s fault.   see ya’ll tomorrow,  for the most part
    Yellen will announce a $10 billion drop in taper
    Yeah, right. Like hambone says, we’ll see a $10-20 billion increase behind the scenes to bail out the Fed’s overlords in Europe
    Russia will hammer the living bejabbers out of Europe for whatever policy they come up with re UKR and Crimea, which is nothing IMO. Europe will be diddly with Putin unless they want the lights to go out. Maybe toss Russia out of the G 8 like poodle boy Cameron claims. That’ll sit really well with the City of London when Putin’s buddies pull $3 trillion out of those C of L accounts. The Queen will have a cow. Cameron will crawl on his knees to the Kremlin, begging forgiveness.

    Putin’s got the BRICS 25. The G8 will become the G7 which is really so 20 years ago IMO
    ‘I’ll call your G7 bluff and raise you oil payments in rubles and gold’, courtesy of Vlad.
    this is going to be a heck of a movie

  10. A call for an Emancipation of Phyzz  Silver AG from Silver ‘Certificates ‘Printed paper …..Traded at the same Price ? But WHY?  Phyzz Holder are NOT usually Traders  .The  Extreme difference IS in weight ,longevity ,industrial uses as  Plastic  ,Electronics,Jewelry,Solar ,Coins,Bullion ,Medical and many more applications ,also Stored Energy plus a 5000 History of Value..Is certainly Enough to call for a just Emancipation ,no longer tied to a manipulated market of corrupt Traders, Phyzz holders are Not TRADERS we are Not even Long..we have ‘ 100% Fee ownership to personal property ,no burdens ,encumbrances or 2nd,3rd party risk . Phyzz Silver AG has Value Worldwide any time ,any where historically …the Cartel make it look at they were Married at some point to their convenience….Bad Marriage time for a Divorce ! 

  11. Good time for silver? I don’t know. Have I lost my faith? Yes. Will I get it back? Yes, I just go to my vault, take out a bar, weigh it in my hand and think “yes, this does feel what I paid for it”. I then put it back in the vault and get that kind of smug feeling about me that I know something that many don’t.
    Smug Smug “own fart smelling” smug smug.
    Bitcoin, proved fallible, Fiat, ridiculous, stock market, a loaded roulette wheel. Gold, don’t get that smug feeling as 1 Oz is so expensive, but worth every penny 
















  12. Always time to buy no matter what the price is. I don’t cost average because I don’t care. Silver is a store of many things that the worthless dollar will not buy in the future

    • if you are always buying you are cost averaging, and nothing wrong with that.

    • @mikeyj80
      “if you are always buying you are cost averaging, and nothing wrong with that.”
      No, indeed.  In fact, this is THE best way to acquire a stack.  It stands a very good chance of resulting in the most ounces stacked for the least amount of cash.  While this is not guaranteed, it does bend the odds a bit in the stacker’s favor.

    Doc, you should be ASHAMED of yourself for titling an article with such a draconian mainstream Orwellian question!
    The answer to your (clearing throat) question my dear learned colleague is quite simple.  Silver IS money, and the “dollar” that we are forced to exchange as a specie, under color of law and threat of bodily-harm-imprisonment, is most certainly NOT!  So we now ask ourselves “when is it time to dump worthless strips of denim with ink stamped on them for REAL PHYSICAL CURRENCY?”
    The answer most assuredly is anytime, at anytime one has such an opportunity one should do so with swift dispatch, and convert ones so called “cash” into physical Silver!  My my, have we not had this class before?  I think so.  But just a quick refresher, there is no such thing as a “price” for physical Silver. How can there be when Silver IS money? We have been conditioned and ‘brainwashed’ into thinking that FIAT dollars are real money, when they are not. So if and when one can spare FIAT dollars for physical Silver, there should be no question about it.
    Keep Stacking Folks, we’re gonna NEED IT!
    Thanks Doc, yer still our guy.  ;-)

  14. @ Doc – sell your position if everyone is buying? I thought there wasn’t enough silver to go around?
    Less above ground silver than gold and silver has industrial demand?
    What if silver is used as money again?
    I don’t see that happening until silver is priced much much higher (5000$)?

    • canadianstacker … “What if silver is used as money again? …  I don’t see that happening until silver is priced much much higher (5000$)?”

      Not so. The recent historic normal value of average silver/labor (1500s through 1800s) had evolved to an ounce per day. Given that guideline, in banknote exchange terms, the value need only achieve about 150, which is the mean average daily wage. At that banknore rate of exchange there’s quite enough to resume silver wages for those who initially prefer it.

      Now, in that event, since all statute is in ‘dollar’ terms, some interesting things happen. If Government-issue ounces are used, which are marked as ‘one dollar’, taxes practically disappear as many folks will be technically working for a ‘dollar’ a day (American court precedent exists). Moreover, if generic private ounces are used, no tax nexus is formed whatever.

    • Silver coins used in the  time of Jesus were the Roman denarii, one being equivalent to a days pay, A talent  was a unit of weight equal to about 66lb or 30 kg , {30 kg silver bullion bars are still measured by/in this same weight} therefore a talent was worth several years of wages, Judas was paid 30 of these shekels, the same price as a slave. However when Judas realised his mistake these “token” 30 pieces of silver were not only of no value  to him, but being blood money a curse to the priests , as will all earthly treasure become to all men seeing where ones treasure is there ones heart is found also ……………………………..

      Question: In todays $/Ag what would the profit be of the betrayal of Jesus ?

      is there a way to work this out ?    

  15. Pat Fields  Music to my ears   The very solid foundation of that thinking, paying a worker in silver (and copper), is the best way to remove the boot of the government and taxes from our nacks, as it was 130 years ago.
    In 2009 a contractor in Las Vegas decided to pay his workers in real money, silver and gold coinage,  ASEs and $50 gold pieces.    He claimed that since these coins were stamped $1 and $50 and were legal tender. He decided to pay his employees using the value stamped on the coins.  The gangster gulag state and goon squads of the IRS decided that these coins were not legal tender in that the market value was much higher than the pay check value.
     Kahre, the enterprising entrepreneur, sits in prison at this time, convicted of tax fraud.
     I content that the government officials presiding over this miscarriage of justice should be serving time, not Kahre.
    I’m losing count of the number of times I have paid workers and business owners in silver.  And plan to do so again this weekend.  Freedom from tax and government slavery feels great even if it’s in small doses.

  16. The LIE’ is that a Silver certificate ‘Ponzi ‘ paper has the Exact Value as a Metal object that has weight ,volume and History .The Kitco chart will drive you insane trying to reason with it. lol

  17. Emancipation from the P/M  Ponzi’ scheme should be the ‘talking points …of Every one who has power and influence in the World…The Chinese Russians ect have started …..

  18. Kitco and others  are all  part of the P/M ‘ Ponzi’ set by the luciferians…….Free Silver NOW!!!!

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