SProttIs Eric Sprott selling out of his massive silver positions, exiting the market he’s long evangelized?
Casey Research’s Marin Katusa sat down with Eric Sprott, chairman of the eponymous Sprott Inc. group of companies, to directly ask him some of the tough questions the blogs have been buzzing about.
Eric Sprott’s full interview with Marin Katusa on whether he’s selling his silver positions, possible successors to the Sprott Empire, and Sprott’s outlook for the metals and the economy is below:

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    • After doing Due Diligence research on what I consider to be criminal behaviour by Marin Katusa, I’m likely to disregard any thing he said when his lips were moving.  No love lost for Sprott, and less for his mouthpiece Embry but the Casey Crowd, to me smack of irresponsiblity at a minimum and criminal insider misbehavior, IMO.  If you want to research it start on google, and also ck the data on the BC Securities Commission.  Nothing that guy comes near, will I touch……….

    • Whatever  you may think of Marin Katusa, he asked some really insightful questions that I haven’t heard anyone else ask Sprott., and I appreciate the opportunity to hear what Eric had to say in reply.

  1. I agree with strann master and bling master. Major style points for the use of yellow journalism.
    The implied or overtly manifested concept that sprott is some sort of self serving charlatan – as is often forwarded all over the net  ( I’m not impugning the doc here ) is both ludicrous and idiotic.
    The best thing about these cambridge house interviews is the intro music, but this one didn’t even have that.

    • That’s a LOT of silver Dagger!   I estimate about half a million ounces just in the picture.  Those pallets have 15 1000 ounce bars each, and they are 3 deep and 2 wide.    It’s really silly when you think about it.   All that silver barely $11 million dollars at current price.   Just a rounding error for a TBTF.   That’s a whole quarter’s production for an average junior silver producer.   Hell, just the houses up and down my little street are “worth” more than all this silver.    I’ll take that silver!    Wish I had $11M laying around.   Storing this would be hard.   To me that’s the only real reason to prefer gold over silver, you can store a lot of value in a small area.

    • “Storing this would be hard.   To me that’s the only real reason to prefer gold over silver, you can store a lot of value in a small area.”
      Just ask yourself, “How much wealth can I put in my jeans pockets and swim across a 1/2 mile wide body of water to safety?”.  That will tell you what you need to know about stacking tens of pounds of silver vs. 20 oz. of gold.  lol
      Not that a lot of us haven’t stacked both.  Both have their uses.  I like the portability of gold, its universal recognition, and the fact that even a small amount can represent a substantial amount of wealth.  Silver is best for day to day transactions / bartering.  Buying a loaf of bread for a silver dime would be a decent trade… more than decent if you have some silver dimes and are hungry.  Using even a 1/10th oz. gold coin for that would not be a good trade unless you were VERY hungry.

  2. What’s with the Sprott bashing in the metals world… he may be the biggest (and is certainly the wealthiest) PM booster we have!
    Anyway, this seems to be making the rounds, problem is it’s 6 months old… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a lot of the silver and silver miners that Sprott “owns” really belong to his investors in his various funds?   If they want to sell, he has to sell.   It’s not his money.   Is this what really has been happening for the last year or so?   This is normal, weak handed latecomers puking up holdings at the bottom of a market and “going to safety”  LOL   A lot of people that gave all this money to people like Paulson are not true “goldbugs” you might say…

    • Could be. I expect much more selling from weak hands in the six months. Shoot, maybe some dealers and dealer wannabes will fold up in the meantime. The miners are not selling out, yet. 12 months of low 20′s for silver and they may have to. So far, we have had 8 months with the price crushed under 30. People will have to move some money around soon. But hey, at least something is up this week…dealer premiums. I won’t pay 10-20% on silver, so I wait. Best guess is another 6 months of these face meltings, then I will reevaluate.

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