Infographic: 9 Biggest Banks’ Derivative Exposure

1 Million, 100 Million, 1 Billion, 1 Trillion Our friends at Demonocracy have put together another stunning info-graphic, this time documenting JP Morgan and the largest 9 banks’ holdings of derivatives.  For those needing a refresher, we recently explained how interest rate swap derivatives are the real purpose behind precious metals manipulation and that JPMorgan requires $70 BILLION in bond purchases DAILY simply to continue to hedge its IR swap book.

Derivatives: the Unregulated Global Casino for Banks1 Million, 100 Million, 1 Billion, 1 Trillion

$2 Billion on Truck

Bank of New York Mellon
BNY has a derivative exposure of $1.375 Trillion dollars.
Considered a too big to fail (TBTF) bank. It is currently facing (among others) lawsuits fraud and contract breach suits by a Los Angeles pension fund and New York pension funds, where BNY Mellon allegedly overcharged the funds on many millions of dollars and concealed it.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

State Street Financial
State Street has a derivative exposure of $1.390 Trillion dollars.
Too big to fail (TBTF) bank. It has been charged by California Attorney General (among other) lawsuits for massive fraud on California’s CalPERS and CalSTRS pension funds – similar to BNY (above).

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley has a derivative exposure of $1.722 Trilion dollars.
Its a too big to fail (TBTF) bank. It recently settled a lawsuit for over-paying its employees while accepting the
tax payer funded bailout. Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley had a license plate that said “2BG2FAIL” on his Porsche Cayenne Turbo. All this while $250 million of bailout money ended up in the hands of Waterfall TALF Opportunity, run by the Morgan Stanley’s owners’ wives– Marry a banker for a $250M tax-payer cash injection.
The bank also got a SECRET $2.041 Trillion bailout from the Federal Reserve during the crisis, beyond the tax payer bailout.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo has a derivative exposure of $3.332 Trillion dollars.
Its a too big to fail (TBTF) bank. WF has been charged for its role in allegedly pursuing illegal foreclosures and deceptive loan servicing. Wells Fargo was just slapped with a $85 million fine by Federal Reserve for putting good credit borrowers into bad-credit rating (high rate) loans.
In March 2010, Wachovia (owned by Wells Fargo) paid $110 million fine for allowing transactions connected to drug smuggling and a $50 million fine for failing to monitor cash used to ship 22 tons of cocaine. It also failed to monitor $378.4 billion (that’s $378400 millions dollars) worth of transactions to Mexican “casas de cambio” (think WesternUnion, anonymous cash transfer) usually linked to drug cartels. Beyond that, WF lets its’ VIP employees live in foreclosed mansions. WF knows how to cash your legit check, then claim “fraud” and close your account. WF also re-orders your transactions to create more overdraft fees. Wells Fargo’s Wachovia also got a SECRET $159 billion bailoutfrom the Federal Reserve.Wells Fargo paid NO taxes in 2008-2010 and had a tax rate of NEGATIVE 1.4% while making
$49 billion in profit during the same time.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

HSBC has a derivative exposure of $4.321 Trilion dollars.
HSBC is a Hong Kong based bank and its original name is
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.You will find HSBC working a lot with JP Morgan Chase.
Both HSBC and JP Morgan Chase have strong interest in gold & precious metals. HSBC and JP Morgan Chase are often involved together in financial scandals.
Lately HSBC has been sued for allegedly funneling more than $8.9 billion to the largest ponzi-scheme in history – Bernie Maddof’s investment business.
HSBC (along w/ JP Morgan Chase) has been sued for alleged conspiracy suppressing the price of silver and gold, partially through precious metal DERIVATIVES and making billions of dollars on it. State of Hawaii is suing HSBC (and other banks) for deceptive credit card lending practices.
DZ Bank in Germany is suing HSBC (and JP Morgan) for deceptive (lying) practices when selling home-loan-backed securities.
HSBC is also under investigation for laundering billions of dollars.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs has a derivative exposure of $44.192 Trillion dollars.
The $1 Trillion pillars towers are double-stacked @ 930 feet (248 m).
The White House is standing next to the Statue of Liberty.Goldman Sachs has advantage over other banks because it has awesome
connections in US Government. A lot of former Goldman employees hold high-level
US Government positions (chart)
.Mitt Romney’s top donor is Goldman Sachs, and one of Obama’s best donors.
Ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson became the Secretary of Treasury under Bush and
during the 2008 financial crisis authored the TARP bill demanding $700 billion bail-out.
In UK, Goldman Sachs escaped £10 million bill on a failed tax avoidance scheme with help of good connections.
The bank is the largest player in the food commodities market, earned $955m from food speculation in 2009” – That’s your $$$.
Goldman Sachs employees are arming themselves with guns in case there is a populist uprising against the bank.
Goldman Sachs calls their investors “muppets“. and use clients to make money for themselves, disregarding the clients.
The bank was fined $22 million for sharing valuable nonpublic information with top clients (Think insider trading with best clients).
Goldman Sachs was part-owner America’s leading website for prostitution ads until the ownership stake was exposed.
Goldman Sachs helped Greece conceal its debt with secret loans, while simultaneously taking advantage of Greece.
Goldman Sachs got a $814 billion SECRET bailout from the Federal Reserve during the 2008 crisis.
Goldman Sachs got $10 billion of the 2008 TARP bailout, and in the same year paid $10.9 billion in employee compensation and “benefits”, while paying a tax rate of 1%. That means an average of $327,000 to each Goldman Sach’s employee.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Bank of America
Bank of America has a derivative exposure of $50.135 Trillion dollars.BofA is sticking the tax-payers with a MASSIVE bill, by moving derivatives to
accounts insured by the federal government @ total of $53.7 trillion as of 06/2011.
During 2011-12 BofA has been in need of cash, so Warren Buffett gave BofA $5 billion.
Same year BofA sold its stake in China Construction Bank to raise $1.8 billion in cash.Bank of America paid $22 million to settle charges of improperly foreclosing on active-duty troops
BofA recruited 3 cyber attack firms to attack WikiLeaks. but the Anonymous hacker group hacked the security firms first.
BofA was sued for $31 billion in home-loan losses in 2011, the bank is involved in many lawsuits, too many to document.
BofA also received a SECRET $1.344 trillion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Citibank has a derivative exposure of $52.102 Trillion dollars.
The $1 Trillion dollar towers are double-stacked @ 930 feet (248 m).Citibank customers have been arrested for trying to close their accounts, while in in Indonesia a man was interrogated to death in Citibank’s special “questioning room”. In 2011 Citibank paid a fine of $285 million for selling home-loan backed bonds to investors, while betting they would lose value (think derivatives/insurance). The man in charge of the unit at Citibank became Obama’s Chief of Staff. 2 weeks before getting hired by Obama he got $900,000 from Citibank for great performance. This was after Citigroup took out $45 billion in bailout money.
Citibank knowingly passed over bad loansto the Federal Housing Administration to insure.Citigroup also received a SECRET $2.513 trillion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase has a derivative exposure of $70.151 Trillion dollars.
$70 Trillion is roughly the size of the entire world’s economy.
The $1 Trillion dollar towers are double-stacked @ 930 feet (248 m).JP Morgan is rumored to hold 50->80% of the copper market, and manipulated the market by massive purchases. JP Morgan is also guilty of manipulating the silver market to make billions. In 2010 JP Morgan had 3 perfect trading quarters and only lost money on 8 days. Lawsuits on home foreclosures have been filed against JP Morgan. Aluminum price is manipulated by JP Morgan through large physical ownership of material and creating bottlenecks during transport. JP Morgan was among the banks involved in the seizure of $620 million in assets for alleged fraud linked to derivatives. JP Morgan got $25 billion taxpayer in bailout money. It has no intention of using the money to lend to customers, but instead will use it to drive out competition. The bank is also the largest owner of BP – the oil spill company. During the oil spill the bank said that the oil spill is good for the economy.
JP Morgan Chase also received a SECRET $391 billion dollar bailout from the Federal Reserve.

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

9 Biggest Banks’ Derivative Exposure – $228.72 Trillion
Note the little man standing in front of white house. The little worm next to lastfootball field is a truck with $2 billion dollars.
There is no government in the world that has this kind of money. This is roughly 3 times the entire world economy. The unregulated market presents a massive financial risk. The corruption and immorality of the banks makes the situation worse.If you don’t want to bank with these banks, but want to have access to free ATM’s anywhere– most Credit Unions in USA are in the CO-OP ATM network, where all ATM’s are free to any COOP CU member and most support depositing checks. The Credit Unions are like banks, but invest all their profits to give members lower rates and better service. They don’t have shareholders to worry about or have derivatives to purchase and sell.Keep an eye out in the news for “derivative crisis”, as the crisis is inevitable with current falling value of most real assets.
Derivative Data Source: ZeroHedge

Bank of New York Mellon - Derivative Exposure

Source: Demonocracy /Oto Godfrey


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  2. this is terrifying in it’s implication… they are like giant dominos just waiting for the first one to start falling over.  In fact, I think we’re already seeing the first fall, it’s just like watching a movie one frame at a time in super slo-mo….

  3. Doc, I got phyzz, because in the final equation an ounce of silver will be worth more than all of that paper and/or electronic digits combined, while taking up far less space.

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  5. LMAO I just got through giving my opinion on the Derivitives Market on my last post and here it is, The Answer. Enough Said.  Gotta Love This Site


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  7. Marchas45 I did read it…. trillions and trillions and trillions lol

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  9. As a former banker I can assure the readers that a complete and total destruction of these bloated banks is what will be needed to drain the swamp, correct the markets, reboot the national and international finance system so we can get back to real honest money, financial systems and a means of the average person to get a leg up.   I’ve seen 3 major bank destruction cycles from 1975 to this present day   When these thousands of national banks failed in the 1970′s, 1980′s and 1990′s people said the world would fall apart.  It didn’t.  We muddled through and got back on track.  Of course the newer bankers screwed things up once again. Once again we rebooted the system  and this will happen again and again.  Banks and debt will always cause national failures, recessions and depressions for just a couple of basic reasons.

      In my prior post that Banks are sting operations, if you give a banker enough time they will screw up the system because they are NOT THAT SMART and their math skills are deficient.  Leaving bankers in charge of other people’s money and a government that guarantees the customers that their money is safe—well, those results speak for themselves.

     Recessions come up every 6 years or so. Its a brush clearing event and vitally  needed so that we can remove the deadwood and excesses of the system, allow new entrepreneurs and businesses to work their way back up.  Without this clearing we have a massive overburden of deadwood and hampered growth that makes it impossible for  and to economy grow. 

    Since the system had not been allowed to reboot even after the tech wreck, the real estate bubble, the present equity bubble inflated by trillions in excess cash in the system and the ultimate bubble, the tens of trillions in US, Euro and international bonds that will explode downward in value to zero when rates skyrocket due to inflation and currency printing  the day of reckoning is going to be a beast. 
    This is going to be  so painful it will be like having a major and very dangerous operation when a simple course of antibiotics would have let us handle a rountine infection.  You think you are going to die, its that bad.  Bro Jo just got a ‘fear of god’ wake up call when he went into the hospital.  He found out his BP and weight were a real threat to his life. He got a second chance.  Many don’t   

    So, aside from an Extinction Level Event like a complete Fukushima melt down or an asteroid hitting the earth, we will muddle through, probably with something like a Galtian lights-out-New York event, painful but fixable.  There have been more major bank failures in the history of the world than countries that housed these banks.  The US has had plenty of national bank failures and we came back healthier than ever. The only way we can reboot our American system is by clearing the bank and national debt and get back to the business of being America, not some  sinister corpulent, megalomanical entity that is eating its citizens.

  10. It’s the King’s Chessboard played out in real time.

  11. In wonder what a bankers idea of ‘relaxing and unwinding’ is? Lol.

    As I made in a reply in the topic below this one about the comex, I hope it isn’t too chaotic. But just in case, it’s good to be prepared.

    Gold is beautiful, gold is good. Same with Silver!

  12. Marchas45 lol Funny that you mention that, because I rented a room in a Scotman’s house in Uckfield and he taught me words such as “broad sort”, “wee lassie”, “for fuck’s sake” and more. 

  13. OneTinSoldier I always picture them with a Scotch in the hand sitting at the fire place, busy scheming. lol

  14. Marchas45 lol Funny that you mention that, because I rented a room in a Scotman’s house in Uckfield and he taught me words such as “broad sort”, “wee lassie”, “for fuck’s sake” and more. 


    Well here’s another for you. “Yir Afe The Wa” Your off the wall meaning CRAZY  LMAO

  15. AG Five star post above. You sum it up perfectly. We should thank our lucky stars that we have a former banker such as yourself within our midst. I mean hell, where else will one get the info that you’re sharing with us here? 


  17. Thanks for the kind words SB  I’m small time in the banking world but it’s no small irony that I am  still  close to many banks and bankers, small time as well.  It’s kind of like that saying  “Keep your fiends close and your enemies closer”  I’m kind of like that mole that finds out the dirt before it splatters on us.

    Keep up all your great posts and side bars  They are all illuminating to us readers.

  18. AG You’re most welcome. I agree: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – I am sure that those who are here, but who are actually the enemy, don’t have much to report to their superiors: “Boss, it is the same as last month and the month before last month… in fact, since they started out, it is all about buying physical silver this, and physical silver that, while warning people about the fiat Ponzi scheme we’re running. There is zero talk of bombs and illegal stuff”.
    “Keep up all your great posts and side bars  They are all illuminating to us readers” – Thanks AG. I thought it was a pain in the butt. lol I will try to keep it up, but with the baby due in the next week or so, chances are great that I will be out of commission for a while… lol I can already see some smiles with a “thank goodness” expressed.
  19. We know what’s more important Dad.  There are enough OCD folks to keep the data flowing while you are out for a bit  Congratulations.

  20. It is hard to imagine any scenario where derivatives are NOT going to jump up and bite us.

  21. AG,

    I second SB’s complements you always have grate facts & figurs to voice on the site. Plus intertwined with little known history.
    Silverbullion your alway a stand up guy. You’ll be a grate roll model to your soon in coming son… 
  22. The funniest thing (saddest, actually) about derivatives is that maybe two
    peeps in a hundred have even heard of derivatives; And only 1 of those 2 can
    tell you what they are.
  23. You said it 4oz,  Hell I didn’t know anything about them until about 6 months ago from sites like this one. But this site is the Greastest of them all. Feed Me! Feed Me! Feed Me!

  24. They made there bed and will eventually have to lay in it… Those who stack don’t have to sweat when theres a “glitch”… We don’t need to worry when they are having a field day playing with the digital prices… They have designed there system and are aware of what is gonna happen… They are in far to deep to back out and attempt repair… It’s just a matter of time before the ultimate mud slide kicks in…

    If you don’t hold it you don’t own it… Stack away!!

  25. Like AGXIIK I also used to work in the banking industry. Whilst the above graphics shock me, they don’t surprise me. During the early 90′s recession in Australia the TBTF bank I worked for declared the biggest loss in Australian corporate history. This bank had a license to create money thru 94% (required reserves were 6%) factional reserve banking, yet the “brains trust” in the bank’s HQ managed to loose Billions. Obviously we are at greater risk of a management failure today than we were in the 90′s as the managers then just thought their excrement didn’t stink, none of them thought they were the right hand of God.

    Now I do IT and sales work for a bullion dealer in Sydney, Australia. Interestingly I have a executive level clients from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, an Australian merchant bank and the Sydney stock exchange. Yes these guys sell paper to their clients but buy phyzz gold and silver for themselves.

    My blog can be read at:

  26. Most excellent work Tears of the Moon  You are really on the inside of  PM world   Do you get a discount on  phyzz or silver in your paycheck. Just kidding. Keep up the good work and let us know the situation in the down under.

  27. Thanks AGXIIK, when I started work for ABC Bullion 2 years ago I did ask to be paid 100% in silver, but the CEO declined. Pity, silver was about AUD$600/kg then, it is just over AUD$1,000 now. Yes I do get a discount on my phyzz, just stacked a monster box of maples for my Aussie equiv. of an IRA (referred to as Self Managed Superannuation SMSF).

    As for the Aussie PM scene. Like elsewhere interest in silver has waned over the last 6 months as prices have gone sideways and the local TV and radio no longer mentions silver, not that they ever mentioned silver often. I haven’t be interviewed on local or national TV for awhile now, and the last 2 times they really only wanted to discuss gold. Gold sales are still strong though, with a busy day for an Indian festival a few weeks ago.

    The financial planer at ABC Bullion, Brett Le Brocque was interviewed in our store by The Australian newspaper on silver at the end of March. The article and pics can be read here

  28. Including the secret bailouts this totals 238,400,000,000,000/313,493,660 US citizens = 760,461.95 per person. According to the article, JPM needs to sell $70 billion in bonds DAILY to continue their $70 Trillion hedge.

    If each person had to do this, we’d all need to sell $76,000 worth of bonds daily. Who would buy them? LOL!

    A while ago, I propose the preposterous idea that the “solution” to this is to ban math in schools and just ignore these large numbers calling them “too big to imagine”

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