If the Banksters Want You Out of PMs, Isn’t That Exactly Where You Want to Be?

Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-Tunnel Jeff Nielson from BullionBullsCanada joins the SGTReport to discuss how to END the endless corruption in the precious metals markets. We cover the Rothschild’s ONE BANK, Bitcoin and everything in between. Jeff says he thinks the Rothschilds will SMASH Bitcoin which has emerged as a rival to their fiat empire. How does Jeff know this? Because he says that’s exactly what he would do if he was a Trillionaire Bankster.
As for physical precious metals which have suffered a brutal year, Jeff says, “ONE BANK wants to keep people out of the precious metals sector at ALL COSTS and so it is doing literally everything in its power to discourage people from putting their money in gold and silver. So ask yourself this, if the Bankers want you to get your money out of gold and silver, more than anything else in the world, then isn’t gold and silver exactly the place you want to be?

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  1. That is one of the main ideological anchors I have with PMs. I’ve gotten my teeth kicked in, but the very fact that these buttplug salesmen hate precious metals so much speaks volumes. Holding PMs is nothing less than us saying, take your corrupt system and shove it up your ass. As punishing as these years have been, it is only going to make the “f*ck you’s” all the more sweet, when I get to hand them out.

    • I hear that! That will be the only good thing about an event that propels gold and silver to the stratosphere, is the fact that we will have the comfort of knowing that all the naysayers along the way must be thinking…..”That a$$hole was right and I was a dick…..but I’ll never admit it”……..(or a dick-ette?).
      What would be acceptable term for a female “dick”?
      Doink perhaps? Any ideas are welcome.

    • I just hope our enlightened ranks continue to grow, because more people will need to realize that 
      PMs are a screaming deal! I have a very progressive friend, (true Lib-Tard) who is bought in totally 
      to the progressive lies. He believes their argument of “barbarous relic” and totally blamed the gun
      owners for ammo price spikes, instead of the politicians, etc. He believes he is so much smarter 
      than nearly anyone out there, but in reality he is totally blinded to truth. Very Intelligent but 

  2. female dick: hillary

  3. Female Dick=
    Dianne Feinstein

  4. nudge, nudge nudge
    poke poke poke
    push push push
    shove shove shove
    It’s Muppet herding season on Wall Street. 
    Stay away from that awful silver and gold, little Muppets.
    Leave ALL your FIAT AT Mr. Too Big To Fail Bank   We’ll take good care of it for you
    I’m a PM PIG and proud of it

  5. Definition of an anti PM Intellectuloid
    Couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel

  6. Its good vid here talking the truth an not talking shit an taking a shit on the American people. Its the best yet information of truth yet of what is going on out there. Love to here more

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