“Hypothetical” Silver Price Based on Silver Eagles Sales: $50-$55/oz

SD reader Battle Beagle has constructed a hypothetical silver price chart based on US Mint Silver Eagles sales to demonstrate what the price of silver might be trading at currently were it not for the massive cartel take-down of the metal.

The hypothetical silver price based on US Mint Silver Eagle sales statistics? $50-$55/oz!

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Silver Maple
For information on how I constructed this chart, please see the video link attached: http://youtu.be/-09nHJdB6MI


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  1. you are forgetting the paper 500-600:1 manipulation

    • Correct. When all the paper goes away (ETF’s, IRA claims, certificates, futures endless short selling), the real price of actual silver metal will shock people. I expect the silverbugs to be quite happy.

    • We won’t see that until a major currency collapses taking the derivatives market with it.

    • “We won’t see that until a major currency collapses taking the derivatives market with it.”
      It’s probably more likely that the derivatives market will collapse of its own weight one of these days and take ALL of the fiat currencies down with it.

  2. this plays on the same thing as brotherjohnf’s video about the “drutter divergence” I assume. Great work. I would kiss a stranger’s ass if silver went to 50. At that point you’d see hot money pour into it like no other.

    In the context of this market, I think what he is presenting is spot on. In terms of 100 years of manipulation, you could easily put a zero on the end of the silver price and the price would still be fair.

    • C-D, I read a lot of your stuff and you been round Robin Hood’s barn a few times, in my opine.   His ( Battle Beagle’s ) chart is not that different than mine drawn not with ASE’s for background, but some of the French Curves proposed by Jim Sinclair.  Obviously they are both right in Theory.  Jim knows the inner workings, he is an insider, just as plain as that, with no excuses or apologies.  The rest of us have to guess and try to see what heck goes on behind the curtain.
          Right now my trip-wire is a close of any of my silver equivalents, over $29.50, including Crimex which is always the lowest of the three.  HOWEVER it is very discouraging, being serially disappointed by PREDICTIONS, so I just don’t bother.  I concentrate on two things:  WHEN and WHICH WAY, and again, when that run is over,,WHEN and WHICH WAY to the Other direction.  That alone is enuf to make yo ( me ) nuts, but its the only way I can work without incapacitating myself.  Last Friday I sent out “SET UP” alert  and was able to call and catch the turn with alerts on the 5th, 6th & 7th.  BUT NO WAY IN HELL COULD I CALL NUMBERS.  It almost seems in the CARTEL’s Interest to call Number and Dates, because with they use their concentrated force for a Punch Thru Counter-Attack / 5 Rule SmackDown, they make the honest guys look like idiots, and the general population laff. Thats why I don’t call numbers.  Dates on stocks, yes at times,  Numbers on stocks ? Numbers on stocks ?  BIG BASS MAYBE, cause sometimes I am all over it.  The only real way for me is Tactical, Like, OK GET Ready, Make sure you got plenty ammo, and your web gear don’t rattle, etc,etc.
      The attached chart that Jim Sinclair ran, is as good as I can do, in arena’s like this………Sometimes…..LOL
      Good Luck, visit my blog and sign up for a free month of Peak Picks and a Special Rate if you like,,,,,,,,

    • “The only real way for me is Tactical, Like, OK GET Ready, Make sure you got plenty ammo…”
      Agree with that, but… ammo is a lot more difficult to stack these days than silver!  I’ve lost count of the “back ordered”, “out of stock”, and “expecting delivery in xxxxx” (pick a month, 3-6 months from now) notices on the ammo for sale web sites.  The very few that have any, want an arm and 3 legs for it.  :-(

  3. Once this party gets started premiums are going to go up probably.  No one will want to sell what they have cause they think the price will go higher.  The mint will not be able to keep up with demand.  Premiums will go to the moon.  And, we will see tremendous volatility in the price that will require copious amounts of maalox in the diet.  The question always come to my mind, when will the trend higher start?  My patience has worn completely thin.  

  4. Always remember that nature abhors an exponential.

    Put a linear trendline on that graph and you will see the price is regressing back to the trend. And that’s OK because the trend is up. Just not as fast as you may like.

    Linear trends are far more sustainable than exponential. Exponential trends tend to lead to abrupt and, sometimes, violent ends.

  5. Next is to find out how much other mints are pushing out. And I’d love to know the refiner’s throughput.
    Eagles are just Eagles. And at time they run out. And then increase in premium. 

    • “Eagles are just Eagles.”
      Yep.  But what else should they be?  Other than one of, if not the, most highly sought 1-oz. silver coins in the world?  Be that as it may, they are an oz, of pure silver and when the SHTF having that may very well mean the difference between eating and not eating.  Few among us ever want it to come to that but life has a way of not caring what we want.

  6. $50?   I’ll bite. Maybe my ASE selling price next month will break the market wide open.  Maybe not.  But what the heck, I plan to price $20 over spot at least and see who buys.  I’ve seen2012 ASE’s on EBAY for $50

    • Spot plus $20!  Holy cow!  Is that greenish tinge around your avatar a sign of greed, AG?  A couple of days ago, you were talking $10 over spot.  Or was that someone else?  ;-)

  7. I just love

    Always reminds me of Hyper or just plain ole Hype!

  8. Follow the cartel pattern. Pump silver up 50+ cents then drop it 2 days later. They make money when it moves either way I bet.

  9. Could this be a sign that the price of silver will be heading towards 50$ per ounce or even more? I don’t know but if it does, I know that the cartel will end it again with their paper silver just like in 2011.

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