How I Know that the US Dollar Will Collapse

hyperinflationEvery single fiat currency in history backed by nothing has collapsed due to hyperinflation that destroyed these currencies and made them worthless.
Historical monetary facts tell me there is a 100% chance of US dollar collapse, and that this complete collapse that will forever restructure the wealth of families, will likely happen within the next 5 years. In fact, when you look at facts, the absurdity is not to believe that the US dollar will not collapse, but it is in fact, absurd to believe it will not collapse and will not collapse soon.

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By JS Kim, Smart Knowledge U:

It’s quite ironic that people are still talking about the possibility of hyperinflation affecting the US dollar and the British pound sterling when in fact hyperinflation has already happened to both currencies. How else would you explain a 98.5% devaluation of the US dollar and a 99.5% devaluation of the British pound sterling since their inception? For example if you bought a house for $20,000 in 1913 US dollars, you would now need $1,000,000 equivalent 2013 US dollars to buy that same house. Is not the devaluation of $20,000 to have the same purchasing power as $1,000,000 hyperinflation. If not, then what is?

In the below video, I speak about why historical monetary facts tell me there is a 100% chance of US dollar collapse, and that this complete collapse that will forever restructure the wealth of families, will likely happen within the next 5 years. In fact, when you look at facts, the absurdity is not to believe that the US dollar will not collapse, but it is in fact, absurd to believe it will not collapse and will not collapse soon.


  1. Of course it’s going to collapse and I believe a lot sooner than 5 years. Why the heck do you think I’m Stacking? Just bought these 15 Sovereigns and there on the way to daddy. Keep Stacking

  2. My idea of hyperinflation closely parallels post WWl Germany with bread going from 13 cents to the staggering sum of a billion equivalent US Dollars in less than 4 years. That’s hyper-inflation at its finest.

      Yes, it is… and Zimbabwe in 2008 was in a similar class of currency destruction.

    • @silvertonguedevil
      If that happens or something like it, could a person use silver to pay off a large debt in what would be considered ‘pennies on the dollar’??
      If so, can someone tell me how that will work in reality….Will a person be able to take the silver to the place they owe the debt and pay?
      I’m trying to figure out how it will REALLY be for using silver (or gold) in a system that has collapsed. Nobody is talking about that…
      For example: Let’s just say hypothetically Silver goes to $500 an ounce (if the PTB allow it). The dollar has collapsed and a person has 
      some silver that is now worth $500 an ounce. They owe some debts but they’re silver will actually pay it all off….So, Question is Will the
      Creditors take the physical silver from the person or will that person have to cash it in someplace else…and if they had to cash it in,
      then there would have to be another currency….OR maybe they would have everyone using some kind of online money system????
      Does anyone know how this is all going to work?? It seems like most people are more concerned about collecting silver/gold than HOW it will all work during and after the dollar collapse.
      Thanks if anyone can answer and make sense of it.

    • Right on Cindy great question. I for one believes that if and when we have a collapse and the PM prices go up, if we have a market? Then I’ll be able to cash in my asset and that’s what the PM’s are, Assets. Some people may take the physical instead of Fiat towards your debt at the new Fiat price if they change the currency, others may not. It’s a wait and see scenario and I believe you’ll hear all sorts of opinions, pro’s and cons on this.
      I for one truly believe that I’ll be able to use my PM’s to pay towards my debts when a crash occurs but not right away, hence you need more than PM’s to see you through that period.
      I’m set for a year on food, Fiat, PM’S Water, Ammo, Guns, Medical, Hygiene Products and lots more. Call me a nut but I’m doing it for survival not profit. Keep Stacking

  3. “absurd to believe it will not collapse (A) and will not collapse soon (B)
    “absurd to believe A and B
    the above is an absurd statement because i cannot possibly believe A and B because they always contradict themselves:
    - if i believe it will not collapse (A), then i cannot believe it will not collapse soon (B) because if i do believe it will not collapse soon (B), it means i believe it will collapse, which contradict  it will not collapse (A).
    - if i believe it will not collapse soon(A), i means i believe it will collapse but just not soon, which contradict it will not collapse (A)
    so the author’s statement is indeed correct because it’s logically absurd to believe both A and B, but that’s not what he’s trying to say

    • So what do you believe? Although it’s not important. LOL Keep Stacking

    • You been reading way too much into logical forms. Bertrand Russell’s love child?
      ‘Will not collapse soon’ is contained in the set of ‘will not collapse’. B is a sub type of A. :-)  

    • WaitingForSilver- – LOL – Bertrand Russell and the synaptical maze!!  Great! but I think he does put an LOL at the end of his comment….

    • Karen Hudes says that the dollar will NOT collapse. She was a bigwig at the World Bank turned whistleblower. She is now working with over 80 of the top bank officials to arrest the thugs who are trying to takeover the US and kill our economy. Here is her video…
      My question is… How many of you beleive that she is correct? Let me hear your thoughts on this one – please.

  4. Came across an article from Koos Jansen on his “In Gold We Trust” website that shows that in 2008, at the time Lehman Brothers was melting down, 1956 tons of gold were imported from Germany into London. Whose gold was it and where did it come from?

  5. o silver bought today but 172 pounds of beef went in the freezer today… $3 a pound for grass fed organic. What inflation? :D

    • how you gonna keep that freezer running when SHTF?

    • I have a side coming myself, it is hanging right now!

    • “how you gonna keep that freezer running when SHTF?”
      Probably with a generator.  In a few days, she will have it all defrosted, cut up, and canned so that it no longer needs to be kept cold.  Soup can be made from the bones and meat scraps, which can be canned too. Tallow can go into canned cooking fat plus soap and candles.

      At least, that is what I would do with it… and Mary knows a LOT more about such things than I do.

    • Well the 1600 watts of solar panels with run the fridge and freezer, 2 generators for backup. Lots of fuel stored underground.

    • U Tell’em, Mary! 
      I’ve seen the proof! 
      And she can keep it running, too… the whole system! 

  6. @MaryB Nice pickup. A freezer full of good beef makes a nice complement to stores of various metals :)  and other staples. Folks would be eager to barter for some of that beef in a SHTF.  No inflation!…the first time you and found something to agree on ? 

    • I pay every year for part of a cow, person I know raises them, takes them to the local butcher, delivers them to my front door. It has been $3 a pound now for 5 years. Advantage of raising on pasture, grass doesn’t increase in price. Extra pastures for hay and they usually sell hay so no problem on dry years. The excess goes into our beef.

    • @MaryB‘s BEEF Hedge Fund lol

  7. Don’t be surprised when a scheme is announced that locks in PERSONAL debt to the price of gold. An inflation hedge. Presidential order, that sort of thing. No-one will get off easy I’m afraid. This has been too predictable a play. Lots are probably gambling on the same outcome. 
    The FED might like to use the book value of gold, since the prices are changing so often on the open market. So whats that, $48 an ounce?
    I knew that book value would come in handy some day.

    • But if you have debts that have loan agreements in dollars….You can use that as your legal recourse to pay by converting your PM into dollars (so literally pennies on dollar). The key here might be a small window of opportunity. Although, I agree that most likely government will declare whatever the banking and loaning community want.
      My whole thing on this, is to stay calm….Remember NOT to fall for the increasing Race baiting and other ways they try to get the masses to attack each other. People need to remember exactly who did this crime….And take action against those.

  8. I just love the “jingle” of coins at the beginning and end of this video!  

  9. Out of curiousity, assuming the dollar collapses and must be replaced by some new currency.
    If we assume that the new currency is fiat (because that’s what govs and central banks like to do), how have new currencies been distributed?  Do bank accounts just get converted at some exchange rate? How does a business get the new currency in order to pay its employees?
    What a mess we are in for.

  10. @Marchas45
    Thanks for the information. It seems like people should be focusing more on various scenarios. I just don’t trust the people that have the power, which seems to be about 3 (maybe 4) different Elite groups. Their track records are filled with mass murder and using the administrative classes to pit the masses against each other. As sad as it sounds the people should be thinking about rounding these elites up and confiscating THEIR wealth, which is obviously all stolen from the people. I hate saying that cuz I sound like some kind of communist…but no thought is being given about this. It’s like the PTB have done a great job keeping focus on other things and away from their looting.

  11. Predictions of either a crash-up in the equity markets or a massive haircut of bank depositors are incorrect.  A power transition model developed in the Department of Defense outperforms intelligence analysts hands down and is now predicting rule of law in the international financial system.  This is after I and other World Bank whistleblowers testified in the European Union and UK Parliaments about corruption in the Bretton Woods institutions and the rest of the international financial system.  According to the power transition model, the United States must continue to ally itself with the EU and try to include Russia into the coalition.  Unilateral action by the United States, whether in Iraq, Syria, or unwelcome surveillance of its allies, undermines the Western Alliance and accelerates the Asian challenge. Read footnotes 7,8 and 10 of this article to see why the US Treasury is going to issue asset-backed US dollars instead of fractional reserve fiat Fed notes.   The model started predicting this when Elizabeth Colville (a Scottish whistleblower) and I published our comments in House of Commons Public Administration Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into Complaints Do They Make A Difference, on July 20, 2013, pages 186-7 (Elaine Colville, another World Bank Whistleblower’s testimony is on Page 178) available here

  12. @Karen Hudes
    It seems like the Asian Challenge is actually being helped along by many in the West. There are people who are lauding the “Chinese model” and continue to tell Westerners that our days are numbered. One of the guys was Evelyn de Rothschild. A search in Youtube will bring up an interview of his and how he says China is the future and encourages people to move their assets East. For a guy from a family that has been looting the average citizen of the West for a couple hundred years, it’s kind of despicable to see him now getting people to ditch the West. It all seems quite prepared  and purposeful if you ask me.
    I read part of your interview with LARS SCHALL. I printed it out and will read the rest tonight. It’s very good. I’m glad you stood up for the average citizens. So many people who are pushing the “future is Asia” agenda, are having a good time ridiculing the working classes in America. I know we’re pretty messed up over here, but there has been NO society so manipulated and propagandized as the American people have been the last 30 or 40 years. I think a lot of people are just trying to survive in this messed up system and culture.

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