goldWill Deutsche Bank be the catalyst that takes down the banking system and sends gold north of $10,000/oz and silver skyrocketing towards $500?
The man who warned years ago that when Deutsche Bank goes under it will be Lehman X 5 warns the END GAME that will Trigger Global Gold Revaluation HAS BEGUN:

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    • I certainly don’t! We are in a period of low inflation, low growth and low interest rates. Global GDP is predicted to be just over 2% this year – not great but not cataclysmic.

    • Global GDP > than 2%? That might be bullshit as well. I guess if we’re talking about drug and alcohol rehab, bankruptcy lawyers, butlers/maids/nannies for the top 1%, then it’s well past 2%. For the rest of us, they’re going through the drain. Two good friends who had been scrapping by as adjunct profs aren’t going to have contracts renewed. That’s going on all over academia.  Chicago, Detroit, San Bernardino County, Louisiana State Uni didn’t declare bankruptcy in the last Depression, but they’re doing so now. That’s all it takes to realize just how bogus GDP numbers have become….

    • Low inflation, my rosy red patootie.  This is yet another spin-doctored lie that is being foisted upon us.  It is as real as is 5% unemployment at a time when the workforce participation rate is at a 40-year low… if not worse.  Shop for food and then tell me that inflation is low.  Oh, that’s right.  Food is not counted in the CPI and neither is fuel… both of which we ALL HAVE to buy.  Not to mention taxes, which have done nothing but go up big-time since 2009.

    • Just translate the specifics as general information and enjoy the breadth and complexity of the show.  USA fiat will loose influence and eventually will need to be backed at least somewhat.  So gold and silver prices will go up.

      On the other hand, Willie said the Kerry bicycle crash was an attempted assassination.  I think that was his low point.

      Even still, he is one of my favorite gold story tellers.

    • Going “long” on vague accusations and “short” on specifics again, eh? Willie predicted oil would drop to $30/bbl when at $42/bbl…it dropped to $28/bbl. I added right here on SD it would soon bounce back up…how high depending on geopolitical events…and it bounced back up 30% presently. Now please show us where we can google your predictive successes. Thank you.

    • Poor EVH5150 you want Jim to give you a paint-by-the-number etch-a-sketch so you can get stinking rich and put cotton pickers back in your fallow fields

  1. Willie’s commentary is just as valid as anyone elses, take what works for you and discard the rest. I see many members up here who are quick to trash an authors commentary. For you, I ask, where is your podcast or editorial??? Let me hear your intellectual best…. or is sarcasm your best piece to present. If you where half as smart as you think you are, you would have already made a fortune, instead you resort to pumping out your own private sewage.

    No one know what’s going to become of the financial markets, metals or currencies. It is up to each individual to evaluate each commentator’s work and use what is beneficial to ourselves…and discard the rest. Just because you’ve made a piss-poor decision by taking one persons work, doesn’t mean he/she is wrong, it means you are wrong for the actions or in actions which has brought you to a specific, negative way of thinking.

    Still stacking…bullets, beans and bullion…..

    • Willie’s commentary is NOT just as valid as anyone elses when you examine his track record. Other commentators have very respectable track records – Willie does not. Again, google it yourself and see. 

    • I remember listening to him a couple of years ago when he offhandedly mentioned that he deliberately says more-or-less obviously crazy things once in a while, mostly as a means of not pissing off TPTB…so that they’ll think that he’s crazy, that he has no credibility…and so he can stay alive. Makes some sense. Personally I think that he works for the Chinese, but maybe that’s just my crazy talk.

  2. I don’t recall ever hearing Jim Willie’s voice/delivery sound so desperate and so panicked.  Wonder what’s up with JW?  For his sake, I hope gold does zoom to $10,000 in 2016, or even $50,000!!  Yes, we all know his predictions over the past several years have been pretty sad, maybe that’s why he sounds so desperate now. (?)

    • Wow…you “can hear the desperation and panic” in Jim’s voice? Will you be one of those administering “Depression testing” with all your miraculous audio insights? Because when I read your comments I hear something too: paid disinformation BULLSHIT.

    • @farang

      And you need to call a psychiatric hospital and seek immediate help… failure to do so immediately will prevent you from being around when gold hits $10,000!  Take a pill dude, and a LONG nap.  Have your ambulance stop and pick up a couple ounces of gold, that should make you feel better too.

    • I hope gold zooms to $10,000 also, but “For his sake”?   You are a lot nicer than I am.  I don’t care if that crazy old fool drops dead tonight. I would not be surprised if he had some kind of fatal brain tumor.  He certainly acts bizarre enough.

    • Yeah, $50k gold would be good.  Got my eye on a nice little beach house that could be had for less than 6 ozs. of gold at that price.  😉

      All else being equal, which they rarely ever are, of course.

  3. I find ole Uncle Willie thoroughly entertaining and always worth a chuckle or two!

    In fact I am laughing right now before playing this interview…

    He will be pissing and moaning and carrying on like no other…

    PM’s? To the moon…Silver? Gold on steroids! 🙂


    And all those here bitching about it…you are just click bait…

    Or as good ole Uncle Willie would say “morons”! hahaha

    Stop being so serious all of you and have fun while you can…

    “Lighten up Francis!” – Stripes

    • Same here – the entertainment value is great and sometimes…there are threads of disturbing truths mixed with disturbing nonsense – put to together is entertaining.

      I plan to crank him up later today while painting – I just hope I don’t spill while laughing.

      He certainly gives you gems to ponder even if he is two steps off the wall.

      BTW Occasionally he nails one.  And eventually he will be right about the PM exploding.

      Here’s one to ponder.  

      Since 2008, the Fed has nearly quintupled the US money supply.  Most of that electronic cash is parked at the Fed collecting a very small amount of interest for the banking cartel…


  4. Willie makes many, many statements in his dialogues with interviewers.  Those that are later borne out by reality are then reclassified as predictions.  To me his low point was when he announced that hundreds of bankers were being held in undersea prisions in the Carribean!

    JW is a conspiracy theorist.  One of the classic symptoms of this condition is not checking your data inputs like Karen Hudes when she announced that aliens were living in the Vatican!  When the interviewer asked how she knew she answered that a friend had told her in an email.  Shortly after discrediting herself in this way the World Bank (with whom she had engaged in difficulties in the past) re-employed her!  Smart move.

    One thing that conspiracy theorists are very good at though is joining the dots and Willie is very good at that.  About half of what he says is baloney, the other half is clever and incisive.  He brings forwards some very good ideas and networks of ideas that are worth taking on board.  Unfortunately you have to do a great deal of BS filtering to the point that it is exhausting.  I listen to Willie sometimes simply because you have to.  I do not however enjoy the experience.

    • Yes – but you have to admit when you heard about the underwater prison – your reactions was WTF followed by head shaking laughter.

      This is exactly why I listen – those gems – like Hudes are priceless which I missed but having listened to her, I find all too believable.    These gems are like the headlines of Tabloids.

      TO THIS DAY – I regret not buying the grocery store check outline headline “I had an Alien’s Baby.”   THAT is suitable for framing!  Laughs for years to come.

    • I don’t find the alien impregnation so far fetched.  Not so improbable that over the course of 5million years some aliens visited and has sex with the local chimps, taught a dozen their technology, then flew away laughing

  5. Has anyone noticed how the paper gold price has become somewhat diodic?  That is it is acting like a diode (a one way valve).  It goes up on “bad” news like falling stocks and stays level on “good” news like markets reflating.  Technical analysis ignored it would seem that the next big rise will coincide with a big stock market fall.  In this case there will not be the widely anticipated TA fall back before the new bull resumes.  Any weakness is drawing in Longs.  The (perceived) nature of gold and the rules of the game may be changing big time. Watch this space…..

  6. Anyone not read the latest TA from Loise Yamada on the excessively superlative KWN should do.  After years of calling a gold bear the world’s best gold TA has now switched sides calling a gold bull and thereby illustrating the weakness of Technical Analysis.  The point being that TA looks at past data and before you can call a new bull the rules of TA (or those she uses) require that the price rises.  Therefore following TA is the second best thing to do as you must always miss the market bottom. This effect is very pronounced in GBP where the gold price is up almost £200 from the lows of last year.  Assuming I can look back with true hindsight from here(!) the best thing to do was to buy (DCA) gold between the last quarter of 2013 and about the end of November 2015 (in GBP).  If you did so you will have bought closer to the bottom than you could if you followed TA.

    As suggested in my last comment I believe the change in the paper gold market is more to do with a paradigm shift begining to take place in the perception of gold as much as anything.  Gold is being re-perceived not just as a safe haven but also as money or at least the future of money.  The paradigm shift is what all gold and silver buffs are waiting for and it seems to be happening in gold first as you would expect.  If this is indeed the case then the rules of TA as applied to commodity gold will not apply in the near future and Harry Dent and (to a lesser extent) Mike Maloney will not get to see the long drawn out (short – Maloney) gold price deflation they are expecting of gold.  Instead New Gold (OK old gold) will unfurl it’s phoenix wings and fly from the fiat catastrophe that is engulfing the world.


  7. Blow your damn nose Jim!


    Damn, I couldn’t listen for more than 5 minutes with the drainage sucking every 20 seconds. Crikey! That’s what the mute button is for Jim, you grab a tissue, let out a full sentence, hit mute for 5 seconds and BLOW!!!!


    It would also give the interviewer a word in edgewise.


    Just sayin’

  8. Looking out of my window, I can’t see any panic.

    Getting sick of this permanent fear-mongering, I start with removing this site from my bookmark list.

    And BTW, I stopped listening to any of JW’s rants month ago. While he might be right about some topics, permanently insulting one’s family is a sign of huffy narcissism. No time to hear about his dumb brother and dad anymore …


    • ava_tar “Looking out of my window, I can’t see any panic.”


      Sheep never see panic until the solid ground beneath them disappears and they tumble like all

      the other sheep off the cliff they did not see.

      When the sheep start to panic, there will be nothing left but the emperor’s clothing on the beach…


      Gold and silver will be unobtainable to the average joe.

    • @AC_Doctor :

      Sheep never see panic until the solid ground beneath them disappears and they tumble like all the other sheep off the cliff they did not see.
      When the sheep start to panic, there will be nothing left but the emperor’s clothing on the beach…

      Ahhh, that’s probably why the Bible / Christian church refers to it’s faithful members as “sheep” ?

      Are you a Christian ?

  9. Another last chance to buy gold and silver!

    I wonder how many more last chances we will have?

    Been about a dozen by Jim in the last couple of years. I hope he’s right this time.

    I took my last chance years ago at $22.00 silver and $1,350.00 gold.

    • I don’t believe in any “last chances”, so just continue to buy regularly in affordable amounts.  Works for me and is effective.

  10. Gold prices in, Aussie Dollar up 12% the last year, British Pound up 20% the last 60 days, Brazilian Real 35% the last year, Canadian Dollar up 13% the last year, USD, Chinese Yuan and Euro all up 15% the last 60 days, Japanese Yen up 20% the last 5 years, Mexican Peso up 30% the last 5 years, Russian Ruble up 125% the last 5 years, South African Rand up 95% the last 5 years. There are other countries like Venezuela where gold is going nuts, but you get the picture. Gold is doing fine elsewhere in the world. And in a world of ZIRP and NIRP, not sure why people would bitch and moan about positive returns on gold right now. Better than holding cash in the bank getting no interest on it.

    • @Bay of Pigs


      “Better than holding cash in the bank getting no interest on it.”


      Indeed so… while inflation continues to nibble it down to even lower value and then getting “bailed in” to lose a big chunk of it when the SHTF.


  11. EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!  would all TROLLS assemble for an EMERGENCY briefing?

    It seems there is a bit of a situation building up. You all may be required to work OVERTIME.

    This overtime will be paid in “PET PAPER”, because we know that you do not believe in “PET ROCKS”. 


    O.K. FOLKS, just my attempt at a bit of Friday levity.

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