The Wikileaks VAULT7 Documents Will ROCK the Deep State CIA to its Very Core – and the Evidence the Leaks Provide Will Likely Lead Barack Obama Directly to a Federal Prison Cell…


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  1. This article is all cowboy and no hat, accusations that Obama, Clinton and their inner circle will go to prison without a single, substantive revelation from Vault 7 itself. If Vault 7 is the “smoking gun”, why don’t they quote inculpatory evidence of criminality from the Wikileaks release instead of quotes from people tweeting essentially the same unsubstantiated claims of alleged wrongdoing?

    We all know these effete, self-serving  functionaries are guilty and belong in prison. So, where’s the beef?

  2. Another cup of Hot BS?

    Where is the proof?  Allegations are a dime a dozen.


    Its not what you know it’s what can be proven that matters.  In this case it amounts to NOTHING!  These politicians have not guts, won’t unite and so the case will never be made.    Lots of dirty little secrets.


  3. Moon cricket will do whatever he  wants

    Nobody is going to do a thing

    Just sit back and take it up the ass

    The American people have no guts

    Shut up and take it or


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