Is the Fed Backed Against the Wall?  How Will Gold and Silver Respond? 
Bill Holter and Lynette Zang Gang Up for a Power Packed 60 Minutes…

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  1. False flag, nothing,  I mean nothing will happen until all retirement investmets and pensions are sucked dry!!! The financial vampire squad has not finished with the US dollar. Thank you very much Rothchilds!!! Sons of a bitches…

  2. When is the revolution going start? When it does, these bankers better have a good hiding place because I for one will pursue them until justice is done. And to hear Janet Yellen blaming technology and globalization for the demise of the middle class is an outrageous insult. It’s their own policies of trickle down and supporting the rich that is destroying opportunity to the middle class. These people are either complete crooks or idiots for thinking creating more debt is the answer. I like the part about inflating real estate in order to gain more property tax. My taxes have gone up 50% since the crash of 2008. Mostly because these government workers are getting paid ridiculous salaries. A firefighter starting salary of $100k, police making $130k, garbage man $70k, laborer fresh out of high school, or even drop out $70k.  They are now making more then the private sector on top of lush pensions and retiring after 20 years. These are union people. This has to stop. It is completely unsustainable. The other interesting part is the quote from Kissinger, about truth vs the perception of truth. Trump said the same thing in his book. I guess lying is the acceptable way for everyone now. So it’s now for everyone to lie on tax forms, applications, etc. This is one corrupt country. It’s disgraceful, our forefathers are rolling over in their graves. Is there anyone left with any kind of integrity or honor?

    • “They are now making more then the private sector on top of lush pensions and retiring after 20 years. These are union people. This has to stop.”

      Oh, it’ll stop alright… and probably with a huge SPLAT! as they hit the wall of financial reality.  What happened in Detroit will be happening elsewhere… in a lot of places, unless I miss my guess.  Illinois seems poised to crash hard next, if the Kleptofornians don’t beat them to it.  Yes, badly run pension plans WILL have their day of reckoning and it will be ugly, with much crying and moaning about how mistreated they are now.  The truth is that many of these wounds are self-inflicted via their never-ending demands for more.  No thought is wasted on whether or not the system can support those demands, of course.  It is merely assumed that it can… which it does… until it can’t.  This is the ugly offspring that results from politicians and unions climbing into bed.


    • @Ed_B  The ones that survive will be the ones who take their pension payments and convert them into ‘real money’ while they can, to spend when all around them have paper & digits that nobody wants.


      That’s another story that Ed, AGXIIK, and others have tried to explain amidst the plethora of Trolls and distractive AGENTS that frequent this site. _JLG.

    • interestingly, Instead of Detroit cutting pensions or union salaries, they’re going to raise taxes! If it’s anything like my town, the board members are afraid of the unions. The last time they tried to cut even overtime, there was a work slow down and vandalism. These unions are like the mob. They’ve gotten out of control. Also, every town and city around year has bought all new top of the line, state of the art vehicles. Garbage trucks, street sweepers, fire trucks, police cars, even a “nutrition” SUV, whatever that is. Then they all reassessed everyone’s property at 100% value when the housing market has come back to a peak. They cut services to help pay for all of it. I knew a union firefighter, retired at 40, moved down the islands and living the good life. He says he’s making more off his pension then when he was actually working!

    • Agreed @JohnLGalt


      “The ones that survive will be the ones who take their pension payments and convert them into ‘real money’ while they can, to spend when all around them have paper & digits that nobody wants.”

      The rules surrounding most pension plans are a labyrinth that one must trod very carefully, lest their draconian rules cause all manner of financial difficulty for those involved.  I am sure that MANY people would LOVE to exit their pension system via getting a lump sum and then putting their money where they want it instead of in a poorly run pension system.

      When my wife retired in 2001, state law allowed retirees to withdraw ALL of their contributions plus any earnings on them as a lump sum while the state’s contributions and those earnings stayed in the plan and provided a monthly check.  Lump sums will be taxed at a high rate, typically 45-50%, unless rolled over into an IRA or some similar vehicle.  So, I had her withdraw the $110k that was in there and roll it into her IRA, bringing that up to $195k.  While the state guarantees a 5% return on the money left in the plan, I invested it for her and was earning 15% or more, so the 5% return looked pretty paltry when compared to that.  As time passed and interest rates declined, the guaranteed 5% started looking better but it never did catch up with her IRA.  Many others would like to be able to do this but their pension plan may not allow them to do it until they reach a certain age, usually 55-60 years of age, or separate from service at an earlier age.  Some plans simply do not allow certain actions to be taken.  I just feel better having as much control over our money as possible, rather than leaving it in the hands of the state.  Their financial record is pathetic.


  3. I wonder what the IMF had to give or promise to Warren Buffet to buy out those failing Canadian Banks.  Personally,  I hope that they can keep the illusion going for a while longer… but the dam has many cracks.   I would welcome more QE and more hyper-inflation prior to a reset/default.   I can handle high prices better than I can handle going w/o hot running water.   At this point… growing the stack and preps is the only way I can see to beat the coming end-game.   Spot price is just part of the current illusion and the current opportunity.  The true value of the metals will be revealed when the collusion and illusion die.

    • Buffett bought some Canadian banks? You think this would be news.

      I heard he bought in to the mortgage lender “home capital” but nothing else.

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