The Wealth Watchman is back! The fraud and deception just passed the tipping point with this one event. A brand new Clarion Call exposes this very egregious act of desperation to control and manipulate…

The Wealth Watchman is back with a brand new Clarion Call.

Jamie Dimon and the Banks are so full of evil lies and outright manipulation that Wealth Watchman has brought the fight directly to the banks in particular and Jamie Dimon in specific.

The fraud and deception are so bad at this point that things are now completely unhinged.





  1. I am staying focused on stacking the shiny and other items. Can not control what happens at the top of the pile. I can control my own destination of which part of is stacking the essionals. That is all one can do for there family and friends. Stacking and packing

  2. Meh? I’m just a poor lonesome cowboy since the cows went away…

    So the other day in Taxes, this guy comes over and invites me to a sexparty. Oh yes, I said, how many are we? Well, he said, if you you bring your wife we’re three.

    • Why not?

      They can easily print or enter a few billion digits into an account, and buy and sell their bitcoins.

      The losses are backstopped by the FED, and they can do this until bitcoin is a messed up market too.


    • 3 reasons:

      #1 – it’s currently illegal for them to buy in the way they would need to to take a major position.

      #2. – it takes A LONG TIME to buy a large amount of bitcoin, even for an institution. This is important , because of #3.

      #3 – you can’t “naked short” bitcoin. The blockchain prevents it.

      So all they can do, is try to slow it down. THe Elite are already personally deeply LONG into THE Coin,  and if you want to short Bitcoin, you have to sell real Bitcoin. So you can publish fake news about China closing alt coin exchanges. And you can trot Jamie Dimon out in front of everyone to make his little speech. And you can sell all your real Bitcoin to try and move the price down. But then you are out of Bitcoin. I think they are trying to shake the weak hands out of the market with FUD news – so their FRIENDS can pick up those coins before they hiit $500,000.00. At least in that way, in their minds, the coins end up in the “right hands.”

      This is getting good.


  3. JP Morgan was an innocent victim in Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.  If that’s not the case how come some of them didn’t go to jail?  There’s this stuff you need for the court system.  Evidence.  That’s what it is.  If the justice department had uncovered complicity by JP Morgan with Bernie Madoff don’t you think some of them would  have gone to jail too? Madoff was guilty of the biggest Ponzi scheme in US history. It says so over at Wikipedia. I think what the watchman is trying to say in regards to Dimon and Madoff is that it take one to no one.  You can save 13 minutes out a your life now.

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