This is shaking the Vatican to the core:


From Michael Snyder:

We aren’t supposed to talk about what goes on behind closed doors when the cameras are off and the public can’t see what is happening. There is corruption in virtually every large organization, but those that hold themselves out as “spiritual leaders” need to understand that they are going to be held to a higher standard than everyone else. And when those “spiritual leaders” greatly violate the trust that the public has put in them, the fallout can be absolutely devastating. In this article you are going to read about some things that are deeply disturbing. An immense wave of evil has swept through major religious organizations, and the Catholic Church is certainly no exception.

Most people know that Catholic priests are supposed to be celibate, but most people also know that this is often not the case. But what some priests in Italy have been involved in is shaking the Vatican to the core. The following comes from USA Today…

Lurid accusations of priests involved in sex orgies, porn videos and prostitution have emerged from several parishes in Italy recently, sending shock waves all the way to the Vatican and challenging the high standards Pope Francis demands of clergy.

In the southern city of Naples, for example, a priest was recently suspended from the parish of Santa Maria degli Angeli over claims he held gay orgies and used Internet sites to recruit potential partners whom he paid for sex.

What was that priest thinking?

Surely he had to know that this stuff would come out eventually.

But often those in positions of power convince themselves that they can cover up their scandals forever. Of course usually it doesn’t end up working that way.

Another Catholic priest is being accused of having up to 30 different lovers…

In the northern city of Padua, a 48-year-old priest, the Rev. Andrea Contin, is facing defrocking as well as judicial proceedings amid accusations he had up to 30 lovers, some of whom he took to a swingers’ resort in France.

Initially Contin tried to deny the charges, but now so many women have come forward that he can’t lie anymore.

And one of his accusers is actually claiming that Contin urged her to have sex with a horse…

He is accused of farming out some of his lovers to men on wife-swapping websites, according to The Times.

He always carried a briefcase full of vibrators, sex toys, masks and bondage equipment,” one of his accusers said in her police statement, according to the Corriere del Veneto.

She also accused Mr Contin of encouraging her to have sexual relations with a horse and beat her in the rectory on two occasions.

It would be tempting to dismiss these latest reports as “isolated anomalies” if so many similar reports had not surfaced in recent years. Sexual immorality appears to be running rampant among the clergy, and this is particularly true among the priests that are gay. The following comes from an outstanding article that was published by Vanity Fair…

At the Vatican, a significant number of gay prelates and other gay clerics are in positions of great authority. They may not act as a collective but are aware of one another’s existence. And they inhabit a secretive netherworld, because homosexuality is officially condemned. Though the number of gay priests in general, and specifically among the Curia in Rome, is unknown, the proportion is much higher than in the general population. Between 20 and 60 percent of all Catholic priests are gay, according to one estimate cited by Donald B. Cozzens in his well-regarded The Changing Face of the Priesthood.

Even if the true figure is near the low end of that estimate, that still means that one out of every five Catholic priests is gay.

Like many in the Protestant world, quite a few of these priests will preach Jesus on Sundays and lead a secret “double life” the rest of the week…

A few keep their sexuality entirely private and adhere to the vow of celibacy. Many others quietly let themselves be known as gay to a limited degree, to some colleagues, or to some laypeople, or both; sometimes they remain celibate and sometimes they do not. A third way, perhaps the least common but certainly the most visible, involves living a double life. Occasionally such clerics are unmasked, usually by stories in the Italian press. In 2010, for the better part of a month, one straight journalist pretended to be the boyfriend of a gay man who acted as a “honeypot” and entrapped actual gay priests in various sexual situations.

Another scandal in the Catholic Church that is making headlines lately comes out of Ireland. Authorities say that they have discovered the “remains of babies” in the sewers of a home for unwed mothers that the Catholic Church was operating. One historian believes that 800 children may have died there…

The remains of babies, ranging from new-born to three-years-old, have been found in the sewers of a former church-run home for unmarried mothers in Ireland, the government said on Friday.

A report from an inquiry the government ordered in 2014 backed up a historian’s claim that up to 800 children may lie in an unmarked grave at the home. It said: “significant quantities of human remains have been discovered in at least 17 of the 20 underground chambers which were examined.”

Radiocarbon dating found the remains, which ranged from 35-week-old fetuses to 3-year-olds, dated from between 1925 and 1961, when the home was run by the Bon Secours Sisters.

And it is believed that similar things were going on at other church-run homes. In fact, law enforcement is currently investigating 17 other facilities.

We are living at a time when there is great apostasy in the Christian world.

But if you stand up and preach righteousness and holiness, you will almost certainly get attacked, and in some countries there is even a chance that you will be thrown into prison.

For example, consider what just happened in the United Kingdom

In what their lawyer calls a “modern-day heresy trial,” a British court has convicted two street preachers of a public order offense for preaching the Bible in public.
The public prosecutor in the case claimed that publicly quoting parts of the King James Bible in modern Britain should “be considered to be abusive and is a criminal matter.”

So what did they say that was so bad?

Well, apparently one of the things that authorities were extremely concerned about is the fact that they were claiming that Jesus is the only way to God

Prosecutor Ian Jackson also told the court, “To say to someone that Jesus is the only God is not a matter of truth. To the extent that they are saying that the only way to God is through Jesus, that cannot be a truth.”

I was absolutely stunned when I read that, but none of us should be surprised.

We always knew that great persecution of true believers was coming, and now Christians are actually being put in prison in the western world for simply sharing the gospel publicly.

In times of great darkness, light is needed more than ever, but often there is a great price to be paid for being a light.

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  1. Hey Doc;

    How about we go along and selectively pick out all the depravity from the Evangelical Church, or whatever church that was in that last article where someone talks as though they were God and then you turn the comments off. Funny how you turn the comments on to encourage the denouncing of the Catholic Church, but then turn them off while you bullhorn this other bizarre article.

    ”20 to 60% priests are gay” says a guy in a book. Really. You dont say. If a guy in a book said it it must be true. I have an aunt whose a nun. Spent her entire life in charity. Likewise a cousin thats a priest. Same thing. Not the gargoyle monsters your so desperate to caricature and protray them as. Ive known tons of priests throughout my life, was an alter server and never saw any of the evil your so desperate to portray as common place. Go to the north of Canada. Meet some whisky drinking Oblates who say Mass with their dog in a pew, run the local amulance service, then go attend to some forasken reserve in the middle of nowhere.

    Likewise Ive known lots of very chartiable faith filled Protestant Preachers. Ive also met once-saved-always saved hypocrite two-faced lying weasel Protestant preachers I wouldnt waste my spit on.

    If anyone wants to test Docs theory, go meet your local priest. See what kind of guy he is. Then go talk to some evangelical, and see whose closer to the Gospel of Christ, or who you’d rather have a drink/coffee with.

    • Hi Robert;

      Whats to think? It wouldnt be a time for thinking. Id do the same as you would if your kid got abused by a school teacher. At my small school we had 3 teachers that got charged for sexual miscoduct and one in our district was a notorious case. That being the case, Im not going to extrapolate that most teachers are pedophiles. Neither are priests. Trying to make the case that they are is ignroance, or born again bigotry.

      Likewise with Muslims. I have contempt for Islam, but Muslims I’ve met in my travels are the most educated, kind, hospitable, interesting people you can meet. Not the Allah Akbar yelling car bombers they can be portrayed as. Meanwhile the Once Saved Always Saved set, with the childish theology we saw in the no comments article yesterday, can be as vicious and deceitful as they want because they’re saved, but then tell good people (good Samaritan and righteous Gentile from the New Testament) that they know they are going to hell because they arent part of their so-called church. Thats not what our Lord preached.

      Anyway enough of that. Good luck and God bless

  2. Maybe that is because the Catholic Church is a relic like Greek Mythology?  Any church that practices hypocrisy is ripe and ready to disappear!  Allowing homosexuality in their priests, when homosexuality is condemned by Jesus, and God the father (whom they profess to adhere and represent)…and I think we’re all educated to know that the statues of Jesus are blasphemy- in THEIR OWN RELIGION! (SEE 10 COMMANDMENTS)

    As for those babies… Nuns have bee popping them out for hundreds of years under those baggy gowns.  They used to have lime pits in those cellars under the church (along with various other torture devices) which would dissolve the remains, but they have been removed for some time (you may still find the pit though).  Any Catholic church built before 1941 has them (catacombs)…… and they stretch BLOCKS! – under apartment complexes, under baseball fields etc.  Just find your local OLD (catholic)CHURCH, and go to the local courthouse and request to see the building diagrams for said church!

    You will find catacombs under ALL of them! (before 1941) Also they are typically sealed by brick, or padlocked in most cases.  GAY-HOMO, TRANNY PRIESTS ARE JUST ICING ON THE CAKE OF AN ALREADY FAILED RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION.

    As a simple protestant christian, I call out GAY PASTORS.  It’s pointless to preach gospel that condemns you; FIND ANOTHER JOB!

  3. Nothing here that hasn’t been occurring over much of the history of the papacy, for those willing to acknowledge it.   What isn’t so acknowledged in contemporary Protestant circles is the success of the influence of historic Roman Catholic counter-reformationism on evangelical dispensationalism.  In particular, the RC futurization of Antichrist, in response to the Reformation teaching of the papacy as Antichrist, has been spectacularly successful.  So immorality, deception, and delusion have been constant adversaries of truth and holiness in all ages.

    • I have herd of such relationships but surely the guy should be able to wrangle a date with a human female and not saddle his family with the shame and embarrassment  trotting out such a miscarriage of decency in front of the neighbors would cause.

    • If the fellow is that well hung, perhaps he should concentrate on his movie career instead of horsing around in various barns and stables?  😉


    • JOHN HOLMES comes to mind @Ed_B   


      “If the fellow is that well hung, perhaps he should concentrate on his movie career instead of horsing around in various barns and stables?  ” 


      Memories of another era when a man was a man, (or maybe he was a horse) 


      Google: ‘JOHN HOLMES’ for you young-uns if you are old enough. 

    • @Vegasidler
      I have herd of such relationships but surely the guy should be able to wrangle a date with a human female and not saddle his family with the shame and embarrassment  trotting out such a mis carriage of decency in front of the neigh – bors would cause.

      Nicely trooped out!  Glad to see your sense of humour is in harness…



  4. Yeah, she was going to take a roll in the hay.


    So you have run the obligatory $ hit piece on the Catholic Church.  Fortunately everything else is hunky dory, as man is only fallable when Catholic.

    To that slime author…show us what you are made of and run some stories on the mus slims.

    And just how does this relate to silver…everything else is wrong here, so I guess all good at the church..




    • IMO, All religions are a scam. The main purpose is power and money to support the people running them.     “There are no gods,no devils,no angels,no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

  5. Hmmmm   My heathen-hood is looking better all the time.

    Maybe it’s best to view people on a one-zy two-zy basis.
    I like the saying from Bastiat (I think) in which he said==

    I don’t criticize a man religion because I don’t want to interfere with his path to heaven.

    • “My heathen-hood is looking better all the time.”             Lol        (@ the comment)  

      Edit, only one l in careful – see above – too late for editing that one.



    • Gee Whiz,  I’d like to buy some of that BITCON, but I’d have to give up something real for pie in the sky (not meaning to cast aspersions another persons beliefs),  – not much HA HA. 

  6. Wow Snyder, as usual a very deceptive article from you. No not because they is no pedophilia in the church… we all know there is tons of it. But I ask you, why write an article like this now? Is it by any chance to divert the current pedophilia anger towards the catholic church? This is just a decoy – to push your attention elsewhere instead of the global elite (scum) pedophile networks. And why would Synder, the self declared friend of Israel, want to do this? Because Israel’s Mossad is behind setting up this entire evil network so they can entrap and subsequently control all of the world’s leaders and prominent people with video evidence of their crimes (think lolita express, fantasy island, etc. ALL Mossad pedophilia entrapment ops).

  7. From a Z.H. article   
    “Caught On Video: “COWARDS”(my words)  Deface Trump’s Palos Verdes Golf Course” 

    Dark secrets of the low-life scum who would deface other people’s property. 


    Rubber bullets comes to mind to stop this anarchy. 


  8. The Roman Catholic Church was a continuation of the Roman Empire. As secular power waned, it was a stroke of genius to place the new emperor, the pope, at the head of both spiritual and world power. It allowed their rule to continue for another millennium.

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