“When monetary systems fail, they take us to war.


What Trump has done in the last couple weeks “is everything that he campaigned against,” Rob Kirby says.

“When monetary systems fail, they take us to war.” Our financial system may be in danger of failing anytime now, Rob Kirby says. He forecasts that when the financial system fails, the globalists will deflect blame by starting war. He also discusses the recent chemical attack in Syria. He questions whether the attack was actually a sarin gas attack, and whether Assad perpetrated the attack.

In addition, Kirby reveals China’s and Russia’s movement away from the U.S. dollar.

Lastly, he exposes why he sees defaults occurring in the precious metal markets…

  1. Heard it earlier today. Probably worth the 30 minutes to hear the usual stuff from his angle.


    At the moment it is a waiting game.  Patience is required. Don’t go hyper-ventilating – (unless you want to).  


    I’m only going on to 70 years of age and I am determined to outlast these manipulating Motherpluckers. 


    My message to ‘THEM’  –  is the cost to you when you have to buy real money to cover your shorts in today’s currency is $500 per Oz. of Silver.


    The more Digitals and paper $#!t you invent, the higher the price. _JOHNLGALT.  

    • “The more Digitals and paper $#!t you invent, the higher the price. _JOHNLGALT. ”     


        @AGXIIK   Do you think I’m one of the IGNERT IDGITS ™  or not?


      I’ve been thinking about getting some Digitals & paper $#!t and putting it under the mattress because the lumps there are hurting me ribs.  he he.

    • silver unfortunately will mean very little in a nation that is smoldering and vultures eating the remains of un-saved un-born again humankind..I have stacks of silver and hope to use it before the USSA is destroyed by Putin[and well should be for its God-less-ness,whoring,evil and wicked sinning in high places,corruption, and the murderer of any nation of the world not worshiping the Jew’s counterfeited currency..the debt petrodollar..

      there are very few true CHRISTIANS left on the whole of the earth, as the Bolshevik’s phony money and the serpent is thy master JEWISH RACE,.. have effectively erased God THROUGH  HOLLYHELLHOLEWOOD CA. AND THE most wicked,evil contraption ever invented..thy TV SET,.. and PRECISELY WHY I NO LONGER OWN ONE and refuse to even look at one nor listen to it for even a second.,AND HAVEN’T FOR 17 years..God came back to me as i was re-born in Christ in 2007.. Hallelujah..praise the Lord for the eternal,everlasting life I was promised and thus have received as God/Jesus Christ/the Holy Spirit TELLS NO LIES..EVER..

      as i will now reign with Christ on the new earth[heaven on earth] for 1,000 years and live in spirit in heaven with God after Jesus Christ[after Christ’s 1,000 yr. reign of the new heaven on earth] throws Satan and all un-born un-believers, into the hell lake of fire..[only Satan will be tortured endlessly 24/7 for eternity for his sins..humankind will simply perish for not believing on Jesus Christ as their God and savior..



    Jewnet Yellen, and the ashkeNAZI owned/run Feral Reserve will soon accuse Russia of counterfeiting dollars, as an excuse for BANNING CASH, as well as a pretext for WAR with the last free white run country.


    Russia steadfastly refuses to fall on the sword of illegal invasion aka DIE-versity and has to go. You can’t have a free white country with nuclear weapons AND a Jew World Order.



    • Okay, I have taken thy advice @johnlgalt
      I guess I should not get my hopes up, but it would be nice to get a enough $$$ to buy back my stack.
      I have some British MPs on my side I think – may have to wait for the end of the UK election.

      Remember, nobody else in the UK was willing to expose the Lord Chief Justice or the Attorney General for their direct role in the rigging scandal.

      Please spread the link.

  3. @johnlgalt

    – Once Scooby hits the fan the rules of the game will change. I would not be surprised to see Goldfinger’s plot re-enacted on the Comex. Perhaps they will blame everything on the Swiss. AFAIK Switzerland does not have nukes, and if there is any significant bullion held in Swiss vaults, while the rest of Europe languishes in poverty, it is easy to imagine Switzerland being overrun by the hoards on every side.

  4. For I will stir up and bring against Mystery Babylon [the USSA] an alliance of great nations FROM THE LAND OF THE NORTH [RUSSIA]. They will take up their positions against her, and from the north[RUSSIA} she will be captured. Their arrows will be like skilled warriors who do not return empty-handed.- Jeremiah 50:9

    Russia possesses weapons the USSA CAN NOT STOP! they posses a missile that corkscrews as it flies at some 7,000 mph and a nuke can be put on it..the Russians have technology that can completely shut down navel ships..

    anyone that wants more information on the total destruction of the USSA


    should read all of Revelations in the KJB,as well as the book of Jeremiah or at least Jeremiah 50 & 51

    no religious book [bar none] can match the accuracy of the King James Bible new testament ..many parts written some 2,000 years ago when obviously the world was much different and the USSA wasn’t even a Babylonian or Roman’s wet dream..

  5. What is the purpose of stacking the shiny if one can not enjoy the benefits of hard work and wise decisions of saving pms to have a comfortable retirement. World War is a lose lose, only death and destruction are certain. Whats the point…

  6. Not you @JOHNLGALT    I think you were the one who suggested I trademark IGNERT IDGITS (TM)  That idea is a sign if high intellect and substantial perspicacity

    Because it’s so apt a description of  the many boneheads out there, I wanted to capitalize on its popularity   Anytime a person uses it I take payments in Bitcoin.


    • ” I think you were the one who suggested I trademark IGNERT IDGITS (TM)”           Sure did.

      Now to look up ‘perspicacity’ and see if I have any of them thingies.

      Mark Anthony Taylor usually throws in some of those biggies, so I have to get the old Dictionary out. _JLG. 

  7. In doing a web search for IGNERT IDGITS ™  I noticed there’s no Google ranking.   That’s a grave oversight on the part of Page and Brin.  Given that these two  boneheads misspelled Googol, they are instantly ushered into the IGNERT IDGITS (TM)  Hall of Champions.  The first two slots, as a matter of fact.

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