A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department patrol car is seen in this file photo. (Credit: KTLA)

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol car is seen in this file photo. (Credit: KTLA)

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced 474 pedophiles have been arrested and 55 victims have been rescued in a MASSIVE Southern California Child Trafficking sting dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”:

As KTLA Reports:


Hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually exploited children and adult victims were rescued across California during a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.

More than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, including the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The statewide operation took place over the three-day period between last Thursday and Saturday.

In total, 474 arrests were made, including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males on suspicion of pimping, according to figures provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, 28 commercially and sexually exploited children and 27 adult victims were rescued.

Still believe PizzaGate is Fake News?

Official LACS Statement:

Full LACS Press Conference:


  1. I hope something of note comes from this but we know that in past these things stop well before they get to the top. IF this is truly to be part of “draining the swamp” then we are at the face of the collapse.

    Recall that the recent conviction of Denny Hastert was quickly plea bargained out because there was enough dirt on many current and former politicians to bury half of DC.


  2. CA just passed a law removing penalties against teenage prostitutes because they are victims and should not be charged as hookers and whores.  Which begs the question.  How is pedophilia illegal in CA. I see 500 lawyers swoop in on this mess, pleading that their clients are not guilty of being pederasts the child molesters because there is no crime in being a teenage prostitute.

    IMO, California is a cesspool of the most incredibly stupid people on the planet.

    And another thing.  Will there be a ‘John List’ of those arrested and published on line, like an Amber Alert, so that the families, wifes, and employers can find out what their ‘loved ones’ are doing in their spare time  Maybe a Scarlett P would work too.

    • @AGXIIK

      Usually your comments are pretty logical but you really screwed the pooch here.

      How is a underage girl who is pimped not a victim. Being pimped makes her a prostitute against her will…a sex slave. She cant be responsible for that, but a John being adult and knowingly hiring her is guilty of solicitation. Add a minor charge there and it is a serious crime. California protects the victim and criminalizes the hiring, which is fair. What if you’re kids were stolen and pimped against their will?

      Also, it isn’t right that they publish the people’s pictures because that defeats the constitutional protection of innocent until proven guilty (they already are casting them as guilty and the jury will be swayed before hearing trial).

      So many things wrong with your comment here, I’ll stop now.

    • @PlataPorFavor

      There was a step missed in AGXIIK’s post.

      If child prostitutes cannot be prosecuted for crimes, and YOU are a pimp, do you pimp 19 y/o girls that can be prosecuted or 15 y/o girls who can’t?

      The new law ENCOURAGES child prostitution.

  3. @Plataporfavor  Comments noted and understood.

    My real concern the Johns, chicken hawks and, the worst of the group, Child Protective Services, who prey on vulnerable kids, foster children and parentless kids,  some under 10 years old, and allowing, through loopholes in the law, the adult predators to somehow get out of being charged with sex slave trading, pimping children, turning innocent children into prostitutes and other wretched forms of slavery. The system victimizes the victim instead of protecting them  This makes the system so morally culpable that anyone found aiding and abetting this wretchness certainly subject to the full prosecution of the law and an eternity in hell.

    The loop hole I see in this changing of the law allows the predators to continue with their trade while making it far easier to troll these children as sex slaves.  One part of the law makes it possible for the person ‘responsible’ for the welfare of the child to take charge of the child if they are arrested.  It was well recognized that the person responsible for this child is frequently the pimp, foster parent or handler of this child. If the person responsible for protecting the child does not do so and thus allows the child to be used for sex slavery they are the guilty  ones and should be tried, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes against humanity.

    I am listening to Catherine Austin Fitts podcast talking about this exact problem, connecting the dots to police sweeps of poor neighborhoods, gang areas and places where children are found being traded for illicit things, scooping up these people, processing them without legal recourse and placing them either in a juvenile facility or adult prison where they are turned into labor slaves for the for-profit prison systems.  That the child prostitute drops out of the gulag scoop system does not mean they are not harmed by their actions.  They are more of a catch and release program where their trade is far more profitable than putting them in prison to make clothing or license plates for 10 cents an hour

    There is significant part of the slave gulag system we find in America where people are being railroaded into prison, turned into slave laborers for the mega corporations essentially stripped of their freedom, constitutional rights and humanity   They are mostly people of color and we now house some 1,800,000 people in prisons, a number far larger than any other country polled.  It might seem counterintuitive to the notion of making child prostitution a non-crime but it does not deal with the utter degradation of these kids by their pimps and handlers. The people responsible for this trade including the pimps, the justice system and the people who pay for the services are the guilty ones, not the kids being used as sex slaves.

    The neo nazis in the government, including the Clintons and their ilk, chief offenders in sex slave and drug trades, along with those higher up the food chain such as the Bush clan and their masters, are all part of a continent spanning conveyor belt of humans traded for sex, drugs, slave labor etc:  Discarded when spent or worn out

    I see the california law as one small part of an effort to legitimize pederasty,  child porn  and sex slave trading.  The worst offenders work and live in DC however and Pizzagate barely cracked open the door to the vile filth and sordid goings ons in the New Age Neo-Con DC Nomenklatura.

    One poster described the Waco Texas murders of the Branch Davidians by tanks and flame throwers, ordered by Janet Reno, approved by Hillary Clinton, as an Auto Da Fe.  I concur with this sentiment.  Even a brief review of the Clintons and their involvement in child sex trades, murders and assassinations, gives one pause that what seems to be a substitution for real leadership was nothing more than an 8 year sex party for Bill and Hillary Clinton

    but I digress.

    to say this all disgust me is the understatement of the decade as far as it concerns my thoughts.  I hope that Pizzagate starts the ripping open of the sordid goings ons within the DC establishment and those guilty, no matter their office, standing, wealth or protectors from on high are held accountable.


    • @AGXIIK


      “I hope that Pizzagate starts the ripping open of the sordid goings ons within the DC establishment and those guilty, no matter their office, standing, wealth or protectors from on high are held accountable.”

      That would be good, BUT… is it possible to punish these demons in human form without getting medieval on their a$$e$?  Seems to me that Vlad the Impaler knew how to handle vermin of this type… AND… he had NO recidivism in his punishment scheme.  Hanging and shooting are definitely too good for these turds.  Maybe the cat o’nine tails would find an application here?  50 lashes?  100 lashes?  Enough to reduce those guilty of such heinous crimes to twitching puddles seems about right.


  4. PS [email protected]  My use of the word victim was not done well.  These kids are victims, period.  The people who prey on them should be prosecuted. The victimize child needs to be helped by compassionate people who are able to, and trained to help them recover from one of the worst things that can happen to a child.

    • 411:  “God” doesn’t give points for bullcrap.

      Revenge provides more healing than prayer, and these lowlife swine need to be sent to prison for life, where, hopefully… they will be buggered and tortured daily, then die in great pain.

    • Maybe they will suicide themselves by being dragged behind a 4×4 pickup through a field of rocks and cacti?  A couple of passes might be needed for best results.


    • Thanks @JustTheFacts


      I just get so damned tired of these worthless bags of s**t, all of the crimes they commit, and all the misery they cause.  Then, when caught, many of them either skate on technicalities or plea bargain their way out of the hard time that they so richly deserve.  They act like vicious animals and then demand to be treated like everyone else.  They make me see the value in Chinese “justice”.  BANG!  One 9 mm round to the back of the head and they never repeat this s**t again.  Furthermore, those who see this happening to one of their kind just might be scared straight and not continue these crimes either.  Looks a lot like a win-win to me.


  5. On TFMR site a regular posted a link to http://www.neonnettle.com  The report on this site indicated that 30 politicians are scheduled for arrest  in connection with the DC Pizzagate scandal within a week or so.  Included in the 30 are  Senatore Chuck Schumer,  Rep Tim Kaine, and former  Connecticutt AG Richard Blumental   40 others are on a list to be arrested

    The report also noted the the incoming US AG Jeff Sessions was briefed on the investigation 3 weeks ago and will be part of this series of arrests

    It explains why the Senate has been slow rolling Sessions approval

    I do not have further confirmation of this new intel

  6. @Ed_B   these people live and die by their public reputation.

    Public disclosure, public castigation, excoriation, prosecution and punishment, banning them to small prison cells with the SHU, not general population of some Supermax would the ultimate punishment; being imprisoned with the same people who were imprisoned via the laws written by these amoral vile hypocrits.

    This is why when the Clintons are charged with high crimes, treason and other felonies, given that Obama offered no pardons, their crime family going forward will be scoured from the earth that then includes Chelsea and her husband, the son of a minor and disgraced crime family in which the father was prosecuted and found guilty of running a ponzi scheme, the wife a Congresswoman who lost here seat and fortune. The son of this disgraced minor crime family, one in which even the wife could not get Bill Clinton to issue a pardon, married into what was hopefully, for them, the prime establishment of a major crime family with the election of Killer to the presidency

    Now that the Clinton foundation is not longer receiving the bribes etc they are closing down.  The Clintons have fallen far in a short time while Chelsea and her husband now have absolutely no juice   No one to call on for money or income, jobs or security.  Their children will probably have to go to public school and the vast fortune of the Clintons will be vaporized as the penalties for their crimes will strip their $250,000,000 fortune to nothing.

    Much like a scion of the royal family failing to assume the crown and thus thrown to the dogs and crows

    • Might be bogus, but I read that the slimy Clinton’s transferred up to $6 Billion of Foundation/CGI funds to Qatar just prior to the election… no extradition… hard to squash a roach… but I too hope they suffer in extremis for many years, though both of them look as though they might drop dead at any time…

    • Given the situation and their ability to dodge justice, having a private jet fueled and ready as well as a BIG wad of money hidden somewhere would only make sense.


      No extradition treaty?  Well, heck, boys, that’s one of the reasons why we have the Seal Teams.  They never extradited bin Laden… and they did not need to after he was toast.


  7. @Ed_B   I sent the article to 3 trusted people who know how to vet this information.  Michael Kreiger of Liberty Blitzkreig thought it was bogus despite the fact that Pizzagate is real and involved the highest levels of government

    • @AGXIIK


      There just HAS to be some way in which justice can be done upon them.  If not in this life then in the next. But there IS no escape from the scales of karmic justice.  They WILL be balanced at some point and they have infinite patience.  Those who think that they are getting away with something in this life are sadly mistaken.


  8. Now time for a DC Pizzagate.
    There was way more smoke. But I fear the victims over there are not the kind that get to tell the story. The Podesta gang are a bit too much into drinking their “pizza” semen with blood for my “comfort”.

    So Americans will march on DC for a travel ban of its war crime victims, but the war crimes themselves and pizzagate #1 to be shoveled under the carpet, that’s all fair game.

    • “So Americans will march on DC for a travel ban of its war crime victims…”

      Well, the idiotic 1% will while the other 99% have more sense and are using their time far more productively. Guess which group gets most of the attention of the leftist press here in the US?


    • @Ed_B
      So you are pro war crimes by your nation of choice and anti democratically steered foreign and “defense” policies? This would mean you’d like to subject the pride in your nation to those that were (un)elected into place, and commit to supporting whatever the heck they do in the name of your nation?
      Just because a few so-called leftist cry wolf over an obvious loyalty checking ploy by Trump, doesn’t automatically make al public opinion null and void.

  9. I have NO idea what you are going on about and suspect that makes 2 of us.

    Also, they are not “so-called leftists” because they refer to themselves as “leftists” and sometimes socialists.


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