95% of Hungary’s citizens opposed European Union migrant quotas in a recent referendum…
From Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The country of Hungary, 95% of whose citizens opposed European Union migrant quotas in a recent referendum, has reportedly electrified key portions of their border fence.

According to Index.hu, when approaching the border outside of authorized border crossings, those attempting to enter the country will be met with warning signs in Hungarian, Serbian and Arabic advising them that the fence has been electrified.

Kit Daniels reports:

It may not be a full fence shield, but there are fixed wires running parallel to the ground,” reported journalist András Földes. “The 12 wires mounted on insulated points are visible on both fences of the double fence, with insulated portions on the inside of the fences since it’s assumed they [the migrants] will only come from the outside if they come in.”

“…We also learned that a worker was shaken at the time of the installation and that he was hospitalized,” he added.

Though detractors of President Donald Trump’s border wall concept have been critical of the idea that a wall would actually stop illegal immigration through America’s porous southern border, the Hungarian wall has reportedly reduced illegal crossings into the country by a whopping 97%, with a significant change seen within the first 24 hours after it was installed.

The images below paint a very intimidating picture of what migrants attempting to cross the border will see.

Warning signs in multiple languages:



Guard towers:


And guards outfitted with fully automatic machine guns


Good luck getting through this:


(Images courtesy Index.hu; András Földes)

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  1. Hungary has protected the borders of the whole European continent from invaders from the Middle East for a thousand years. We had a war with the Turks for 300 years. While the west had renaisance, decadence and discovered America – we were at war with the Turks. Man to man killing each other with steel blades, arrows, hot lead and throwing them off the walls of our castles. Then the west said thank you – cutting Hungary down to one third of it’s size in the Trianon and Versailes treaty. Now the invaders can bypass us, but don’t ask Hungary to accept those, whith whom they faught for hundreds of years and from whom they protected the continent. As to the kissing ass, it is obvious, that somebody planted leaders in the past to follow the globalist agenda to enter the globalist wet dream – the EU. The current leader is different and he is the one that shot down the dump valves. I hope there is symphaty out there somewhere to understand us for not accepting those in, that killed hundreds of thousands of us – if not millions.

    • Only those who have fought for freedom truly understand it’s value and it’s cost.

      Sadly, to just about everyone else, it is but an academic exercise.

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