launch rocket verticalIf you look at the COT numbers, gold should already have been slaughtered by $100 or more, but it HASN’T!
The establishment is in an OUTRIGHT PANIC…


Submitted by Bill Holter, JSMineset:

We just got done hearing from none other than Mitt Romney regarding Donald Trump campaigning for The Presidency.  I am not really sure where to start with this topic as I do not believe there is any precedence.  Starting with my conclusion the “establishment” is in OUTRIGHT PANIC! mode, let’s work backwards.  What follows is my personal opinion, like it, don’t like it, read it or do not, I am still to this point allowed to actually have an opinion and can still voice it …so I will!

It is obvious to almost anyone with half a functioning brain there is “something” (MANY things!) wrong and going in the wrong direction in the U.S..  Whether it be the economy, rule of law, governance, morality or what have you, our country is headed in the wrong direction.  Donald Trump was looked at as a “joke candidate” by both Republican and Democrat establishments, now he is viewed as a threat.  He has and is saying many things “the people” are thinking. 

About the only thing he hasn’t said is “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”.  Generally speaking, the mood in the country is that of ANGER!  Voters took their anger out on Congress in the last election …but nothing changed and the slide towards the infernal regions has continued unabated.

What Mitt Romney did today in my opinion is despicable (when asking Jim what he thought, he said “Romney made a complete, absolute and utter ass out of himself, I have never in all my years seen anything even close to this in politics”).  He failed to win an election for president in 2012 on the coat tails of an absolute landslide Congressional sweep for the Republicans.  Call what he is doing now a “poor loser” or anything else you want, I call it desperation …but not only on his part! 

Until yesterday, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers and other Republican interests had indicated they would cobble together $75 million to make sure Mr. Trump did not win, they have now announced they will not do this.  You can however rest assured, Mitt Romney would not have come forward with his Trump attack without their permission or wishes.

Let’s be perfectly clear, the groundswell of angry Americans is unlike anything any of us has seen in our lifetime.  In essence, Mitt Romney just spoke dozens of sound bites that Hillary Clinton will use if campaigning head to head with Trump.  Please understand this, there are NOT two parties as they are both the same and serve the very same masters.  We have “Republicans and Democrats” so it appears (to) we peasants have a choice in this great thing called democracy.  Without a doubt we have only one choice and that is to vote for “their candidate”.  If Mitt Romney’s speech today did not open your eyes to this reality, I don’t know what will!

You see, Donald Trump is an absolute threat to the status quo.  The “status quo” being a country that is being milked and a treasury being bilked as hard as possible.  Any “outsider” who comes in and interrupts this process is just plain bad for “profits”!  I have privately said for at least 4-5 months that there is zero chance Mr. Trump will become president.  It is my opinion if he gets close, he will be assassinated and the blame will go on some guy with “three names”.  I hope I am wrong on this but I highly doubt it.

Our country is on the verge of collapse in so many different areas.  If you look at gold as a barometer, it is now speaking to you.  After a two month rise it should have corrected but has not.  If you look at the COT numbers, gold should already have been slaughtered by $100 or more, it hasn’t.  I believe gold is rising for one (or all) of a half dozen or more reasons.  War, derivatives, debasement, China’s bid to value gold fairly via their own exchange, a “truth bomb” being dropped or whatever.  

As you know by my past writings, I fully expect some sort of truth bomb to be dropped that pulls the rug out from under the dollar and thus the financial system in the West. 

The “truth” can be any one or all topics.  Does the West have any gold of substance left?  False flags or real terrorism?  Is the West bankrupt financially?  Is “it” real or is it fraud?  No autopsy?  Birth certificate?  911?  I would even say since there are paper trails to almost all finance, do we have a Congress bought and paid for?  Which brokers were involved?  Audit the Fed?  The Treasury?  The bottom line is this, the whole thing is a PONZI scheme and people are beginning to sense this, what if a “truth bomb” proved this either directly …or indirectly by making it fall?

To finish, Donald Trump poses a huge risk to the “establishment” and as of yesterday the only outsider left in the field.  I will not be surprised if Mitt Romney’s outburst of panic actually gathers more support for Mr. Trump even from Democrats.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not doing a “yay rah rah Donald” here but he is the only one pointing to the problems the establishment has created.  Now, the establishment sees him to be a very credible problem for THEM! 

The Irish bookies paid out on bets yesterday to those who bet on Trump as the Republican candidate.  I would not have done this because desperate people do desperate things and the “establishment” has now shown their hand of pure desperation! 
Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
Comments welcome, [email protected]

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  1. If Trump wins I’ll put some Roger Daltrey on the turntable. The Republicans always run a candidate that they quote unquote hate.  Take Ron Paul or example. Or how about Ross Perot.  It’s just an act and Donald Trump is a Republican. If that isn’t true well when Trump gets to the oval office the CIA will give him the rundown.  Make him an offer he can’t refuse. Right now Trump is saying all of the things that everybody thought a candidate would never say ad nauseam.  There will be token gestures made after the election.  Same old same old.  WE are being dictated to by foreign and domestic special interests.

    • I think that credit belongs to you. Here’s a page with over 95 million results.

      He ran as a Republican both times.  You are delusional.  Don’t show up unarmed to a battle of wits.

    • Nah… YOU are the witless moron, fella, not PoppaT.  The republicans did NOT “run” Ron Paul… nor did they run Ross Perot.  Before you insult anyone, do some homework and look in the mirror… behold… the “unarmed” imbecile!

    • What are you cock blocking for him for?  He can stick up for himself I”m sure. Look at the flow of comments. I was insulted and not vice versa. You are obviously butt hurt about something else and it ain’t my problem.

    • You know what guys?  I seem to remember Ron Paul’s last run at the Presidency.  I also remember how through the primaries how he got ripped off by his own party.  He was their popular candidate but somehow that quite wasn’t enough for someone’s approval.  I don’t know how anyone with the ability to reason can be so enamored with the process or so beholden to a candidate knowing all we know about black box voting election fraud etc…Everyone of those candidates has been vetted and profiled in advance.  Of course the need to kick the dog is strong in this one.

  2. “If you look at the COT numbers, gold should already have been slaughtered by $100 or more, it hasn’t.” Bill ‘No Holster’ Holter

    Yep…that was my play. Thought reversal this week and viola…smoked.

    Well I got ’till April.

    Im either a week early on the reversal or things have definitely changed (for the better I might add).

    One side note. All the PM stocks sold off ugly and finished down (or close to it) after a “exhaustion run” high?

    Again, today’s COTS historic, historic Commercial Shorts On Au. If this isn’t down big next week….shocked.

  3. Yes I would say very well spoken But MR TRUMP WILL GET ELECTED

    if the economy fails that would be his ticket witch it probaly will with all the phony numbers out there in and maybe  just maybe he can turn this mess created by the cabal around. I would bet they will try to crush him . But he almost like the teflon don nothing sticks If you like hillybangor aka fa_ as_ DEMYGOD the end will come soon

    • In a fair election, Trump would win. However, the scum counts the votes and they can rig any election by manipulating the source code in the vote counting software. Corrupt elections are a hallmark of a fascist state.

    • Nope.  The “establishment”, i.e. corrupt elites, bankers, the Fed, etc… know that Hillary is a corrupt maggot and part of the “cabal”.  If necessary, they will bring out some puppet loser like Mitt or Ryan… or maybe even the phaggot sweat-hog Marco… to run 3rd party and split Trump’s votes… and hand the election to Hillary.  Best hope is that Comey is not corrupt… and will publicly call to indict.

  4. let us see what China will do to gold price when the Shanghai Gold Exchange starts to set price for gold. If I want to stop the capital outflow and strengthen the Yuan, I would price gold not just a little higher…  the party has just begun.

    • IMHO China doesn’t want to strengthen CNY but weaken it, preferably in a way that is more subtle than direct currency intervention. And Gold is the way they do that. If they allow the price of Gold to rise in CNY terms, the paper markets will have to follow in USD or else, by extension, the USD strengthens. Either way, China. On the one hand, the paper markets don’t follow suit and the USD strengthens against CNY. On the other hand, the paper markets DO follow suit and China’s Gold reserves increase in value and further increase as a percentage of total reserves whilst UST’s decrease. Check. Mate.

    • Silver does not range correctly on the weekly scale.  Seems to hug the moving average on weekly, while displaying more healthy bounces on daytime scale and higher frequencies.  Some activity is occurring on higher time scales unrelated to intraday trading


      Regarding Trump, I recall that Clinton, Bush and Obama were also “outsiders.”  Easy to placate people with fake opposition.  Different puppet, same puppetmasters

    • Momentum indicators are lagging, not reliable IMO.


      As much as I would like to grab my pom-poms and celebrate, I won’t; for there are trying times ahead for us stackers. It will not be as easy as many naive PM enthusiasts here believe.

      Au will retest the lows. 1050USD will be revisited, mates, sorry.

    • Clinton and Bush outsiders? Wow, r u lost!

      Now Obama, first term Senator, few knew much about. He ran an anti war, open book presidency, and yes, did the opposite…. But as Trump would point out, he’s a politician=liar.

      Trumps non-uber conservatism shakes the republican elite, but Reagan (they never stop praising) was an entertainer, turned governor, turned President. Hell under those terms, Jesse Ventura stands to make an equally good president.

      So Trump will likely suprise (again if he keeps to an straight presidency) we’ll see.

    • “Clinton and Bush outsiders? Wow, r u lost!”


      Not really.  In terms of the DC political cartel, these guys were outsiders… mere governors of southern states and not big-time long-term in-the-club elite politicians.  Of course, they became such thanks to their service to the real PTB.  One could say the same of Obama, since he was a VERY short-term senator before becoming president.


  5. I get it why people would like to see Trump as president and ruffle the feathers of those socialists in power.   But Trump supports his own socialized medicine, just not Obamacare, and whatever else he is tired of.  The only way out of this mess, is to stop being a nation of sheeple under Socialists rule!   There is potentially a way out of our sheepleness this election support the amending of the socialism in the Constitution (i.e. the IRS), and recognize all men as created equally and taxed equally by a flat tax!  Fair free markets, and a fair free Constitution are exceeding abundantly more efficient than any of us can imagine.  Cruz is hated more than Trump because of he is a threat to all Socialists, as he gives hope to all good hearted moral Constitutional Americans.   I get it why many like Trump, but it is time for the USA to regain its courage and submit ourselves to the morally correct portions of the  Constitution.

  6. The constitution that states no religion will be established? I am all for it. There are “socialists” hiding somewhere in ZIONIST-infested D.C.? You mistake fascism for “socialism” and you need to learn definitions discerned by the consequences of their fascist actions. Insurance and Pharmalogical corporation lobbyists wrote Obamacare…not “socialists.” And btw: we don’t like your new Canadian messiah Cruz because OUR constitution bans him from Presidential office, Mr. So worried about the constitution. His mother gave up her US citizenship BY LAW to become a Canadian citizen.

    • My research shows that Ted’s mother never became a Canadian citizen.  For one thing, Ted was born when his mother had only been in Canada for 3 years.  Canadian law specifies that someone live in Canada for 5 years before applying for citizenship.  So, at the time of his birth, his mother was a US citizen, regardless of any change in her citizenship classification that may have occurred later on.

      After 7+ years of Obama, this seems a real chicken s**t issue, IMO.

      Additionally, the children of a US citizen are also US citizens regardless of birthplace.  The US has many diplomats abroad and all of the children they have when doing their duties outside the US are still US citizens.  Not saying that Ted’s mom was a diplomat, only that US law recognizes the children of US citizens wherever they are born.

      Breitbart has looked into this issue and come up with NO verification at all as to Canadian citizenship for Ted’s mother.  Since she was a US citizen at the time of his birth, he IS a US citizen.   IMO, this is one of those political red-herring non-issues.

      All this said, I am not a Ted Cruz supporter but I do like to support the truth.  Also not a Trump supporter, although I may hold my nose and vote for Trump anyway.  This is taking the slim chance vs. NO chance with Hellery.

  7. There seems to be some kind of “belief” that if you are a “liberal” socially you “must” be that way in all facets of your life. That is a silly notion. One can be tightfisted and frugal fiscally and still believe in the American Way of letting people be. Just leave them alone to pursue their lives without government intrusion. Liberal is what George Washington hoped for with this new nation. Liberty for all. Now we are  occupied by the Money-changers. Illusions of some fantasy called “Israel” blind good people into believing the fantastic tales made up by the Hepthalites…Hoplites…The White Huns known as Yues. That is pounded into unwary skulls 24/7…their “Special Victim(hood)” as ridiculous as “Black lives matter” nonsense sweeping college campuses. And guess who empowers this nefarious anti-White gibberish? The ones writing educational material for our kids like crap called “White Privilege.” Funny…I recall them bussing black kids into my Arlington, Va. school in 1966…bussing white kids to black neighborhood schools. I recall meetings at a defense contractor where EVERYONE BUT a white male could claim “discrimination” if a white male EARNED a promotion and would get it instead…in our country. 1980s. So I would offer this for those that scoff at REAL LIBERALS: My aim is true. Or accept Limbaugh’s  Orwellian “twist” of the definition of Liberal. Trump is fake “opposition”…Maya. Illusion. MEDIA creation…and we know who controls the Media.

    • I agree that sometimes its difficult to see the truth from fakery. But when Jeb tapped out, I put down the tinfoil cup of koolaid and breathed a sigh that the polls are not rigged. If they were, Rubio wouldnt be losing, leaving only Cruz & Trump. (Both the establishment hate)
      Simply said, if establishment had their way, it would be Bush Vs Clinton, sticking the people with bought n paid 4 politicians. Will they blackmail Trump? Who knows, but Im happy with Cruz or Trump at this point. (Id rather had Rand Paul Tho)

    • You realize that Ron Paul and Donald trump are polar opposites right?  Your statement doesn’t compute.

    • Hey @Scmidt uh (Normally you and I are fairly polar opposites, but lets speak as simple people for a brief moment)

      I said RAND, but in truth, I also voted for Ron Paul last election.  Farang and I have had our differences, but he has reasonable points I will not object with.  A person can be liberal leaning without being liberal in all facets of their life.  I would consider myself Conservative-Liberal.  I used to simply state my position as “Pro-Constitutionalist, or ‘Constitutionalist’, but lately the “establishment” has been pushing the notion of such a party to be synonymous with “terrorist” so F*CK! you can’t be loyal to your country without being labeled to be against it?  This SERIOUSLY draws my attention to an establishment coup.

      So my first choice is Rand Paul, of course, because he has held his position of limited government and is pro constitution.  Sadly, not enough people support him, so Ted Cruz is next in line, but he IS a first term Senator?  He has done ALOT in the direction he says he would, so if I had to gamble, I would toss my lot in with him next… but I don’t think he can win trump, and I don’t think he can win Clinton; but I would take my chances with him.  Next, and lastly, there is Trump.  He is simple, down to earth, not the brightest spokesman, all in all, he likely has an IQ of 110-115; very average.  But he is outside the establishment, money or not.  They don’t like him, so I do.

      Now as for all this Nazi garbage going around…. look.  Hitler came to power because the commonwealth were getting screwed and the elite thought they could own it all.  THEY CREATED the soup for Hitler’s rise.  Every action has a reaction, therefor if UBER RICH don’t want the destruction of the system they’re benefiting from, they need to cap their looting!  If DT becomes POTUS and takes over the power that the establishment set up for themselves (with NDAA, Patriot act etc) then as far as I can tell, the populous was being set up to be conquered by the Globalist Elite, and instead, the power could be grabbed by a radical outsider.  Well WE THE PEOPLE are screwed either way!  Either death & war fighting elites for freedom, or death and war led by the elites to stifle the coup (who gained all their power through policies set up for the elites power grab)

      These things are set in motion my friend, and there’s no stopping it.  Set in motion by another greedy group, and they are losing control of the monster they created to empower themselves…. This seems to happen alot!  Happened with ISIS. (as a recent example) Even Abraham Lincoln thought he could stomp out the resistance in a single attack, but there was a traitor amongst them who warned the south of the impending attack… and the Civil War almost went the other way.

      My man, I hope you have a plan for your family.  You only live one life… live it for you!  I wish you and yours the very best!

    • Firstly I  apologize for my inability to read 🙂 but you and I are not polar opposites(not by a long shot).  Sorry if you take that as an insult.  I agree with most of your post(I too am somewhere between liberal and conservative depending on the issue in question)  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  I FULLY understand why trump has the support he does.  I have a plan to the extent that it is possible to plan for what we face.  Thanks for the well wishes.  I wish you and yours well too.

    • The liberal / conservative one-dimensional view of politics is naive and reveals a simple mind. IMO it is actually played up by TPTB as a means to turn Americans against each other, “divide and conquer”. Just manage to associate some of society’s ills with each stereotype, and boom, the masses will take care of the rest and self destruct by themselves.

      Funny how in some peoples’ eyes I am a conservative and in others I am a liberal, I share values of both that are good values, and reject some of the stupidity in each.

      Ultimately life is too complicated to worry about the stupid liberal / conservative labelling. And then the “socialist” label, oh does that every get tiring…

      But I dislike the quintessential liberals almost as much as I dislike the “conservatives”, and I can find examples of each. Both equally moronic.

    • LOL with @Mark_BC


      I agree with you for the most part, being issue oriented and object to being labeled as this or that.  Perhaps what is needed is an anti-stupid party?  ASP?  lol  This would take the best parts of all 3 political approaches while rejecting all of their dumb ideas.  It would be fiscally conservative but also people-oriented.  I like the idea of limited government, sound money, a national budget that must be kept, a strong military that is used for national defense but not for foreign adventure, and low debt.  As you can see, I don’t quite fit into any established group.  I’m somewhat libertarian but include other issues and aspects of life that they do not.  Financially, I also do not fit into the usual boxes that people set up… not a member of the 1% or the 90%.  But what the hell… I’m happy with who I am, regardless of what others might want me to be.  Cheers!  🙂


  8. I agree with Bill that the establishment is on the run but I do not think its because of Donald Trump.  They are running because the world economy is collapsing and so is their influence.  Let’s not forget that the Clinton’s and Trump are friends and Donald asked Hillary before he started his campaign.  Let’s also not forget that Donald is into Goldman Sachs for large bucks for his real estate and they could pull the rug out from under him at any time!  Let’s also not forget that there is a big time investigation of Hillary going on which is highly likely to get her out of the race. Let’s also look at the real Donald for a second.  He is the exact opposite in his positioning of someone who understands what is really going on in the world. He wants to strengthen the military, he wants to make America ‘great’ again , he wants American isolation in a world where this is no longer possible, he wants to stop the Mexicans from crossing our borders…and for the most part he does not know what he wants because he is incapable of learning what is really going on!! In other words he is an illusion not a really adversary to the powers that be.  If he were to be put in office who would he use as advisors? Why he would use the same wall street types that let us into this mess in the first place the only difference is he would use the much stronger Nazi like strategies than those Wall Street types. In other words, what I am suggesting is that this Trump thing is much more Kabuki theater than reality.  Yes Bill I agree the US is desperate and yes they are creating more illusory tension and interest value in the campaign with their opposition to Trump but in reality he is not a real threat to them as say Ron Paul would have been .  But in this sinking ship called America no one like that could get elected. Who would want to steer the Titanic as it sinks anyway? Only a nasty, self absorbed individual who wants to use Nazi based authoritarian strategies for self aggrandizement, someone like the Donald.

  9. The only thing that Trump has stated that he will do is “Build a Wall between the US of A and Mexico…”.  This causes the elites on both parties to want him gone!!


    1) The democrats want the illegal immigration for votes and for their cut of the drug trade.

    2) The republicans want the cheap labor for agriculture: Michigan – Apples; California – Tomatoes; Wisconsin – Dairy, etc.

    3) Both parties want more people, since the birth rate of US of A citizens is less than replacement -> 1.87.  With “immigration”, the birth rate is -> 2.3, slight growth.

    This countries GDP is based on growth: more cars, more houses, more people.

    I like panic….


  10. Both parties are toast as the world collapses but their major strength is their ability to bully and intimidate the rest of the world and to cheat everyone by making agreements they then violate.Can you see Trump reversing this? No he would be worse. Based upon his career how would you think he will go about accomplishing Americas greatness? It’s by  appealing to the wealthy to give him money to strengthen the military to take advantage of weaker nations. Sound familiar?  The only difference is he is nastier and going to intimidate his way harder than his predecessors. Maybe like Hitler!

  11. Screw the nwo clowns and fox news jesters megan and co.are paid for by murdoch,

    Swim upstream not down stream.

    The elite is feeling the heat, they will be heading out of dodge very soon.

    The only hope and change this election is Donald Trump. End of story.

    The parties against Trump:

    Republican elites and Democrat elites.

    American TV Media, Newspapers etc.

    China, Mexico, England are against Trump.

    NWO fears Donald Trump, he is not part of there exclusive club. He is a threat to the power and control.

    Keep stacking and packing in Texas.

    • “NWO fears Donald Trump, he is not part of there exclusive club. He is a threat to the power and control.”


      Perhaps… either that OR controlled opposition.  IMO, if Trump is seen as a real threat to TPTB, he WILL be killed.  That is how they always handle those whom they cannot control.

      As to the Repooplican establishment, they would rather see Hellery in the White House than Trump, if he really is a threat to them.  Hellery is not.  She knows how to milk the system with the best of them and will at every possible opportunity, so is no threat to TPTB.  She will simply be purchased, as usual.  After all, what is currency to those who own the printing presses?


  12. Bill Holter: I would like you and the fellow readers here to consider this possibility: Donald Trump is being chosen as the next president of the United States because he has extensive corporate bankruptcy experience. It is becoming increasingly evident that China now dictates policy at the Federal Reserve. Likewise, China is also actively involved in choosing who the next leader of this country will be. I have it on very good authority from private paid analysis that this is exactly what is being done. China is promoting and protecting Donald Trump and will do so all the way to the Oval Office. This is being done because the bankruptcy, or more accurately, the Leveraged Buy Out, of the United States of America has already been decided. It will take a man like Donald Trump to lead this country through the bankruptcy or LBO process.

    That also explains why Donald Trump has already promised to Audit the Fed. You have to Audit the Fed if you’re dragging the nation through an LBO process. There’s a whole lot of departments that are going to be audited, including Fort Knox and the US Treasury and even the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

  13. @ED_B

    I am an American living in Thailand with a Thai wife and 11 year old daughter.

    While I believe that you are correct about diplomats’ children, you are wrong about all others.

    My daughter has a “path to citizenship” available to her, but it includes such things as residency requirements.

    It is NOT automatic.

    Further, I will encourage her not to seek American citizenship and be cursed with the reporting requirements of FATCA for life.

    And there will undoubtedly be more economic opportunity for her in SEA than in the States.




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