I believe the financial system is collapsing:


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Submitted by Dave Kranzler:

What we don’t know about the gold/silver price admissions is what it has stirred up behind the scenes… meaning how it might be, or will, affect the manipulation of the precious metals in the United States, where the real big issue resides. There is no telling what could be percolating at Gold Cartel headquarters … or what just might be TOLD to them.  –  Bill “Midas” Murphy from tonight’s Midas report (LeMetropolecafe.com)

There’s a lot of factors going on right now that could be pushing gold/silver higher over
Untitled1and above the inexorable headwind of Central/bullion bank market price manipulation.(click on graph to enlarge).

Today’s move up could be attributable commencement of the yuan/gold price fix rolled out by the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  But this was a known event well ahead of time and the market theoretically should have priced this in.  Same deal with the Deutsche Bank lawsuit settlement.  But that event hit the tape last Wednesday and gold/silver yawned.

Something a lot more profound seems to have developed behind the thick fog of Orwellian smoke billowing from the western Central Banks and Governments.  I believe the financial system is collapsing.   This explains the Fed’s frenetic attempt to keep the stock market propped up.  This effort has become about the only part of the Fed’s activities that istransparent.

Phillip Kennedy – Kennedy Financial – hosted me on his Youtube program to discuss some of the factors that are contributing to the surprisingly strong move higher in the precious metals sector.  Phil blends sharp insight with humor to produce an informative and entertaining show:

I recommended a silver stock in early January that has gone up over 600% since its January 10th close.  Shortly after that recommendation to subscribers of the Short Seller’s Journal, the Mining Stock Journal was introduced.  I’ve featured three other junior stocks which easily have the same upside potential as the silver stock.  “I got the email with the past reports. Thank you very much. This is an incredible value” – new subscriber comment.

Right now I’m offering all of the back-issues to subscribers (debut issue was March 4th). I’m already working on the next issue and the stock I’ll be featuring is not well known (for now anyway) and is irrationally undervalued. You can access these reports here: Mining Stock Journal.

  1. Yeh….But….


    With the TONAGE of demand from “internal” China…

    That posting or fix will control a “lot of ounces”, eh?…

    In REAL METAL… forget the paper crap…only real metal counts now!

    Notice that “SPOT” is tracing right along…rising in lock-step.

    With the RNB “pegged” to the USD…pricing in “grams” doesn’t take much science to become a basis for arbitrage any ‘ol time the spread works in favor.

    At least, that’s how I see it… I’m seeing near +$5 for Au and +0.25 for Ag today.. Are they going to wait until the dark of the night here in the USA before they try their smash?. With all the focus upon DB after last weeks disclosure, maybe they have “second thoughts” about continuing now, eh?…

    We live in interesting times…. Check-6 and keep pack’n. (or, stack’n…eh?).


  2. Purchase some ase’s and 64 Kennedy’s at lunch time. The coin shop was busy. Earlier today at another coin shop, they were SOLD OUT of ASE’s and 90% silver, purchased by a NEW CUSTOMER. I purhased some Canadian Maple leaf silver dollars.

    The stackers are stacking more pms and NEW STACKERS.

    That is good news for us old stackers.

    Keep stacking till it hurts and then stack some more.


    • @CentralTexan


      Purchase some ase’s and 64 Kennedy’s at lunch time. The coin shop was busy.”

      Sounds good.  What’s the premium on US 90% in your area?

      I see that Apmex has a lot of US 90% silver coins but some of their premiums are outrageous, IMO.  $6-7 an oz.?  Really?  They also have some in the $2.50-$3.00 area, which is better but still more than one pays for 1-oz. ASEs or Maples.

      I agree that having both 1-oz. coins and US dimes, quarters, and halves is good though.  I have a good stash of US 90% silver coins but all were bought years ago when the premiums were much lower.  Quite a few came from a local pawn shop that sold them to me for spot, so no premium there.  Others came from bullion dealers but at $2 per oz. premium or less.  Local sources can provide the best deals in a lot of cases… if they aren’t sold out, that is.


  3. I am extremely happy that silver jumped yesterday (should have doubled as far as I am concerned) but I am not that impressed being it got knocked back under $17 after only a single day.

    In other news have any of you seen the new face  of the next $20 bill?

    [What] has happened to our country ???



  4. You silver sheeple are being set up. Secondly the Dow was not being propped up by the FED. As the world economy slows and banks in Europe and South America are in trouble , large capital flows have been flooding into the dollar and the US markets. There  is simply no other place to park these funds. The reason is that the dollar and the Dow are very liquid markets to move funds in and out of as opposed to the physical gold and silver markets. This is the same BS that was used to get people to buy the PMs when they went to around $1900 oz and close to $50 oz for silver. How did that work out?  Unfortunately the internet has become just like the MSM, total BS!. The amount of people who bought silver when it went over $20 oz is staggering and all are under water and some who bought into this nonsense have lost their life’s savings. The propaganda that banks will close, businesses will not have credit and will close, the supply chain will collapse and PMs will be unavailable at any price is total nonsense. Who would you sell your metal to if all businesses are closed? If a can of coffee cost $5.00 US dollars today and it collapsed and now coffee cost $10.00, do you really think that the grocery store is going to accept your $5 monetary silver coin that you paid a premium for? Of course not. You are going to dish out two $5 silver coins because that is the face value and you lost on the transaction because you paid a premium when you bought the coin in the first place. Folks wake up!

    • @jj

      Your statement “The amount of people who bought silver when it went over $20 is staggering and all are under water…” epitomizes the mind set of the majority of the population that think the dollar/euro/yen/<all fiat currency> are money when they aren’t. FIAT currency has all of the properties of real money except that it is not a store of value, which is the most important property, especially when faith in paper starts fading.

      Having been born into a financial system where dollar==money, it took some pondering for me to realize that in the final analysis, true money should be measured in ounces, not in terms of units of paper currency.

      There will be a day, sooner rather than later, when $50 / oz silver will seem like a tremendous bargain but I’m guessing that given the scarcity of silver at today’s “dollar price”, there probably won’t be any silver to be had once the “dollar price” reaches 50. You might get lucky and buy a few rounds at 50 but the next time you buy it will be more like $75 or $100.  Local coin dealers are selling out a week or two in advance now and premiums are starting to rise significantly.

      I’m sure I’m probably not going to change your opinion with this response but I’ll say it anyway.  There still exists a small window of opportunity for folks to trade paper for real money, and those that take advantage of this window are highly unlikely to regret converting at least some of their net worth into physical silver/gold.

      With regard to the common argument that stores won’t accept your silver or gold as payment, I agree. But if you have accumulated any physical you’ll be able to readily trade it for enough FIAT to pay your bills and take care of daily expenses on an as needed basis.  Silver and Gold will retain their value regardless of what happens to FIAT currency so you sell a little physical at the going price, conduct your transactions, and move on knowing that at least some of your financial assets aren’t losing value on a daily basis.



  5. @INat38  Eeeeeeek!   Yikes.  WTF   Harriet Tubman or Mom’s Mabley?

    I heard Jackson’s gettin’ the boot.   IMO the last 3 Dem POTUS rolled out new currency in the administrations

    Carter    Susan B Anthony   A battle axe on the $1 coin

    Clinton  Sacajawea    Where did that idea come from    Indian maiden on $1 coin (again)

    Both total failures

    Obama   Harriet Tubman??   Wow.   I guess with the $20 that is reflective of PC bullshiite inflation

    At least get someone that people might understand

    H Rap Brown,   Malcolm X,  Jesse Jackson,  Al Sharpton.

    • It’s a money ritual, just so happened they released this info on a full moon. Perfect time for a money ritual.

      I think she is a way better than the hypocrite’s you all call founding fathers.

      Looks better than this too..

  6. @Eb_B

    14 x face for 90% silver for halves, quarters and dimes, spot plus $3.00 for ASE’s.

    Texans love the pms and Bar-B-Que.

    Maple leafs are spot + 3.50.

    Cash transactions only, no paper trail. My preference. Done it for 28 years since 1988.

    Time for a Shiner beer and some brisket.

    Adios amigos



    • @CentralTexan

      14x face = $7 for a silver half dollar.

      Silver half dollar contains 0.3617 oz. of silver.

      Cost per oz. = 19.35

      If spot was $17 at that time, this would be spot + $2.35, so not at all bad.


      I bought a number of silver Maples about 3 weeks ago for spot + $1.79, which was quite a good deal.

      Local premiums are similar to yours, with ASEs at spot + $4 and Maples at spot + $3.50.  Finding coins in stock has been a problem here of late.

      Given the number of boating accidents lately, I am not worried about paper trails.


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