This Is WAY Bigger Than the Comey Scandal:


Is it a coincidence that Henry Kissinger was an instrumental influence in the Vietnam quagmire, and now rears his ugly head in the White House as the Syria situation gets worse by the day?

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    • Oh Wow, I can’t wait to hear what that Nixonian liar has to say so I know what not to believe

      And oh btw, there is no scandal with Comey.  He’s a federal employee who serves at the pleasure of the head of the Executive branch.  AT WILL employment.  There’s no evidence of a crime it is only being kept alive by the DemoPubs by Chuckie ‘never had a real job’ Shumer

    • “There’s no evidence of a crime it is only being kept alive by the DemoPubs by Chuckie ‘never had a real job’ Shumer”

      Agreed.  The Dems are in full revolt.  I have long known that they were revolting but only now do the true depths of their political depravity come into true focus.  The country can go to hell for all they care, as long as they get to be in charge for a while.  What I can’t figure out is why  the Repubs are acting like such complete wusses.  THEY are in charge.  THEY make the rules.  THEY can write legislation that the President WILL sign into law.  The Dems don’t matter unless the Repubs ALLOW them to matter… which for reasons only they know, is exactly what they are doing.  Sometimes I just want to reach through my TV screen and choke them to death… slowly.

      If the Dems are not REAL careful, they will be setting themselves up for sedition charges.  If truth be known, it is likely that they are guilty of FAR worse crimes against the USA and We the People.  All of the REAL ties between US politicians and the Russians are with the Dems.  It was not Trump who told the Russian Foreign Minister over what he thought was a closed mic that “I will have more latitude AFTER the election in 2012”.  It was not Trump who allowed Russia to buy 20% of US uranium assets via a Canadian cutout and it was not Trump whose “foundation” received a $149M “donation” for it.  Is that the price of selling out one’s country?  $149M?  It seems to be.  Yet, in spite of all this obvious skulduggery, everyone in DC is focused on Trump where there is not a single shred of evidence against him and LOADS of it highly visible against the Dems.  So, how about having a REAL investigation of the Russians, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and the young DNC staffer who was probably murdered for leaking DNC emails and other docs to Wiki-leaks?  Huh?  How the hell about that??????  Yeah, let’s get REAL here instead of so transparently partisan political.  GRRRR!



    • @Ed_B    The Repubs are not wusses.  Methinks they’re all being blackmailed, especially that Sheepdip
      of the House Paul Ryan.  It’s the only plausible explanation that makes any sense.


    • “The Repubs are not wusses.”

      Really?  They’re doing one hell of a good imitation.  It’s like they’ve been on the outside looking in for so long that they don’t know what to do once they get in.


        ‘Methinks they’re all being blackmailed, especially that Sheepdip of the House Paul Ryan.”

      Ryan and others of his ilk are career political insider establishment geeks.  Yes, they ARE part of the swamp critter brigade, regardless of their party affiliation.

      As to “blackmail”… hmmm… maybe.  IMO, it’s more likely that they are puppets of the elites and are doing as they are told.  Much of that seems to be making Trump look as bad as possible.


      “It’s the only plausible explanation that makes any sense.”

      We don’t have much in the way of real inside info.  If we did, a LOT of things would start making more sense.

      Apparently, some in DC are having trouble with the concept that special rules for the connected than for everyone else is the kind of rot that can destroy nations.  Hellery needs to be thoroughly investigated by a grand jury.  Once a good bit of truth is found, the trial for high crimes can commence.  She, Billy, Georgie, et al need to spend the rest of their lives in prison… and not one of those country club prisons either.  The Clinton Foundation needs to be thoroughly dissected in federal court under the RICO law and ALL of the ill-gotten “pay to play” money returned to the US Treasury.


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