HitlerHow the h*ll was she not indicted? 


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  1. The Clinton precedent: If it wasn’t your intent.

    For example;

    A) if it wasn’t your intent to be speeding… it was the metal playing on the radio.

    B) if it wasn’t you intent to sell drugs… just that your addicted.

    C) if it wasn’t you intent to rob the bank… just that your broke.

    etc etc


    • What will happen to Hillary?”


      What, indeed?  How about JUSTICE?  Whether served up by man or by fate, karma really is a bitch… and one deserves another, IMO.


  2. That image reminds me of someone else…  “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes“.  

    LEONA HELMSLEY, attributed, New York Times, Jul. 12, 1989


    This was shortly before she was jailed for income tax evasion.  Maybe her real problem was that she thought that she was Hellery?

  3. Welcome to the NEW AMERICA! Every politician is a paid celebrity that is above the law. Forget NOT being prosecuted, she will become President because half “want to be a part of history” and elect the first female president and the other half want to continue NOT working and continue getting that free check in the mail. Our own Congress makes themselves exempt from prosecution for insider trading while living like kings with every possible perk and benefit (the very best that money can buy) all being paid for by taxpayer.

    Welcome to the NEW AMERICA! Don’t like being forced to accept the gay lifestyle? Well don’t watch TV any longer!

    Welcome to the NEW AMERICA! Don’t seeing black men with white women? Well don’t watch TV any longer!

    Don’t want be responsible for your own actions? No worry this is the NEW AMERICA where it was your upbringing and its not your fault, you just need therapy!

    Need a drug for anything? Well lucky for you that you live in the NEW AMERICA where you can get a prescription drug for just about anything as long as you don’t mind deadly side effects AND HEY, you can usually get your first prescription free! (Just like the street corner drug pushers used to do!)

    Need extra money? Hey we live in the NEW AMERICA! Just SUE somebody!

    Yeah yeah I know. I am a racist. I am a homophobe. I am a bigot. BUT I grew up in a one parent home while being physically and sexually abused from the age of seven or eight by the one alcoholic parent that was left.  I ran away right after finishing the tenth grade at sixteen years old and have been on my own every since. I did and probably still do have a few anger issues but hey, shit happens. I have worked and paid taxes since I was sixteen. Never took a hand-out or even wanted one. If I lost a job I didn’t run to the employment office, I just got a new job. I grew up in a time where you didn’t have to “Press 1 for English.” A time where men were men, women were women and you knew the difference and states didn’t sue each other over which bathroom to use. My hero’s were soldiers, firemen and policemen, not Caitlin’s or Kardashian’s. I don’t like this NEW America one bit. Thank God I am old and have limited years. God help the new generations because they sure as hell can’t help themselves. When the S does HTF there will not be enough therapists to help the masses that will go off the deep end.

    Yes sir, welcome to the NEW AMERICA.

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