*11/10 Update: Twitter has just SUSPENDED Scott Foval’s account
Unfortunately for Twitter and the Dems, we created screenshots of Foval’s juciest tweets:

11/10 Update: Scott Foval has touched a nerve.  Twitter has just SUSPENDED the account of the former Hillary Clinton operative who turned and ratted out the crimes and corruption:



In an epic twist of fate, Scott Foval of Project Veritas infamy has flipped on the Clinton Campaign:



Foval also just confirmed our suspicions, that it was the Hillary Clinton Campaign that torched a black church last week and graffitied Trump on the side:



For context, here is the original Project Veritas undercover video which got Scott Foval fired:


We’re still working through all of Foval’s tweets, but let’s suffice to say, the dude is on a mission to take down his former employer: 





  1. HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , 

    If all of your FBI, DOJ, type agencies don’t have these guys locked up and singing pretty soon, we’ll know how deep this goes.


    Congratulations to all the brave men and women who are at the front lines to get this stuff out.

    This is HUGE on its own.

    As I’ve said before, This is between GOOD & EVIL  __JOHNLGALT. 



  2. This guy didnt have a choice after project veritas!!! Great investigation into these guys and funny as phuck watching them brag their arses off, the way these pricks act astound me,servers getting hacked of info is basic kindergarden stuff overlooked by so called high n mighty that want the world, so stupid,dumb,arrogant,amateurs to think that nobody would get in,fleeing and packing shit as net closes in, run forest run.

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  3. C’mon Doc: that is obviously Putin in an ugly mask disguise. Them there Russkies are out to sabotage our beloved Hillary.
    BTW: has anyone else read the disturbing article about the startling resemblance between the Podesta brothers and the police artist’s drawings of the two suspects in the McCann kidnapping? Oh…and they just happened to be in Australia when she went missing…If that is a genuine article and images…it is either them or they have two doppelgangers that were also in Australia at same time. Sick.

  4. Try “Podesta brothers linked to McCann case?” search at duckduckgo. Truthfeed is one of the links, and another is a youtube video also out on this possible link.
    This is getting more bizarre by the minute.
    One correction:the kidnapping was in Portugal, not Australia. One article shows Podesta in Portugal in that timeframe. I suppose it is something so outrageous a charge, it needs to be verified before further conversation.
    But who sends an email talking about “I’d like tospend an hour with a pizza” like Podesta did? That is a verified email, and the FBI weasel Sgt Comeyschulz says “I see nothing!””

  5. “Hillary Paid Me to Commit Voter Fraud & Create Violence”  


    DUH, I think that’s how you savvy peeps would describe it.


    This alleged IMBECILE is now trying to deflect from the consequences of his actions.


    AYN RAND of ATLAS SHRUGGED fame, had a word or two about your type.


    After World War Two we had the I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS excuse.

    Are you saying she paid me so it’s her fault?     _JOHNLGALT. 








  6. “Foval also just confirmed our suspicions, that it was the Hillary Clinton Campaign that torched a black church last week and graffitied Trump on the side:” 


    But then again you probably already read this above.


    For followers of my posts, Thank you. _JOHNLGALT. 


    p.s. don’t forget to sing along to the Auctioneer by Leroy Van Dyke. as it pertains to a couple you might recognise. He, he.


    Click on my user name to find it. 


  7. “AS ABOVE”


    “Burning black churches & blaming opponents to gain votes is not birddogging. 

    That is terrorism. I can no longer support Hillary Clinton.” 


    All of a sudden this piece of $#!t has found religion?


    Looks like the Counter Coup are weeding them out. (allegedly). Lol. _JOHNLGALT. 


    GO THE GOOD GUYS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


    • Let’s see you hold the Precious Metals prices, denoted in ‘Make Believe Money’ down after tomorrow MotherPluckers.  


      If you can do that, I might have to just say you are “NOT NEUTERED”***  


      NEUTERED”***   Shaun Kelley _where are you? 





    • @GBS  

      Thank you very much for a great find. 


      Many here may not like a Pom talking to them about their own Country. @AGXIIK  (sorry) 


      All I can say is have a listen for 8 minutes and see if you can see what we outsiders see.


      Just  8 minutes, NOT THE 35 MINUTES CLICK-BAIT ARTICLES that we are asked to listen to with people waffling on round and round in circles saying nothing. _JOHNLGALT. 


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  8. The drug industry has since become one of the most powerful political and governmental influencers, with people wandering back and forth through perpetually rotating revolving doors between drug companies and the federal agencies tasked with their regulation, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    As just one example, this kind of collusion is precisely what allowed the current opioid addiction epidemic to be created, and it’s why no one seems willing to address its roots, which are over-prescription and misuse of these potent drugs based on fraudulent marketing and what has become typical, so-called science-biased medicine.

    It’s also why the “solution” being focused on is simply to make overdose-reversal drugs more widely available, as this feeds into the drug companies’ pockets rather than emptying them out. They profit from the problem they’ve created, and the federal approvals shield them from much of the liability they deserve.

  9. If you don’t like the state of the nation (or the world), stop eating processed and ultra-processed junk foods. Some may initially think this decision would have nothing to do with anything that is wrong in the world, but if you really give it some thought, you’ll realize that the more independence you gain with your food, the more independence you will create in other areas as well.

    Because food is such a potent form of control, breaking that control mechanism will have a ripple effect that extends outward into many other industries and fields of activity, including the political arena. So, instead of getting “down” about this year’s election, use it as a motivation to step into your personal power, and join the revolution to create food independence.

  10. Burning Black churches 


    Yeah, that sounds about right. 


    And let me see if I get this right. 


    That was to get the BLACK vote, Right? 


    Some plan there IDJITS.  _JOHNLGALT. 


    But wait, it was them Pesky Russians. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, 


    The Russians HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,  HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,    PULL THE OTHER  ONE.  _JOHNLGALT.   



  11. Remember the Spirit of Brexit.

    We in the United Kingdom voted to have a future and identity where the system is not run so the fruits of the labour of the 98% will not be used to satisfy the insatiable GREED of the 2% who are destroying the nations of the Western World.They have offshored YOUR jobs and industries not in the National Interest but in THEIR own interests via BUYING the Established Political Systems and Parties,since the Big Bang the Central and Private Banks have taken just over 35 years to bring the Western World to its Knees.If you want Accountability,Security,A Quality of Life and a Viable Prosperous Future for you and your children,in short ……………………………………….



    And Stack Future Prosperity and Security One Gold and Silver Coin at a Time,

    The Future is Bright,The Future is Physical.


  12. @JOHNLGALT   This bloke and Nigel Farage are both top in my book.  I’ve to both for some time and they make 100% in their voices against the tide of kulture smog and globalism   8 minutes of his voice beats 30 minutes of click bait waffle makers shilling their version of maple syrup flavored hog wash.  Like Berwick, Polny and their ilk   We’re a fw hours into an epochal voting for either another 4 years of vileness and evil or maybe someone who wants average Joe and Jane to be part of something bigger and turn this country around.

    Other wise we’ll become the laughing stock of the world and nothing more than a failed experiment in a long litany of attempts to get the boot of feudalism off our necks.

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