John Rubino Reveals Why France Could be About to END THE EU

Could a far-right candidate or a communist be France’s next president?

Such an event could spell the end for the European Union, the world’s top economic union.

What we’ve learned from Brexit and Trump’s election is “the improbable became possible, and then it happened.”

The mainstream pollsters and media and political elite have been taken completely off guard in recent elections.
Will France’s presidential election be even more earthshaking?

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  1. When will Silver and Gold go ballistic?  I have no date line.  But I believe both will.  Until then I use fiat to Buy and vault regardless of the Ups and Downs.   We are staying on point in this regard.

    Lots of Black birds circling above no matter where a person calls home.

  2. I agree, @Falco, and all we can do as “individuals” is to keep our eye on the ball moving forward….remembering: “2 in the gut, 1 in the head, and keep moving forward like the Sarg said to do…”.

    The only “real question” is: Will it be Italy or France that pulls the next trigger on deep-sixing the EU in it’s present rendition?…. The UK has pulled it’s trigger and 23 months remain on that countdown…. Will they still have an “organization” to deal with (the EU et al) upon that future date?… doubt it.

    There are many voices this week….and, next week will add even more, re: the USA “budget – spending bill” vs the “debt ceiling issue” itself!.

    Remain upright and safe…Check-6

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