Do government officials know that a life-threatening solar event is becoming increasingly more probable?
Or is the Obama administration simply taking proactive steps to prepare?


From Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Once considered a fringe conspiracy theory, it appears that the Obama administration is now actively preparing for a massive solar event that could wipe out life as we have come to know it. Space weather events such as solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances have long been believed to pose a significant threat to our technologically advanced society with the ability to not only affect global positioning satellites, but on-earth electronics that include the entire domestic (and global) power grid.

In the latest Executive Order signed by Barack Obama, the President calls for coordination between various government agencies including the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland security should a major “space weather event” come to pass.

Via WhiteHouse.Gov

Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to prepare the Nation for space weather events, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

Though often dismissed as nothing more than fear mongering, the threat of space weather events is not only possible, it is quite probable, as evidenced  by a massive solar flare which narrowly missed earth in 2012.

“The speed of this event was as fast or faster than anything that has been seen in the modern space age,” said Baker.

Had it hit Earth, the July 2012 event likely would have created a technological disaster by short-circuiting satellites, power grids, ground communication equipment and even threatening the health of astronauts and aircraft crews.

We have proposed that the 2012 event be adopted as the best estimate of the worst case space weather scenario…

Is it possible that the Obama administration has scientific evidence supporting the fact that a space weather event is imminent? One Congresswoman thinks so, having claimed that there isa 100% chance of a crippling event.

The Executive Order signed by Obama on October 13, 2016 certainly suggests this may be the case:

It is the policy of the United States to prepare for space weather events to minimize the extent of economic loss and human hardship. The Federal Government must have (1) the capability to predict and detect a space weather event, (2) the plans and programs necessary to alert the public and private sectors to enable mitigating actions for an impending space weather event, (3) the protection and mitigation plans, protocols, and standards required to reduce risks to critical infrastructure prior to and during a credible threat, and (4) the ability to respond to and recover from the effects of space weather. Executive departments and agencies (agencies) must coordinate their efforts to prepare for the effects of space weather events.

Coupled with a previous Executive Doomsday Order signed by the President in March of 2012, the federal government now has the ability to take full control of all critical national infrastructure elements including food resources, energy resources, farms, health facilities, water resources and even the nation’s workforce.

While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government. 

Full report: Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

Recent projections from a secret Homeland Security report suggest that as many as 100 million Americans could be left without power should a powerful enough solar storm strike earth. Another report paints an even more terrifying picture, indicating that without access to power via our grid, America would literally come to a standstill. Critical supplies including medicine, gas, and food would be undeliverable and within one year as many as 90% of Americans would be dead if the grid were not restored.

The problem, according to The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington is that over 90% of Americans are not only lacking any preparation for such a catastrophic scenario, but even if advance warning was sent to the population 12 hours ahead of time, it would simply be too late:

Unfortunately, that “12 hours” number doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s probably true that during a worst case scenario, it would take 12 hours for a solar storm to reach Earth. The only question is, can our scientific instruments detect a solar storm in that time frame?

Currently, our planet’s early warning system consists of a satellite called DSCOVR, which launched in February of this year, and reached its destination between the Earth and the Sun last June. The satellite it replaced could give us a 15 minute warning, but the DSCOVR satellite isn’t much of an improvement. It only gives us a 30-45 minute warning.

Pennington warns that a breakdown could happen very quickly and catch most people by surprise:

This is the point in this cycle where herds of people go to the grocery stores frantically grabbing supplies. Most grocery stores will not be able to meet the demand of the people’s need for supplies, and many could go home empty handed.

Bracing for the disaster, the prepared and unprepared will be hoping for the best outcome. What many do not realize is the hardest part of this event is soon to be upon them. Within days, the descent into the breakdown will begin.

Source: The Anatomy of a Breakdown

And it is this very descent into breakdown that will require an unprecedented government response and Obama’s Doomsday Executive Order has given them the pretext to do so.

Do government officials know that a life-threatening solar event is becoming increasingly more probable?

Or is the Obama administration simply taking proactive steps to prepare?

Whatever the case, it is important to note that Americans are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a scenario.

Millions will die. This is a fact.

Perhaps the actions being implemented on the federal level should be a wake up call to all Americans to prepare for disaster now. 

    • Dead on. The sun is now cooling and there is virtually no threatening solar flare activity. It is now more likely we will not see a serious solar flare for a long time. Come on everyone, this comment is exactly right and our moronic corrupt government loves to find new ways to create photo ops with your hard earned money. The only solar flare that might occur is if someone lights a bic near Obama’s solar ahole.

    • Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has a different take on this and it has nothing to do with “natural” space weather. Both the Russians and Chinese has deployed space based weapons and both have ICBMs that are not only faster than anything in the west but can knock out satellites and they can also travel in space and reenter anywhere on the planet. Both countries now have their own GPS systems and the Russians have completely shut down the ones that the west has developed that were ground based. This all started right after the meteor entered Russian and exploded causing damage. NASA tracks all space debris including comets and meteors and every nut and bolt that is circling the planet so they intentionally did not inform the Russians of the impending event.

      With this type of capability both countries can simply knock out the satellite based GPS systems and the west loses its capability to strike targets using ballistic missiles. Let’s face it, an EMP strike over New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco would simply cause a financial meltdown all over the entire US.

      Of course with the Federal government having the ability to take over all food and other resources, they could be thinking of doing this themselves and then handing over those resources to a select group of private corporations. It would be like a TTIP trade deal without no one voting!

    • Between him and Michael Snyders Doom Porn, you would want to eat a bullet than carry on.

      I dont bother reading any of this shit anymore. Hardly read anything here these days.

    • Obviously, your dog did not do too well in his science class.:)  Loss of the national power grid would be a real problem whether it’s from a solar flare or a terror attack.  Personally, I’m glad the gov’t is thinking proactively.

  1. On the average, how many articles are posted each day on SD? 10 to 20??  and how many are read??

    Maybe each day we have a designated READER each day & they give a short report, that would save the lot of us  & we only have to have one Kamaksi each day…. uhh  who is going first???


  2. Often times, I’ve noted that the headline tells me everything I was to know about the article, so I read the comments. If some of the comments are interesting, I may go then to read the article, or not. With metered Internet, I seldom watch the videos. Even then, rarely beyond 5 minutes. Comments here have declined to the point that most of them are of no value, serving mostly to identify the poster as being crude, coarse and vulgar. I suppose everyone is getting antsy, waiting for the apocalypse. A few here won’t even recognize it when it’s headlines in the mainstream media.

    • Also known as a “black swan”.


      Unfortunately, a lot of people miss the part about the more radical an event is, the less likely it is to occur. That’s too bad because it is inherent in proper survival planning that we allocate more of our resources to the things that are most likely to occur and fewer resources to those that are less or least likely to occur.  Perhaps the trick here is to recognize that which is most and least likely?


  3. When I saw the headline for this article, my first thought was, “what kind of false flag event are they cooking up now”?

    I’m much more concerned with the evils that the NWO/Globalists & the criminal enterprise in Washington, DC are steadily cooking up, than I am of “threats from outer space”.

    • Agreed @redrubberball


      “I’m much more concerned with the evils that the NWO/Globalists & the criminal enterprise in Washington, DC are steadily cooking up, than I am of “threats from outer space”.”

      I never read any articles about the dangers of meteors, sunspots, and other phenomena over which humans have ZERO control or effect.  There aren’t a great number of things in life that we can control, so it is best to focus on the areas in which we can actually DO something useful.  If the sun blows up, so be it.  If a meteor the size of a small moon hits the Earth and gives us an Alderaan moment, not my problem… because I can’t DO a damned thing about either one, so why waste time and energy worrying about it?  🙂


    • My pleasure @redrubberball.  There are plenty of issues to worry about.  We don’t need to invent any that are outside our scope of influence.

      A Carrington Event, such as occurred in 1859, is a powerful solar EMP phenomenon.  While we can’t stop one that is about to occur, there are things that we can do to prepare for the results of an EMP.

      A CME, on the other hand, will either hit on our side of the Earth (small chance) or not (big chance).  If it does, we will have weather and radio effects for a couple of days.  In not, then no effect.



  4. The threat of a CME is real and on the downside of solar cycle 24 (i.e. where we are now) quite high.  Of course it has to hit the Earth which gives us some chance of avoiding another one like 2012.  I think the chances of getting a CME that hits are likely in the region of 1 in 5 over the next 5 years.  Just an educated guess.  The main problem is that this has been known about for decades and nobody in power has done anything about it.  A few back up grid transformers should have been in place years ago.  It is probably too late now.  Ohggrhhh!  I am probably gonna have to do something about it myself now.

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  6. You can observe the sun yourself at (Solar Dynamics Observatory) by typing it into your search engine and accessing it that way because it is a gov site.

    The light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach earth so the image of the sun is delayed by 8 minutes in real time.

    It takes 2 to 3 days for a solar storm to reach earth so creating DSCOR was a total waste of taxpayers dollars!!!

    This fearmongering from obummy is laughable at best and I will miss the hell out of making fun of him!!!


  7. North Viet-nam Agency press release:

    Great Vietnamese cosmonauts did travel 4 nights and landed on the Sun. I took so long because of resistance of solar wind. Return took only 1 night with solar wind help.

    They did travel during the nights only, to avoid scorching heat of the Sun.

    It was not at speed of light (8 minutes from Son to Earth), still a Great achievement.

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  8. Big fart is good, just contain it and cook anything on it, turn methane from your back end to heat and CO2.

    Have good hamburgers, enjoy. Children would not mind, they know that is “recycling” and they get use to

    that familiar perfume from day one any way :-).

    • No methane from humans.  Only cellulose digestion results in methane.  Cows, horses, and other grass and wood eating critters can produce methane as a digestive byproduct but not humans.


    • @Ed_B Not meant to be a jab at you Ed but having a background in environmental I’ll go ahead and state humans can produce methane gas. Part of the sewage treatment facility processes have what are called with reason “digesters”. They function to continue the breakdown of solids into a puree. mmmmmmm sounds yummy. Anyway one of the results is a build up of methane gas which can be used to serve as an energy source for the plant. How do I know this? As a nineteen year old co-op for environmental services I read the gas meter daily for six months.

    • @Precious Mental


      No offense taken.  Methane is produced in very large quantity via anaerobic decomposition of vegetable materials and by digestion of wood and cellulose.  It is a large component of “swamp gas” that occurs when plants die, fall to the bottom of the water in a swampy area, and essentially rot.  This can be virtually any sort of plant material but is often that which is highest in cellulose. Methane generation in a swamp or in a sewage treatment plant is still not human digestion, however.  Lots of waste materials end up in those treatment plants other than human body wastes.  But you are right in that a small amount of methane can be produced by bacterial action in the human gut, probably via enzymatic methyl group cleavage and recombination of some of the resulting fragments.  Typically this is in the 5-7% range, probably by volume.  The vast majority of methane in the world comes from 3 sources:  termite digestion, ruminant digestion, and from anaerobic decomposition of vegetable materials in swamps and the oceans.  Oil and gas wells also contribute some to atmospheric methane content but it is relatively short-lived.  It is easily oxidized to formaldehyde (H2-C=O) and from there on to formic acid (HCOOH).  Both of these are highly water soluble and wash out of the atmosphere via rainfall.  Heh, not exactly my area of expertise, other than as a participant.  😉


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