We Know the Cartel Relentlessly Attack Gold and Silver.  
Did Bitcoin Just Enter Their Radar?


Cryptocurrencies are a threat to the U.S. dollar. Economist Jerry Robinson cautions investors the rules of the game can change. “Anything that challenges U.S. dollar dominance, is going to be heavily regulated.

Cryptocurrencies are under-owned by investors, Robinson says.  Only about three percent of U.S. retail investors have exposure to cryptocurrencies. Robinson predicts we’re still in “the early innings” of the boom/bust cycle in cryptocurrencies.

But remember: the rules of the game can change! Robinson says cryptocurrencies could be regulated and suppressed. Stay tuned to learn Robinson’s strategy to prepare for rule changes in the investing world…

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    • Some of the crypto exchanges allow up to a 10-to-1 hedge.  To really get the banks out of bed with manipulation they need to stop allowing hedges or keep it small like a 2-to-1 hedge.  That’s still a 100% hedge which seems moar’ than enough.  We already know that’s how they “influence” a lot of the commodity prices.  Luckily none of these crypto exchanges are the CRIMEX which allow 100:1 and 500:1 hedges.  At least not yet!

      So while there exists room to influence it’s not a death grip like they have on the shiny metals.

    • I agree! Who do you think ran up all of the cryptos? And now they all have to cool off for their extended runs. Not to worry though, the government shills will want more prisoners and so the cryptos will once again rise, after the cooling, so more people can part with their hard earned cash!

      The rypto market is so small that they would be super simple for a player to manipulate who had access to paper currencies and did not care if they lost money or not.

    • I hear you hopes and dreams.  Bought my first home in 2006, then the price dropped like a rock when the real estate market crashed.  Then went “all-in” into precious metals in 2011, and after a brief rise, the bottom dropped out, and have been sitting in Precious Metal Purgatory ever since.  Then dabbled in the stock market, primarily mining shares, and they got smashed.  And just a few weeks ago, started to buy cryptocurrency, and it got smashed.  Misery loves company, so I thought I would share mine.

    • Supressed (aka depressed) = constantly dropping prices and/or naked shorting to the moon.


      Gold price was supposed to be taking off to the moon this week was it not???


      Must be next week then.


      So USDx has gone from 99 to about 95.5 in the last 3 months or something and the price of gold has gone no where and been hammered lower. So f&*@g depressing…..

  1. If you stacked all the moron gurus who said gold would be $2,000 and silver would be $600 by now you’d have a pile just about as deep as the dung heap in a cattle feed lot.

    Only diff?   The gurus smell a lot worse

  2. I’d like to introduce myself… my name is fonestar and I am a friendly old guy who likes making toy trains for teh kids in the neigbourhood.  It saddens me to see so many families just barely able to scrape by.  So I am here to help you preserve your families wealth through purchasing Bitcoins.  Bitcoins are the traditional method used by Cree Indians and Roman Legions alike to preserver wealth through the ages.  There’s a lot of ponzi Bitcoin schemes going around these days… the latest one is called “Coinbase”.  Coinbase is another fractional-reserve Bitcoin market that does not have Bitcoin to satisfy redemption upon demand.

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    • Hey fonestar…people on zerohedge miss you. They keep asking where you went as they considered your advice rather succinct and sage. You are partially wrong here though.

      While coinbase may fractionally reserve their btc, withdrawing it to your own wallet has never been a problem for me. I have transferred hundreds od btc,eth, and ltc with no problems.

  3. A opportunity to buy the shiny phyzz at this low prices, no vat tax in the US. No state sales tax. What is everyone bitching about. This is a long term hold, NOT A QUICK FLIP!  Dam lucky I say on the current pricing. Should be backing up the one-ton pick-up truck to get some.

    Stacking and packing




  4. Not sure how they could suppress a crypto being that there’s no etf or paper, you actually would have to short sell bitcoin itself and I’m not sure how one could do that. But I’m sure they’re already trying to figure it out. There’s no sense in trying to bet against the system with the bankers that have endless money to do whatever they want. How do you bet against someone that has a printing press? Just be good little brainwashed slave and go long on the S&P and you’ll be fine. It’s amazing to watch the dollar index going down and gold going down with it, makes no sense.

    • There’s really no need to use the PM middle of the night naked shorting method on bitcoin when it simply can be licensed, regulated, and taxed to oblivion any time they want to pass the laws to make that happen.  The obvious excuse will be to fight crime and terrorism via eliminating its funding capability.

      While this could be the 1st stage of their planned attack on the cryptos, followup stages likely will be aimed at co-opting the cryptos and taking them over.  This is also known as theft, something that governments tend to be very good at doing.


  5. @fonestar   It’s good to see you pop over to SD   You’ve been off the ZH boards but they’re pretty harsh on your Bit Coin theme   As long as you’ve been buying BTC I imagine you’ve done very well.  What was BTC back when I first saw you posting.  $10 a coin?  $50?

    I like gold and silver and but do have a taste of a BTC derivative traded at GBTC  Not the same as the real thing but it does trade somewhat in unison with BTC

    ANyways, I wish you the best   Let us know if you’re able to buy a small country with BTC.  Some of the early adopters are 8 and 9 figures in BTC wealth

    If you’re looking for the the methodologies of buying a private jet we have that data at finger tips  It’s almost as good as buying an island somewhere but without the government, taxes and sand in your shoes.


    • Tyler Durden and his henchmen keep a watch for fonestar re-incarnating on zerohedge.com.  Once fonestar is spotted, the hall monitors there complain and write nasty emails to get fonestar banned again.

      fonestar has been in BTC since $16 USD.  Accumulating on the dips ever since and sometimes missing the dips.  Forced to sell some to pay off student loans but nothing major that fonestar regrets.  Like the guy below says… buying Bitcoin is inherently dangerous!  Some of us will be DE-anonymized and have an example made of us for what happens when you mock US Dollar hegemony and the tax man Online.  So some of us will get our Gulfstream  but I imagine some of us are going to get whacked too when “the boys” start to lose control of the monetary system.  No more gold but fonestar still has all his P-Silver coins.

    • Yeah, ZeroHedge and SGT Reports has been pretty brutal to FoneStar.   For whatever it’s worth he was correct on Bitcoin.  No reason once this hard fork is over that Bitcoin doesn’t finish the correction and ultimately head north of $4,000.

  6. Warning: All liability waived! BitCoining is an inherently dangerous undertaking. Make your choices and take personal responsibility for the outcome of your experiment! Protect your privilege to buy BitCoins by not making the headlines or becoming a statistic.

  7. What I really think is that TPTB hasn’t even given bitcoin much thought, but if it threatens them they will find ways to screw with it, be it regulations or just outright making them illegal to use.

  8. $16 per BTC  Wow  No wonder the Tylers are pissed  They missed that moon shot

    I admit that I’d rather hock Mr Happy at Billy Bob’s Beer, Bait and Bit Coin Emporium than buy BTC  but cheers to those who caught the cyclone upwards.

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