Now let’s get to the REAL reasons to ban currency…



Submitted by Bill Holter, JSMineset

There were many questions to a recent interview  I did last Friday (released Sunday) asking about what a “cashless” society would mean so I’ve decided to expand on it.  As it turns out, the timing was very good (by mistake) because over the weekend Europe announced plans to discontinue the 500 euro note  . 
This was immediately followed on Monday with a trial balloon by Larry Summers calling for the end to the $100 bill.  You can certainly see where they are headed!
First, let’s look at why they want to do this and then move on to what exactly it will mean to you and me.  If we take Larry Summers at his word (something I hesitate to do!), discontinuing the $100 bill will hamper corruption and terrorism.  He also talks about the use of cash for tax evasion purposes. 
It is said drug dealers would be put out of business if cash were banned.  Maybe so but then you must ask yourself “who” is at the heart of supply and generates “dark” cash flow for funding?  Wouldn’t this be like shooting yourself in the foot?
As for terrorism, I agree there are some crazies out there who want to do some very radical things.  However, I would ask you the following questions.  How many “terror attacks” have actually been false flags?  And who actually funds some of these terror organizations?  Have you ever “followed the money” to see who actually funds ISIS or even formed Al Qaeda years ago?  Enough said I think.
Now let’s get to the REAL reasons to ban currency.  First and foremost, those in power understand the viability to the current system is now very limited.  In other words, they know the system is going to come down.  On one hand the West has already passed legislation for “bail ins”.  On the other hand, how best would it be best to corral capital into these banks they know will be bailed in?  Now your putting the dots together! 
This all assumes a couple of things.  First, is there even enough time left before the system goes upside down to corral cash back into the banks?  Then, will the population accept it willingly or will they revolt?  The answer to the first question I believe is “no”.  The system is so unstable (the East knows this), we can wake up any morning (probably a Monday) and find the markets cannot be opened.  
The next question is whether the population will accept it?  If markets have already seized up, I think the answer is a resounding no.  Who, no matter how oblivious they are would give up their cash if they’ve already seen the banks bail in their balances?  The problem of course is whether or not the currency even retains any value in the event of a collapse (no)?  If the ban on cash were to come quickly and before collapse, I believe the American public would be split. 
Many, (me included) would not go for it, others would go along with it just as Bostonians allowed the police into their homes with no resistance.  On this point, I am not sure what the reaction would be if the current chewing gum cobbling the markets together does hold.  After the collapse it will be a moot point as the “acceptance” of paper dollars may only last two weeks to a month. 
For this reason, I do not believe we will go cashless until AFTER a collapse as we will “need” a new currency (digital or not).  However, any new currency will necessarily be backed by something (gold?) to create confidence.
When you break this down, the real reason for a cashless society is “control”.  What would people do if interest rates went negative?  This is a very good question because it is the only policy option left for central banks.  There would be a run on the banks and people would simply withdraw their cash. 
This would mean people moving out of the system instead of staying in the ringed fence area.  A run on physical cash poses big problems for our planners, and “why” they will try to do away with it. 
Without “cash”, the public will be at the mercy of those pushing and pulling the levers.  Your account could be frozen for any reason.  Your account could be stolen for any reason.  In other words, by banning cash they are throwing away “the key” to your exit door and control of the masses becomes simple.  I use the word “simple” because without “money” you cannot purchase food. 
Here in the U.S., we are no longer farmers.  Instead we just go to the grocery market and get what we need or want.  If someone had “control” over the availability to your money, they have control over your food …and ultimately YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
We did receive some questions like “what good will gold and silver do if there is no cash to trade for?”.  I would first say, any time something is banned or outlawed, the value always goes higher in the black markets.  This is what spawned the bootlegging and moonshine industries.  Just ask NASCAR and the Kennedys!  More importantly, gold and silver will still be valued and coveted in the East, if you have some metal outside of borders prior to capital controls you will be able to take advantage of this. 
Further, a cashless society being created to hide collapse will NOT prevent the collapse, ie. the tree still fell in the woods even though no one heard it.  Some sort of financial system will necessarily rise like a Phoenix from the current one, gold and silver will have value and will finance the re start.  Unless 5,000 years of history is turned upside down, you can bank on this. 
As for the title “The Mark of the Beast”, I referred to this in my last interview. This situation of not being able to conduct commerce without the “mark” was briefly written about in the Bible.  It was described in Revelations.  Is this description not one of a “cashless society”?  How will one do business if they have no “card” (mark) or in today’s world maybe even an implanted RFID chip? 
I find it incredible that writings from a time even before the printing press was invented, anyone could opine or even speak of a cashless society.  From a human standpoint, a cashless society could only have been dreamed about over the last 30-40 years or so as the technology did not exist prior.  I am not sure about you but even as a child in the 60’s, if someone told me I could “put money in the bank” but someone (other than my Dad) could control how much or whether I could take it out, spend it or use it …my bank account would never have been opened in the first place! 
I have taken some heat recently and been accused of trying to turn my blog into “the God channel”.  Mentioning “the mark of the beast” will probably bring further such comments.  I write what I write out of logic as that is the way my mind works.  If my logic in financial affairs or economics is wrong, please tell me how or where you believe it is faulty.  Please don’t tell me I am an idiot because I am a Christian and some “big eye in the sky cannot exist”. 
This country was originally formed because of religious and economic persecutions.  If you disagree with my faith, either ignore it or please allow my logic to stand on its own and attack that, not the messenger. 
The fact is, “good and evil” do exist and we are now facing evil factions trying to control us by controlling our access to savings from our past labors and investment.  Please understand, this is not only about control but also about “cloaking” what they are doing. 
Money supply and indebtedness can then be hidden, altered, changed or whatever they choose from behind the scenes.  Doing away with cash has nothing to do with “convenience” for you or “protecting you” from terrorists, it has everything to do with snapping a leash to your life’s collar!
Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
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    • I have read much on our economic situation. Much seems to be hype, but not the sritings of Bill Holder. I find in this man authenticity. I am just an untrained person in economics who reads much on the internet. Bill gets down to the nuts and bolts of how things will play out. His reasonings are logical and they ring true to me. I know that something very traumatic is going to happen to our and the world’s economy. I also know that unprincipled men in America and in this world will do anything to keep this western system going and to make much money as they do their work. The cashless society as described in this article is a logical future step to cover over the errors of the Fed. I have never heard this cashless society described in this way before. It makes sense to me logically and it makes sense to me spiritually as I am a retired Pastor.

    • @CADDIMAN76 they want the ability to steal money. first by negative interest rates .. that is a new TAX .. they use illegal stuff and tax evasion as their cover, but it is flimsy we easily expose them and see the truth .. they want to implement a new TAX and at some point steal our money through bail-ins. We.. All of US.. are already paying #abusivehightaxes .. i do not really owe the federal govy 30% or 40% of my income.. 

      their “interest to infinity” debt system is going to continue to FAIL.. negative interest and cashless society is DESPERATION by a FAILURE strategies. i believe we have never seen any govy ever be as desperate as the United States is right now. #abusivehightaxes + negative interest rates + cashless society = THEFT …….. it has no direction to go other than failure. when the people have less money to spend will hurt the economy .

      if have not noticed, since obama has occupied the white house, it has been all desperation. the United States has the Supreme Pillow Court now. all supreme court judges are sworn into office with a pillow in their face. that is to remind them how to vote. the obama supreme court pillow. all supreme court judges sleep with pillows in their faces. when a supreme court judge has a hearing, he must wear a pillow on top of his head .

  1. Cashless people will become become nothing more than the organic wetware end of a big cyber currency ON OFF switch, controlled by some really nasty people who are perfectly willing to flip that switch to get us do their bidding.

    Greece and Cyprus are the Beta Test.  That worked quite nicely.

    • @AGXIIK,

      Something might be going on in the wholesale market , the 1000 oz LBMA silver bars. I have just placed another order with my Gold Money holding at Malca Amit vault in Singapore. The order was placed on 2/12/16, usually the orders were executed by the next business day, but this order was first postponed to 2/16, then 2/18 and now 2/22.

      So I have contacted Gold Money and this is the response :

      ” I have discussed the issue with our Dealing department and they have advised that they are currently experiencing delays with the movement of the physical metal within this particular vault due to high volumes of orders. They will complete the placement at the earliest opportunity for you”

      I have been with them for few years now, took physical delivery in Singapore and Zurich, never had any delays.


  2. Rockefeller: “The goal is to get everyone in this world chipped with an RFID chip.”

    If you don’t do as the government wishes they just turn off your chip. Total and complete control.

    • I would even add that if you stop toeing the line the chip may start releasing chemicals, like cyanides to get rid of the stubborn crowd quickly and efficiently. Once the chip stops registering movement, they’ll dispatch a unit to pick up a dead body and dispose it off to a garbage dump.

    • you’re not wrong about the chip releasing chemicals.

      they already have one of these chips which can do a controlled release of a chemical to make you sterile. i think it was for men, and i believe the version for women is not far behind in development. great… they can control when and if you ever have children.

      and for those of you who think this is just crazy conspiracy do a bit of research on this: a US politician had a pacemaker installed years ago. it was made by an israeli company. in order to get this person to comply (i.e.: make pro israeli decisions) he was threatened with having his pacemaker mysteriously turn off. therein lies your proof that ANY implanted device over which another person/entity has control WILL be misused.

    • @silver-nurse


      So, so many who used to laugh at the conspiracy “theories”, are now coming around to reality, smelling the coffee as it were. So many more wouldn’t smell the coffee if it was water boarded up their damn noses with a fire hose.


  3. Wonderful insights, as usual, Bill. And very prescient of you to consider the timing of the writing of the Bible book of Revelation. We do have the answer to that. It was written about the year 96 A.D. The “Wolves” had already begun infiltrating the “Sheep” of the Christian congregation. Those Wolves were initiates of the Greco-Babylonian mystery schools. Various ideologies were, at that time, beginning to spawn. Today we know them by names like Hermeticism, Gnosis, Kabbalah, among others.

    Within a few hundred years the Treasury of Rome would be in their hands and systems like Double-Entry bookkeeping would be adopted to begin coalescing the giant global debt slavery that we all live under today. Colin McKay has posted a brilliant, erudite blog on that subject, here:


    • People will accept the chip / mark because the are spiritually dead.
    • Zombies are materially alive but mentally and spiritually dead souls.
    • Revelation identifies this condition as the MARK of the BEAST… Ergo the Beast is the totalitarian state and you will NOT SURVIVE without that ID passport to live in this New World Order.

    You gain the whole world but lose your very soul doing. 

    And many will volunteer to take the mark.


  4. and, the voices were heard…

    The voices of the martyr’s giving their lives in the name of the one, True God.

    We stand together and we don’t need no stink’n chip…

    Well said, Bill – any that get ruffled by your words needs to put a sock in it!

    • As always history repeats itself. When confidence in a fiat currency leaves,the truth is revealed. Statements such as negative interest rates, is the writting on the wall. They are giving us a chance to transfer our wealth, to hard assets,that we believe will be able to endure the end times. The value of what you have, might be based on how bad you are in need of what somebody else has. Another question I think we all need to consider is,how accessible is your wealth, when the big reset slides in,undetected by most.                       Since evil,violence and control are on the up rise, I think we all would like to know the truth.    As Mr. Holter referred to bible,he has done this because of his faith,the word of God is life ,to those believe. His faith is understanding he could not pay a debt/sin, and who can ,with belief in the One that paid his and our sin/debt, he is now a child of the King of kings. For the wages of sin is death,but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


  5. It will come down to either except the Mark of the Beast or deny the mark of the beast, it depends if one believes in the afterlife does it not?

    Like Jerry McGuire said so simply ” you are either in or you are out”.

    By having the pms it will buy you some time before you have to make that hard decision, everyone will be forced to choose sides.

    Choose wisely my friends

  6. Dont worry of the idiots Bill, you just state the obvious.

    How was that saying,

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    Keep going in fighting them, we all will do our little by little.

    And if that scripture is right, in the end we will preveil.

    .. you among others, are the reason I still have faith and hope!

  7. You can relax about the RFID implants. The mark of the beast is a spiritual marking, which is also denoted in Ezekiel 9:4. (genesis 4:15). These markings can only be seen in the spirit world. There are plenty of reasons to reject something being inserted into one’s body, but eternal damnation is not one of them.

  8. All this talk about banning cash is complete misdirection.

    My wife and I just today had two transactions stopped because of random security checks.   We then had to phone the UK from France to unblock the accounts.

    Can you imagine the frustration and boiling rage when this happens to thousands at the same time.   Politicians who are always very wary of their own skins would drop the idea like a hot potato.


  9. @trejin.  The fact that your order is delayed 7 days, maybe more, is very telling.  Here is a dot that might be worth noting too.

    Around September 2015 the internet was in an uproar over the ‘silver shortage’  Bron Suchecki was with Perth Mint at the time, now taking employment with Monetary Metal, was adamant about being able to source 1000 bars from the Royal Mint. I guess his connection to the queen made him comfortable with that situation.  Now he’s jumped ship to a US operation even though he remains in Oz primarily.  Did Bron move his employment to MM because he sniffed something in the wind regarding 1000 bar availability.  The US does produce vast amount of silver.

    Your delay might be normal business but when delays of 1000 oz good bars are late in delivery that sounds suspicious.  Keep us up to date on that situation.  thank you

    I’ll ask Doc if he has some 411 on the 1000 oz situation

  10. The Bible says that “one” of the identifying points of the AntiChrist (system) is the number 666.  The Bible clearly says that the number 666 is the “number of his name”.   It would have the mysterious number 666 (Revelation 13:18).

    This verse says, “It is the number of a man,” and Revelation 15:2 says it is “the number of his name.” 


    To read about all the identifying points including the number 666 read:

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