How will you handle all of the people that will show up at your door when a major crisis strikes because they haven’t been making any preparations of their own? 
When America’s day of disaster arrives, it is inevitable that most of us that are prepping will have family, friends and neighbors showing up at our door asking for help.
When that happens, what will you do?

From Michael Snyder:

Earlier today somebody asked me about this on Facebook, and I thought that it was a very good question, because thousands of my readers will be faced with this precise dilemma at some point.  When America’s day of disaster arrives, it is inevitable that most of us that are prepping will have family, friends and neighbors showing up at our door asking for help.  When that happens, what will you do?

There are some people out there that are very honest about the fact that they do not plan to share what they have stored up with anyone, and that even close family members will be greeted with a shotgun if they show up unannounced.

Personally, I could never do that.  My wife and I have always had the philosophy that we need to work extra hard to prepare because there will be people that need to depend on us when times get really hard.  And turning away those that are in desperate need would go against everything that we stand for.  After all, I am even writing a book that is all about the true meaning of love, and so it would be quite hypocritical of me to turn away those that I care about when they need me the most.

And even if I wanted to be cold-hearted, my wife would never let me get away with it.  She has such a soft heart that she literally can’t bear to even see a bug die.  We often have spiders invade our place, and when she sees one she gently captures it and sets it free outside.  I tell her that they will just breed and come back in even bigger numbers, but that doesn’t seem to matter to her.  So needless to say we are going to have to find a non-violent way to deal with our spider problem.

But I certainly understand the frustrations of those that have been trying to warn family and friends about what is coming for years and they never seem to listen.

And it is true that resources are limited.  For the vast majority of us, there is only so much money and energy that we can put into prepping, and so why should those that have refused to listen to the warnings and prepare in advance be able to benefit from all of our hard work?

Unfortunately, life is not always fair.  And we also need to realize that there is a tremendous amount of deception going on out there these days.  Some of the deceptions that are currently circulating are very strong, and it can be very easy to be sucked into them.  So we need to have compassion for those that have been led into confusion.

Look, there are literally thousands of watchmen all across this country that have never wavered from warning America about what is coming even for a moment.  That is because they are standing on the truth and not on wishful thinking that is the product of overactive imaginations.

The ingredients for the “perfect storm” that so many watchmen have been warning about for ages are starting to come together right before our eyes.  We are closer to World War III than we have been in decades, our politicians are openly admitting that our relations with Russia are at “an all-time low”, the federal government is 20 trillion dollars in debt, our nation is on the verge of being torn apart by strife and civil unrest, the financial markets are primed for a crash of epic proportions, there are mass die-offs of animals all over the globe, and natural disasters are happening with frightening regularity as the crust of our planet rattles and shakes.

But we are somehow supposed to believe that “everything is going to be wonderful” even though we continue to kill babies on an industrial scale, just about every form of sexual immorality that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us, our “entertainment” industry is an open sewer, and we lead the world in both legal and illegal drug use.

I’ve got dozens more facts that I could quote regarding our moral decay, but I think that you get the point.

If we actually changed our behavior, I could understand why it would make sense for America to be blessed.

But we haven’t changed our behavior, and there are no signs that this is going to happen any time soon.

As humans, we have the freedom to choose, but those choices inevitably have consequences.

The same thing is true for our nation as a whole.  We have made a whole bunch of exceedingly bad choices, and those choices are going to result in some incredibly painful consequences.

So you can do whatever you want, but my wife and I are going to continue to get prepared.  America is headed for a date with disaster, and those that are suggesting otherwise are not being honest with you. 

  1. I knew I stuck with Snyder for some reason. I’ll take it at face value that he won’t turn away family and friends.  That’s admirable. As for me well let me put it to use all this way. Me and my Russian buddy were talking about it one day and he said it not me.  “We’ll kill them like flies.”  We both laughed about it. I’m not going to stick around.  When stuff gets hairy I’m going to outside until the main die off is over. When the ATM’s and SNAP benefits break down you got less than 72 hours to get the hell out of dodge. I got a sea bag staged and ready to throw in the van. I got a fanny pack stuffed with the precious and ammo out the yin yang. I’m ready and I have no pity.

  2. It will not be a problem.

    Those who will not listen will die because of their stubbornness & inability to listen to reason. These folks are so blind ( liberalism will do that) they will do nothing until after their A$$ is in deep trouble. The thing is these people know better but the bottom line ends up being You cant fix stupid so I no longer waste my time trying . Those who have listened & prepared will be fine. 

    I an not going to worry about it – They made their bed now lay in it.

    • Actually, they can.  But since they are neither ruminants nor termites, there is no food value to be had there.  The good news, though, is that the end process is auto-wiping.


  3. We just move from the ‘vil to civilization.  I

    found out two things

    1.  I unearthed my First Generation Prepper stashes   What a freaking moron I was to buy this crap.    Don’t ask me what so of good stuff I stocked up but when the doo doo hits the fan I plan to shove the first gen crap out the door and let the zombies feast.

    My fourth gen prepper stuff is da bong and I share with no mortal.

    2.  I am waaaaaaay ! too old to be moving   My ass is whipped.


    • @AGXIIK


      “2.  I am waaaaaaay ! too old to be moving   My ass is whipped.”

      Understood, Bro.  Moving at our age is brutal.  It is a unique confluence of decreased strength, agility, endurance, and a HUGE pile of stuff accumulated over decades of living, much of which our better half simply cannot live without.  Few among our age group have any idea just how much stuff they have UNTIL they start organizing it for a move.  GAAAAA!


  4. I will turn away anyone but my children and grandchildren. My father and brothers and their children are on there own. They have turned there collectivel backs on me and my wife. I have food enough for my wife and myself and 3 children and grandchildren…. for 2 years. I have guns and “real money”… plenty of water and water filters.

    I can’t save the world.  I won’t try.

  5. Is the author of this “The Watchman”?  I see references to that title in this letter…

    Your wife and your own Christian humanity is very admirable, her pacifism is ideally self empowering, but destructive in the most horrible ways imaginable!

    How pacified will you be once you let in 3 poor, desperate hungry men, you go to sleep, and awake to a knife held at you while the other 2 gang rape your wife.  How long would you be endlessly merciful to complete strangers without discernment?  How many weeks of her getting raped while your beaten would it take for you to finally take up arms, or plot or plan to slay one of these merciless sons-a-bitches?

    Let’s say it’s just 1 man.  During your sleep something similar happens and he takes your wife while your tied up? eats your food and leaves you and your children to starve?  What if he’s a pedophile?


    Because these people will be desperate and out there knocking on your door as well.

    My suggestion is to have your family and friends that you can trust already accounted for.  Should you let in strays, and should your supplies alot for the growth, I would ask them what skills they have? What can they contribute to your little “village” / gathering?  Because when the consumers outweigh the resources, EVERYONE DIES.  So be a RESPONSIBLE CHRISTIAN and think about those lives that YOU CAN SAVE. – and then do it!  Don’t be stupid, there are tons of evil bastards out there hoping to find pacifist Christians who they can steal from.

    Lastly, your children look to you as their protector!  Evil men are allowed to kill because each man answers for their decisions in this life.  If God stopped murderers, then those souls would not be judged for something they didn’t do.  The Book of Life and Death’s purpose is at the soul of this very law.  Evil men must be allowed to do evil, and are judged and condemned by their own hand.  It’s just.  So protect your loved ones, do your damn job, be a man and fight for their safety as hard as you must, because there is no guarantee they will meet with a swift end…. especially if they are girls.

    MAN UP DAD and hit those that would harm your loved ones with every fiber of might that God gives you. (don’t be evil, but don’t be stupid either- BE WARY)

    I’d like to end by saying “you aren’t Jesus” – and you cannot save the world.  You are a single man, and in this scenario the “wasteland” your living in, isn’t Nazereth.  These men are far worse than any desperate Jew in that day.  The land will be desolate, making people far more desperate than in Judea. And even Jew villians weren’t as bad as these cretins will be.  One Dad… One Job…Protect your family…..Don’t fail them Dad.

  6. Who says there is morality in survival? You take care of those under your care plus those who aid in your survival that are in your inner circle. That’s it. You turn down everyone else who asks for something. Things like protection you give and receive for free to the outer circle.

    • OK, good.  That should work… unless they pretend that they do not care if you are home and break in to see what can be found.

  7. I for one could not turn neighbors away who are looking for help. But since I have limited means, I would need to limit my donations to about 10%, like a tithe. Hopefully, that 10% tithe will become a tidy sum of money when gold and silver finally reach free market value.

  8. First, I would distinguish between friends and acquaintances! Friends few, acquaintances many. I don’t have the means to prep for more than 6 months for food, a year for water. I can help 3 friends some, but I can’t sustain them. I will help my son and his wife and my grandkids, and fortunately he’s onboard with prepping too. So is my brother! I will throw in with my neighbors and can assist with self defense needs. I can organize and provide the radio communications needs. Out here in the country, in a serious breakdown situation, strangers will have to be barred from entry into the neighborhood, where the average yard size is an acre.

  9. “When America’s day of disaster arrives, it is inevitable that most of us that are prepping will have family, friends and neighbors showing up at our door asking for help.  When that happens, what will you do?”


    A thorny issue for sure and with many possible pitfalls.  One thing that can be helpful is to have a plan that is shared with your family about “our emergency response plan”.  Too many details about just what this emergency might be are not necessary.  Leave that to their imaginations.  Just let them know that if there are problems that prevent stores and gas stations from restocking, your family has a plan to handle such problems for a while.  Create such a plan and share it.  Include a list of things that would be most handy to have during an emergency.  Chances are good that this will be of considerable benefit at some point.  Let it also be known that empty hands and bellies do not further the family plan and are unacceptable.  Everyone comes to our place, for example, and everyone brings as much in the way of supplies as they can.  This can be food, water filtration, tools, extra clothes, blankets, 1st aid supplies, weapons, fuel, etc.

    As to neighbors, I will do all that I can for them short of jeopardizing the survival of my own family.  Hard decisions will have to be made on some of this but the fact that they MUST be made to ensure your own family survives must remain the top priority.

    Close friends will be welcome as well but not with empty hands.  Go back home and fill them up.  No one rides this bus for free.  Everyone helps.  No slackers.  This will be a time of tough love and getting all gooey inside over this or that person will not be conducive to survival.  Those with little to offer in terms of things quite often have skills that can be just as useful, if not more so.  Consider that as well.

    For longer term needs, having a large garden that everyone can work in and stand guard over will be a very good thing to have.  Having a few cans of heirloom seeds to plant in it will be vital.  Whatever food stack one has, it will become depleted in time, so growing as much food as can be managed will be good.  Any excess of food also makes a terrific barter item.  Consider growing onions and garlic as well as the usual fruits and veggies.  Their added zest in many foods is a welcome change from things that otherwise could be quite bland.

    Never feed strangers in a time of crisis.  That will only encourage them to take what you have, abuse or kill you and your family, and then move on to raid others who have planned and have supplies.  Reject any attempt by these people to enter your home for any reason and do so with deadly force, if necessary, especially if more than one at a time shows up at your door.  Beware the “helpless female” ploy as a way to get someone inside your home who can turn on you and open the door for others.  Always have armed backup when strangers show up, the mere sight of which can often discourage bad behavior and prevent tragedy.


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