Was Donald Trump Anointed to Manage the BANKRUPTCY of the US & Collapse the Dollar??…
What Happens When Trump DEFAULTS On the Debt?


Jeff Berwick from the Dollar Vigilante joins Silver Doctors to give his take on the first few weeks with Trump as America’s commander and chief.
Trump Has Two Options, Berwick Says: Keep Inflating Or DEFAULT on the Debt.

Stay tuned to hear why Berwick thinks defaulting on the debt is the best option Trump has, and how you can prepare for the coming crisis!

Berwick also discusses Bitcoin. Bitcoin is trading near all-time highs. The Chinese are moving into Bitcoin on mass.
And China’s government is working to prevent their citizens from trading in Bitcoin.

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    • Yeah, I would say all who believe in $#!TC@!N should start up a website to cater for their fetish.  


      I’m thinking most of the visitors to the S. Doc’s website have a Precious Metals fetish a.k.a.


  1. This clown has no idea of economics and does not even have his facts correct.  I believe its time for SD to screen these interviews.


    Jeff said that one of the two biggest imports to the US from Mexico was foods and Vegetable?  Really?  No Jeff that is a lie! Get your facts right!


    Vehicles 74 Billion

    Electric Machinery 63 Billion

    Machinery 49 Billion

    Agricultural products 21 Billion

    Mineral fuels 14 Billion

    Optical and Medical equipment 12 Billion


    3X the number or Automobiles than food and that is why placed like Detroit of scrap yards!

  2. By his own admission, Bitcoin isn’t even accepted where it is really needed — like in Venezuela. However, the crypto-currency backed by real money, namely Goldmoney, is available in Cyprus, Greece, Venezuela, India, and other currency-challenged countries. I’ll take physical gold and silver with a side of Goldmoney anytime.

  3. This asstard is on the bottom rail as far as I’m concerned. He is like a bad and increasingly tired saturday night live skit with his “trump is overqualified for bankruptcy” gimmick.


    I’ll ask again, MR. Berwick:

    1) When is the Super Shemitah going to happen?

    2) How many people got robbed blind, some of their life savings, because of the Galt’s Gulch debacle that you were part of?

    Another freedom fighter moving from one “the next best thing” to the next. Sounds like the guy who used to travel from town to town selling the cure all elixir.


    Let me guess, we get all the answers we need if we buy your newsletter.


  4. Berwick should be banned from inhabiting the known universe.  This f’tard lost his mind years ago.

    Paging Jeff Berwick, Paging Jeff Berwick.

    Your spaceship is boarding for Planet Niburu  Sheetmeter, just around the corner from the  dark side of Uranus.  All board.

    Leave your friggin’ chihuahuas in Acapulco.

    • He should bring some silver bullion. As Jim Willie has intimated, the aliens ( originally from the planet Zontar ) who run the coaling station on the dark side of the moon accept silver. Their Wifi is spotty so GUNTcoin is not accepted normally.


      So if he wants fuel, a bladder buster soda, some beef jerky, and most importantly, some smokes for the ride home he best look what is in his wallet.

  5. I saw this guy shape-shift in one of his Youtube videos. No wonder he’s pushing a cashless medium, in the guise of offering counter-NWO recommendations. I don’t buy it and neither should you. PMs FTW, as history tells us, over & over & over.

    Hasta luego,


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