indiaOnly 7 days into India’s currency reset, the nation of 1.2 billion people is rapidly descending into chaos.
Luke Rudkowski takes you along on his travels as he is broke like a joke in Goa India after the latest currency reset.
We show you the current situation on the ground and cover the latest economic, social and political changes that occured in India.


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  1. would think the haves of India are warming up there Lear  Jet. Destination unknown, maybe USA, South Africa, or Great Britain. We will accept your millions of dollars to infuse into the new to be Trump economy of 2017 and beyond.

    Stacking the shiny a coin at a time.

  2. I’m here in India right now.  It is CRAZY.  The whole economy is grinding to a halt.  The common citizen actually believes the anti-corruption rhetoric coming from the government!  Everyone has turned over their cash to the banks and effectively refinanced the entire banking system.  Now there are withdrawal limits at ATMs and in the banks.  People cannot get their own money.  Most businesses are only equipped to take cash.   Banks charge very high rental fees and commissions on POS machines.  Profit margins are narrow and vendors depend on high volume to make their business viable.  There is no room for extra charges from the banks.  The government has done NOTHING to reduce these fees and therefore the people and businesses are in a terrible fix.  I am so glad that I am about to leave in a few weeks!

  3. Rumors are running rampant that the next step will be further note cancellations and a control order imposed on the possession of precious metals.  Limits will be set with the excess surrendered to the government.  It appear that Indian democracy and freedom is dead…

  4. Apology to @BayOfPigs  You were right and I was wrong.  
    I posted the following after Michael Moore endorsed Donald Trump  on October 27 2016 
    I never thought I’d hear this from “What’s his name” 
    The ‘in your face’, ‘up you’re a$$’ human headline “What’s his name” 
    Maybe he is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame, Thank you “What’s his name” for endorsing him and recognising the gravity of the moment. i.e. GOOD V’s EVIL. 
    Yes Folks, (to use an enemies term). This is really a turning point in the history of the world,  GOOD V’s Evil. Do you get it America?
    When I learned @ 68 y/old how to post comments, I decided not to get involved in talking politics on the INTERNET.
    Well I did get involved and the reason – even though I live in Australia, I can see what is happening, and what will happen if ‘GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING’. 
    if ‘GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING,’ GOOGLE* that in relation to WORLD WAR 11. 
    Once again, to the ‘in your face’, ‘up you’re a$$’ human headline “What’s his name” I JOHNLGALT thank you for your insight. _JLG. 
    What America needs, Russia needs, China needs, India, The Philippines, and all FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE are depending on is The “HUMAN MOLATOV COCTAIL”   
    It’s all your fault @AGXIIK for encouraging me, (as if I needed it).
    Nothing like a good bottle of Red Wine to get the brain working. 
    p.s. @Bay of Pigs “Moore finally understands the gravity of the situation” 
    He does, and I never thought I’d live to see the day. Please give him credit until he proves unworthy of it. _JLG.
    p.p.s He’s flipped.  _JOHNLGALT.  

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