hillaryThe first reports about the Clintons’ pay for play piggy-bank were that the Clinton Global Initiative would be shut down.  Now it’s being reported by Investor’s Business Daily that the entire Clinton Foundation will be laid to rest:


From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:

When you are not in a position to wield power and broker deals for the wealthy individuals, corporate entities, and foreign Governments who stuff money into your bank account, the money flow stops.  It just stops.

The first reports about the Clintons’ pay for play piggy-bank were that the Clinton Global Initiative would be shut down.  Now it’s being reported by Investor’s Business Daily that the entire Clinton Foundation will be laid to rest.

One would think that maybe Hillary and Bill + concubines could ride off into the sunset and maybe fade from public view?   Not so fast.  It remains to be seen if the Trump Government will go after the Clintons.  And Obama paved the way for that to happen when he strolled out of the White House for the last time – after commuting more prison sentences than the 12 Presidents before him combined – without extending a “blanket” pardon to Hillary.

Now let’s see if Trump will actually listen to the voice of the people:  Americans aren’t willing to forgive and forget. Earlier this month, the IBD/TIPP Poll asked Americans whether they would like President Obama to pardon Hillary for any crimes she may have committed as secretary of state, including the illegal use of an unsecured homebrew email server. Of those queried, 57% said no. So if public sentiment is any guide, the Clintons’ problems may just be beginning. – IBD

The list of crimes and breach of ethics by both Clintons is seemingly endless.  But it was Hillary’s brash, overt corruption as Secretary of State that was over-the-top.  It was as if she was flaunting the fact that no one would challenge the legality of her behavior.

I said all along that hubris is the Achilles’ Heel of corrupt tyrants and that hubris would eventually nail Hillary.  Now it remains to be seen if Trump will follow through on his threats to go after Hillary.   My cynical side is telling me to not hold my breath.  But the death fo the Clinton Foundation is, to be sure, more proof that the conspiracy theories about the Clintons is in fact “conspiracy truth.”


  1. This is great news not for the reasons that have been noted in the past, such as the personal enrichment of the Clintons.

    It’s great news because by shutting down CGI and the Clinton Foundation no longer will Killer, Billy and Chelsea be able to sell off US assets on a globalist equivalent of EBay.

    It means that the oligarchs  and politicians who used Killer and her f****ing Foundation as little more than a perpetual pile of winning scratcher lottery tickets, allowing these elites to rape and pillage with impunity in countries, not least of which was Haiti but included Libya, Eqypt, Syria, Russia, several African nations and more than a few states and principalities in eastern Europe.

    The direct and indirect death toll from her inexecrable greed is easily in the thousands and possibly ranging into the mid 6 figures.   The assets sold off like a garage sale on Craig’s List are worth into the billions.   It’s even speculated that Killer offshored well in excess of $1 billion just after her defeat in the elections.

    Nonetheless the deeds of bad people follow them and I fully expect the DOJ and Congress will pursue several criminal charges against the Clintons.  There are legal and criminal actions against the Clinton Campaign group for stealing the New York primary election from Sanders by eliminating 100,000 voters from  Sanders voter-rich areas in some New York City, thus assuring Clinton took NY in the primaries.  California was a crime scene and that will probably be investigated too

    The best part of these foundations being shut down is the clear disclosure that Killer and her Moonpie  Mafiosa got no juice left.  Their juice was the tens of billions that flowed to the foundation. Of course some might say that Billy boy was worth $500,000 for a 30 minute speech in Russia or Argentina or UBS or some other venue that got embarrassingly rich by the association with CGI.

    Bill is a wonderful speaker and all, with rich anecdotes about this and that.   But I seriously doubt if anyone is going to pay this crew of straphangers a bone to hear how Killer or Chelsea has some juice to share with them

    Which leads me to believe that unlike the grifter’s exit from the WH after Billy’s second term was up, dead broke, with a few Uhauls full of White House loot, this time around I’m guessing the legal expenses to keep this clown show from serving serious time will drain the real swamp, the cash hoard of CFI and CF.


    • The clintons are

      Gypsy’s tramps & thieves & the corrupt politicians & bankers laid their money down    

      I wont hold my breath for them to be held accountable . I feel the hangman will be cheated out of their just reward.

  2. @JOHNLGALT   I expect that Pizzagate will be shunted off into a small corner of an internet conspiracy cubicle, like the truth about 9-11 and JKF assassination.

    That’s common knowledge to some people but the chances it’ll ever be disseminated to the general masses in such a way that they’ll suck it up in the same way as the BS story about JFK’s murder by LH Oswald or 18 arabs destroying 7 buildings in the World Trade center with 2 jets.

    Don’t you love the modified limited hangout 28 page story about how the Saudis helped engineer the 9-11 attack. That story lasted about 10 minutes in the MSM news cycle then fell into the rabbit hole.

    • It seems that there will be one less alleged lying POS MSM to cover the story.


      It is reported elsewhere that CNN has been allegedly banned from the WHITE HOUSE press briefings.


       Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to MAKE IT UP as usual. _JLG. 

    • @AGXIIK


      “That story lasted about 10 minutes in the MSM news cycle then fell into the rabbit hole.”

      Or, in other words, it circled the bowl for a few minutes prior to being flushed.

    • Perhaps in the short run that is so.  But as these people near the ends of their lives, a much clearer picture of their future WILL unfold before them… and it will scare the Hell out of them.  Literally.

      Our universe has a lot of rules that guide its behavior.  One of the rules that governs the behavior of human beings is that, “Nobody gets away with anything”.  They may appear to do so for a time but that is an illusion.  The scales of justice ALWAYS balance.  Always.  Whether or not we see it happen, it happens.


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