Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino warns, “The Federal Reserve has re-inflated a housing bubble.  The Fed has deliberately created bubbles to save themselves.
We really could be on the edge of a major event that would force people into the debt market.
There could be huge amounts of cash coming out of the stock market because of all this fear. There could be massive amounts of cash going into suppressed assets like gold and silver. Housing could come under pressure. We could be staring at the next real Great Depression.”

From Greg Hunter:

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    • USSilverBug warns, “Sorry folks, we are NOT staring at the next Great Depression. LOL!  It is far, far away.

      But… gold is going to $50,000 and silver to $2,000. Oh, I can’t stop laughing!!!

    • It is hard to bet against the owner of the casino who can change rules, manipulate prices, print money and is protected all the time. The system will continue until it becomes a one and zero event. If the $100 trillion or more of money was not printed since 2008 to prop up the market, 2008 would have been a bad situation and corrected itself by now. The magnitude of the debt problem had increased exponentially and it may be 100 times bigger than 2008. This may not be correctable, hence a one and zero event. It would be wise to take Greg M’s advice.

  1. I have been following Greg and Morgan and all the PM guru’s for yrs. since the April 2011, ‘ugly’ downturn!!! and me along with all the Guru’s have had a REAL LEARNING LESSON IN LIFE!!!! I think we all have finally figured out the game, A NO GOOD ROTTEN CRIMINAL GAME! Played and Orchestrated by the FED. RES. SYS. And one thing Greg said a few times, that I truly believe, is the FED doesn’t care who’s real BLOOD is shed. What I’m starting to piece together, is to do the opposite of what the FED preaches! If they say(which they have been saying recently) they are going to raise rates, THEY WON’T!  My gut( for the past few months) is telling me WWIII in inevitable and right around the corner, which the FED is orchestrating along with the military Machine, WHICH as Greg says, RUNS THIS COUNTRY, NOT THE POTUS! We are sure living in “Un-chartered waters” very very scary! bottom line, if you are not all in with PM’s and Physical assets! you’re NUTS! I personally have no extra cash to buy, just sell as i need to! Like many have said for years, THERE “WILL BE” A TRANSFER OF WEALTH!!!  I just hope I live to enjoy it and the environment around me hasn’t been destroyed!


    • “bottom line, if you are not all in with PM’s and Physical assets! you’re NUTS! “

      Well, that’s ONE bottom line but it is very unlikely to be THE bottom line.  Consider the past 6 years and how well our gold and silver stacks have done as investments.  Now consider how other investments have done over that same time period.  A number of stocks have doubled and even tripled during this time.  Anyone not in them did not participate in that wealth transfer.  Some of us did and can use that currency to pay off debt or buy additional PMs and other things that we need or want.  In my 40 years of investing experience, there have been VERY few times when it was wise to be “all in” with any single asset class.  I suspect that this record will remain unblemished for a good long time to come.  If not, then I still have a substantial stack as my Plan B.


    • Yo ED_B!!!

      You wrote “In my 40 years of investing experience, there have been VERY few times when it was wise to be “all in” with any single asset class.”

      It was actually ALWAYS best to all in a single asset class, and even a single option within an asset class.

      The problem was always not knowing which one it should have been until it was in the rear view mirror!

      All kidding aside, I view 2008 -9 as having been a modest liquidity crisis.

      EVERYTHING went down except cash/treasuries as stuff was sold to meet margin calls.

      Even PM went down, but less and not for long.

      “Diversification” suddenly wasn’t all that it was supposed to be.

      The next crisis will probably be a larger liquidity crisis, and diversification will, again, prove to be a somewhat obsolete concept.

      “Keeping spare powder dry” might make a comeback as a common expression.



  2. Someday ole Greg will be right.Its just not today or tomorrow.

    Cant really blame a lot of these analysts.Collectively they have underestimated the corrupt lengths these scum bag elites will go to preserve the status quo.Invariably what perpetuates this paradigm of corruption is the bankster’s ability to create money out of thin air.It amazes me how successful they have been in perpetuating this  ponzi scheme in front of the general population nose without any blowback.


  3. Gregory Mannarino does not have a clue what will happen next – and he has never had one.

    10 percent of Silverdoctors articles come from people worth listening to. The rest were either recruited out of the same clown car or were found on a street corner waiving a bible and frothing at the mouth.

  4. Doc

    Could we get some more blow Polony.Its been a while and I really miss this comedic act.I guess Boo Boo is just waiting for that big upside explosion he has predicted for this May.

    Wonder how this low life bottomfeeding scumbag so called guru will explain himself with another faied prediction.That reminds me where is the SWingster.NOw there is a clown for all seasons drivel over the years puts Boo BOO polony to absolute shame every time.luv the SWingster baby!

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