It may be time to worry…


From Mac Slavo:

It may be time to worry, because the following report from Kit Daniels of says the U.S. Navy may be searching for a foreign submarine just off the coast of San Diego, California:

Anti-submarine aircraft have been loitering over the same area off the California coast for hours, which is fueling speculation that a Russian – or a North Korean – submarine was spotted in the area.

While the report of a foreign vessel is unconfirmed at this point, the military patrol is apparently not part of a routine exercise due to the number of aircraft hovering over the same area and the late hours of operation.

The patrol includes multiple low-flying aircraft including a Navy EP-3E Aries II, which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare.

Additionally, a Royal Canadian CP-140 Orion, also known for submarine spotting, joined the search.

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Earlier this morning a South Korean newspaper reported that China is massing as many as 150,000 troops on the North Korean border.

The moves follow an ultimatum to the United States from Russia and Iran promising retaliatory military strikes should the United States act against Syria. President Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi over the weekend – is it possible that China, in no uncertain terms, gave America the same warning?

    • “I’m yer huckleberry” (in bold as if that makes it more valid)

      Since we’re all holstered up and saddled to ride out a war, I take it yer rootin’ fer that green back in yer satchel which aint worth spit when da electric grits goes down!  Sincin’ people wont be workin or payin dem taxes much, I figure dat paper yer holdin will buy bout da same mount of chewin tobacca as this here penny.

      As fer me… I gots me genuine silver and gold.  Hate to say it partner… you been bamboozled.  I’m guessin That there piece of paper yer holdin aint worth the ink that’s on it.  Yer bout’ to learn a lesson fella… and yer gonna learn it the hard way.

      Saddle up, it’s gonna be a hellova long ride from here on out!

  1. Don’t be SURPRISED if Its 9/11 (Number2) It would not be the first time the US ‘CREATED’ ‘OR STOOD IDLY BY ACCIDENTLY ON PURPOSE’ whilst the bogeyman (False Flag) , attacked its own country, killed its own citizens and said “Lets rally The Troops” We have wars to Win!


    Question EVERYTHING

    Investigate EVERYTHING.

    Silver Doctors and SGT Report Investigators have their eyes on the prize…Keep Stacking!.


  2. “Wrong War, wrong place, wrong time.” General Omar Bradley on the first Korean War (1950-53).

    Back then the USA had a UN resolution which the USSR boycotted rather than vote no, a multinational military and relief force, a nuclear monopoly, a gold standard, battle hardened veterans of World War 2, etc etc.

    Unclear what the US interest is in this matter in fighting this War basically all alone and with no Congressional input.


    Certainly good news for those worried about “not enough inflation.”


    The White House as a Las Vegas gambling casino is a new one though.


    “Only big bettors allowed in!….

  3. OH Boy,  If Mac says it’s true then it must be.  The Koreans are coming the Koreans are coming, no wait the Russians are coming the Russians are coming, no wait the Mexicans are coming the Mexicans are coming.  Ahh Jeez it’s just the See Eye Ahh.

  4. I reminds me the idiots in Sweden who were hunting down a non-existing “Russian submarine” while their country was being infiltrated with thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa without proper documentation. I guess when a nation comes to this state of degeneracy, it deserves to fall.

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