It Appears the Venezuelan People Have Finally SNAPPED:
From Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:


With the shooting and now gun control dominating American news, few noticed that the protestors who are being oppressed by an intrusive and socialist government set fire to the Supreme Court building in Venezuela.

Word of the fire was buried by the news of the American socialist who shot at Republicans because the country isn’t socialist enough.  As if Americans could bury their heads in the sand further, gun control has retaken the leading role as a top debate on social media too. Of course, most have continued to ignore Venezuela, which is the home to people who are suffering under the tyranny of the very system those on the left seek to force on us here.

Since Venezuelans have been disarmed, for their own good, of course, the protestors who simply want a little bit of freedom back have had to use fire and violent protests to get the attention of the oppressive government. And they did just that when setting the Supreme Court building on fire.

The Supreme Court of Venezuela recently handed down a ruling in favor of the government of Nicolas Maduro which rejected a measure designed to prevent the dictator from rewriting that nation’s constitution. The current plan is for a group of people largely selected by Maduro to elect a “constituent assembly” to draft a new version of the document. The court’s ruling keeps that plan in place for the time being.

Protestors of the socialist government and it’s tyrannical edicts were appalled at that ruling. These are people who are literally dying on the streets because of socialism, and they wanted their voices heard.  They spoke with fire on Monday. This is the twelfth week of violent protests in the country, as the resistance demands the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro and calls for elections. Violence broke out in protests at the Supreme Court over a bid to change the constitution, and Venezuela’s chief prosecutor said on Monday her family had been threatened and followed by intelligence agents since she split with the government.

Fanned by anger at triple-digit inflation along with shortages of food and medicine, protests have grown smaller but more violent over the past two months, with at least 67 killed and thousands injured.

With the protests getting more violent and lack of food and basic essentials getting even harder to come by, Venezuelans are in a dire situation. This should be a perfect example to the leftists in America who continually vote to raise taxes and regulate everything while attempting to disarm the public.  But lessons are only learned one way – and that’s to experience it.  Prepare now, because the country is continuing to take a hard left turn.

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  1. Are we socialit’s?  Maybe some Democrats are that infiltrated our government but we the people are not so get a hold of yourselves and stop comparing our nation to socialistic society my friend. WE’RE AMERICANS! Now my God bless you all. PS: IS the glass half empty or half full? Let us all start looking up.

    • @Wildbill

      I suggest you look at the percentage and gross amount of the federal budget that goes to transfer payments.

      I also suggest that you look at how that amount as grown since 2000, as an example.

      David Stockman writes some stuff that might help you.

      Net of transfer payments, 50% of American households pay no net income tax, and below that level, most collect MORE benefits than they pay taxes.

      85% of Osambocare people get taxpayer paid subsidies.

      If that is not socialism,what it?????





    • @Faranginkorat


      “If that is not socialism,what it?????”


      Yes, that is EXACTLY what it is… and quite a few of us have hated every bit of this nation-destroying crap.  It’s past the time to stop worrying about every possible individual who needs help and start worrying about letting this kind of nonsense destroy the nation.  Hopefully, this can be done before we are spent into utter destitution.  I hope and pray that it is not too late but fear that it very well might be.


    • Yep , Republics degenerate to Democracies, Democracies degenerate to dictatorships . We lost our Republic long ago.

      There are big changes coming and I dont think the people are going to be ready. Ready or Not , Come it Will.

    • @Wyldbill

      “Are we socialist’s?  Maybe some Democrats are that infiltrated our government but we the people are not”


      Who came in a close second for the Democratic nomination for president in the last election??

      Further, kindly take a good look at federal expenditures.

      “Transfer payments” are well over $2 Trillion, 25% of the GDP???

      50 million on food stamps??

      America is probably more socialist than Venezuela.

      Venezuela gets the money they use to buy the votes of the poor from the sale of oil.

      America gets it from taxes on people who work try hard enough to make more than a subsistence living.

      That, my friend, is more socialist than Venezuela, where the rich get rich by corruption, and pay no taxes.




  2. Maybe in the eyes of Uncle Sam it’s better to have a dictator in Venezuela than it is for the people to find a way to determine their own destiny.  Why should the US back the people of Venezuela when they hold their own people in such contempt?

  3. So the author thinks that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act repealing Glass-Steagall that regulated the banks was a socialist policy and ‘good’, or neoconservative or neoliberal trade and economic ‘policies’ are socialist based?  Or $600 billion to a trillion annually on the MIC is also socialist like… Okey dokey  … believe whatever one wants … doesn’t mean it is true.  Not that I care one twit about the so-called ‘liberal’ policies but implying so-called ‘conservative’ policies are ‘good’ and ‘different’ than the ‘liberal’ policies is just ignorant

  4. So socialism is solely responsible for Venezuela’s situation? So if they were the U.S. governments petro-dollar trading partner, this would be happening to them? Yes, socialism creates a lazy oligarchy, but so does every system of government on earth. Is socialism really so far inferior to the completely phony façade of a meritocracy that is U.S. capitalism, where .001% of us print money, and the rest of us compete with each other for who gets to pay the lowest interest rate on it? Watch Really Graceful’s video below, it’s eye-opening. The whole “capitalist vs. socialist” meme is another meme designed to divide the 99% who works into 50:49 so we fight each other while the top 1% takes half of everything.


  5. What media is not going to tell you is that all what you see in Venezuela is organized to take oil resources back from the country. BTW, Maduro is the globalist guy 100%, since he plays into the globalists’ hands. Had he not been, Venezuela would nationalize its central bank, would issue its own currency and carry on with life. I bet the Chinese would not give a $hit and still purchase their resources whether or not the extraction was paid for with a borrowed currency or Venezuelan “green buck”. Look at young people with covered faces and backpacks. Events resemble “maidan” (aka “popular uprising”)  in Ukraine. The signature is the same, and btw has nothing to do with socialism. Socialism was thrown in the mix just to make some dorks in America happy that a “socialist paradise” is going down so that they can by more popcorn an have a reality show.

    • This “American Dork” would like you to give me a single example of a “Socialist Paradise” that did not turn into a nightmare for the people in 30 years?

      Not a financial hiccup…A NIGHTMARE! Financially, and or Politically? This American Capitalist “Dork” lives in a country struggling to maintain its capitalist history…one which drove this country from a barren land to a thriving first world order in 200 years! I can name 50+ countries that have been developed since the old testament and in 6,000 years maybe 3 of them have ruled over their mere region.

      Socialism has been the declining factor to my countrys greatness, Communism is just one step of “faith” further down the rabbit hole. As a matter of fact, Venezuela slid into a Communist dictatorship in a blink of an eye, they just havent called it what it is! Socialism is a birthing pain to Communism hands down!

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