collapse-endHedge funds have quickly started withdrawing their cash from Deutsche Bank.
This is a BIG deal…


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Market Rumblings

Hello brothers, this week we take a look at the enormous market problems being caused by Deutsche Bank. We specifically talk about things like:

-The HUGE share price drop, and how low Deutsche’s share price has gone…

-Which troubled company is now worth more Deutsche Bank…

-The amount of derivatives that Deutsche is involved with, and why no one can fix ultimately fix it…

-The number of hedge funds that have quickly started withdrawing their cash from Deutsche Bank, and why this announcement is a big deal…

-The 2nd largest German bank, which is also being hit hard by Deutsche’s contagion…

-The infamous European bankster who’s now denying Deutsche has any problems!

-The man who predicted the huge problems of Deutsche Bank YEARS ago! 


  1. Don’t set your hopes too high… the system is so corrupt, nothing is done by the rules anymore. DB will not go down, it will be kept alive on a printingpress lifeline. When the system finally breaks it will be ALL AT ONCE, most probably on a WW3 eve…

    • The printing press is what will lead to WW3.  Those that can print and export inflation continue to do so and those countries which cannot are becoming unstable.

  2. I don’t think the powers that be would allow such a thing.there is no way in the world they would let DB are all looking in the wrong place to find the monetary system reset.i believe it will come out of left field and we will all be saying,wow who would of figured?

    Went Home Last Night And Said Honey we are going to be rich.She Replied “AGAIN?”


    • No, we are not “all looking in the wrong place” on this issue.  I have said more than once that neither Germany nor the EU can afford to let DB collapse.  A way will be found to keep it running.  I suspect that it will be nationalized or whatever the EU equivalent of that would be and that the primary central banks of the world will put together some sort of financial package that will salvage this bank.  Not that they deserve it, of course, but because both Germany and the EU depend upon this systemically important bank.

      TPTB in this world always do all they can to manage such things, so they cannot allow an immediate collapse of the EU and world financial system, which is the likely result of a DB collapse.  A financial rabbit of some sort will be found and pulled from the appropriate hat.  I have no doubt that the Fed will be deeply involved in this.


  3. If it were true that DB was about to collapse, why would they tell you? Why would they alert the public? At this point, most news/journalism is worthless, so why would those in charge find religion and inform any of you of a cataclysmic event?

    • @charlie


      They would not, of course, because knowledge IS power… and they not only do not give up their power easily, they do not give it up at all.  It has to be pried from their cold dead fingers.  They would be far too busy exploiting such knowledge to share it… as usual.


  4. All this stupid talk of war is being engineered by the cabal and it really is all talk. Furthermore the nuclear threat is also a red herring to scare the masses of sheep out there; it is far easier to CONTROL the ‘surfs’ when they are in FEAR!

    Ever wondered why nuclear testing was abandoned in the early 1980’s? Because they were forced to by a third party!

  5. Most of the nonsense you see on the net about Deutsche is just that. There are two types of derivatives. One that trades on exchanges thru out Europe, London and the US like the CME, NYMEX and Comex.  These are the LISTED derivatives. Then there are the UNLISTED or OTC derivatives which are rarely traded and when they do are on private dealer networks. These are bilateral contracts. Most of the banks OTC derivatives involve interest rate protection where they underwrote insurance like policies to entities. After a contract is written the bank would go to an exchange and purchase a listed derivative, (the hedge), to protect them from any future potential losses. This is exactly the same as an insurance firm underwriting a liability policy on your home and then turning around and buying a re-insurance policy to protect them from future potential losses.  The cost of the hedge is actually built in to the price of the unlisted derivative sold. Now do to German accounting rules the bank must post the total notional amount and they don’t separate the unlisted derivatives from their hedges.

    Also the bank’s clearing operations in the brokerage division actually trades or clears “LISTED” derivatives and not OTC derivatives as this guy implies. For those that do not know what a listed derivative is these are your options, futures, forwards, stock index funds, etc. It actually clears for over 200 firms and only 10 hedge funds withdrew “excess” cash and they did not close out their existing trades and still have enough cash in margin accounts to trade. Now why did they withdraw excess cash? You can bet that these are the same firms who would owe the bank capital if an unlisted derivative went bust and they simply withdrew cash so the bank would not confiscate those funds. They sold the bank hedges. If you remember back when the banks and the Fed had an emergency meeting at the White House and the Fed came out and made the statement that no foreign entity could confiscate any assets of US institutions without a 48 hour holding period. In other wards the Fed was not concerned that Deutsche was in trouble but that the bank would seize US assets if an unlisted derivative went bust.

    What is really happening is that the globalist, wall street and American corporations are pressuring Germany, their financial institutions and companies to sign the TTIP trade deal.

    Cypress bail ins were in fact aimed at Russia individuals and entities that had billions there. Everybody that had over 100,000 euros in there accounts got wacked by 40%.

    I suggest the guy do research before he makes any more videos. Willie has not be right on anything. He has no experience trading any financial markets but yet he makes forecasts on those markets. Go figure!


    • Banks are not completely hedged otherwise LB would still be around. Even if hedged they could still fall if the counterparties fail to deliver.

      And I suggest you check your orthography, the country is cyprus, cypress is a conifer.

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