Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Joins SD To Issue A DIRE Warning: Western Civilization is Going to COLLAPSE:


Debt is higher than ever. Therefore, this crisis “will be worse than anything in our lifetime,” Rogers predicts. Governments, countries, and banks will fail, he says.

How should we prepare?

“If you start investing in things you don’t know about, I assure you you’re going to have real problems when the situation goes bad,  Rogers warns, “Stay with what you know.”

He expects agriculture to do well going forward. In the short run, he in is bullish on the U.S. Dollar and bearish on precious metals. But in the long run, he sees confidence being eroded in the Dollar, and more movement into gold and silver.

Rogers expects governments to restrict the use of gold and silver when the crisis hits.

Stay tuned to hear what country Rogers thinks will dominate the 21st century – it’s not the United States…

  1. More fear porn, aka fake news, if I were common core educated I wood believe everything that is said. The wholetruth help me God. Articles are for entertainment purposes only. Comment section is where the ideas of the pm market come to play.

    Stacking the shiny silver phyzz one coin at a time, till the cows come home.

  2. Retracement rally continues. Final low in metals to come followed by a true rally. Expect the currency crises to be generated from the eventual rise in the dollar, thus depreciating all other currencies including the Euro, progressing into 2018.

  3. @LDS-Steadfast – I am not convinced that the final low has been made either. I think what we are seeing right now is simply a relief rally from very oversold levels. The “red hot summer” that the gurus were predicting obviously did not pan out for the metals. Gold can’t even tack on $10 in a day anymore. Silver has been even worse.


    • Any “red hot summer” action out there ISN’T in PMs.  But then, why should it be?  Summer, historically, is the S-L-O-W selling season for PMs.  In fact, the next red hot summer action in PMs could well be the 1st.  AFTER the summer is over is when PM sales and prices have a chance to pick up a little.  I’m still waiting on some sub-$1200 gold, though.  The recent run down to around $1210 was interesting but ran out of gas before crossing the $1199 finish line.  😉


  4. Sounds like this guy is gonna wait too long and won’t be able to get physical. Then he will be stuck with his precious, worthless dollars. Keep stacking, don’t listen to this crap. Just dollar cost average.

    • He did say that he has a big stack of P.M.’s 


      The way all of these previously P.M.’s advisers have changed to be partly Crypto’s makes me wonder whether they have been threatened by TPTB to put in an alternative view or be neutralised .


      We could make an interesting list of previously smart people going GA GA on Crypticals (Tulips). 

      Thoughts anyone please? _JLG. 

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