wells-fargo-scandalWhat I’m about to tell you is a true story…


From Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

And by the end of it, I hope it will be pretty clear that we’ve been programmed to put far, far too much trust in the banking system.

We’re told that banks are supposedly “risk free”.

And yet every scrap of publicly available evidence shows that banks take every opportunity to prove that they cannot be trusted with other people’s money.

They have been caught colluding to fix interest rates, exchange rates, and commodities prices to the detriment of their own customers.

They make insanely stupid bets with their depositors’ savings… and then when the bets go wrong, they go to the taxpayer with hat in hand claiming that they’re too important to go bust.

But most importantly, as my story will show you, they act with a sanctimonious sense of self-entitlement… that it’s no longer YOUR money in the bank. It’s their money.

And they’re going to do whatever they damn well please with it.

Take a listen in today’s podcast… the first I’ve put out in a very long five months.

Podcast Episode #71
How can anyone trust these people?

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  1. Love ya work johnny! I just got 3 demerit points on kitco for having my say to the moderator,i didnt swear at the [***********] just pointed out a few facts to him a few times and he got sick of hearing the truth,the mod over there is a complete [*********] and the next time i post there i will be banned for sure,cause i already know what im gunna tell this idiot! This guy is gunna cop an unadulterated no holds barred bad grunta!


    My grandma taught me that vulgar language was the sign of a weak mind. Remember, we are all guests here myself included and best to act and treat each other accordingly…Moderator

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