Not only are the “signs” pointing to the collapse of the Global Fiat Monetary System… the FACTS and EVENTS are pointing to it too.

From Bix Weir

Things are happening with the Saudi asset dump and the Deutsche Bank forced collapse which will both, separately or in tandem, cause a global melt down of the ENTIRE system.
Here are two very good interviews from some very smart people that had never been on the “Total Collapse” Road…until now!
Armstrong: The Next Great Depression will be a Collapse of Bonds
I have warned for close to a decade that the PLAN was to destroy the entire electronic monetary system in a Creative Destructive Event. It’s what was written in the Road to Roota comics from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and it is 100% correct.
    • @Johngalt

      However, China is on holiday this entire next week so this may mean total control by the manipulators. Now that the Jubilee year is over – I am about to go dark on hopes that we win anytime soon.

    • Weir is full of total nonsense. This guy doesn’t trade any financial markets and yet predicts a market collapse. He also states metals are capped at the Comex but admits he doesn’t even follow price movement or trade so how would he know? He theory that the US is going to a gold backed currency is also total nonsense. As I have commented before this would cause dollar strength and collapse the US export market. The US was forced off the standard because it simply could no longer afford to keep purchasing gold to back the new liquidity an economy needs to create growth and jobs and that was when the price was “fixed” at $35oz so how would the US afford it today with the price at over $1300 and it floats? Also under the old system the dollar could be exchanged for physical gold so the US had to constantly purchase more to cover the short fall that went out the gold window.

      As I have also commented before lets look at the math. The total amount of M3 in just the US is over $51 trillion which includes deposits and printed currency and coins. All of this would have to be backed by gold because if your deposits were not, you would want cash backed gold because your deposits would be at risk. Now the total amount of monetary and non monetary gold ever mined is less than $9 trillion at today’s prices. Do you see the problem here? There is simply not enough gold to back not only the M3 but add the total world’s equivalent and the figure is staggering. Now some claim like Holter that the gold price would be artificially “reset” to a much higher price but this doesn’t make any sense either because if countries like the US couldn’t afford it at $35oz, how are they going to afford it at some high artificial price? The high price itself would collapse any gold backed currency. Remember a country must not only keep purchasing gold to back new liquidity but to restock what went out the gold window!

      The dollar and Dow didn’t collapse on 9/23 as many had predicted, nor on 9/30, nor on 10/1 or today. In fact most international markets are actually up and not down.

      Weir needs to stick to reading his Fed comic book and stop the fear porn!

    • @jj  I too believe that to there is enough gold to back the world’s currencies.

      The thing is that the backing will require a fantastically higher price Quoted in the relative currencies. This will be have to allow for the unbelievable amounts of airy fairy make believe paper & digital (money), which does not represent any wealth at the moment.

      It was created as a means to steal the efforts of the producers.

      There are very few who understand that the reason that the thieves get together and decide that they want to steal 2% of your produce through inflation yearly. 

      They have actually told the world this is their target.

      There are growing numbers of people the world over who are buying the metals to protect their savings from these predators.

      This is slowing the velocity of currencies and causing deflation despite the best efforts of the thieves to continue stealing peoples savings with their paper theft certificates.

      There is a massive battle going on between the Deflationist Sound Money  People  V’s the Soft Money side.

      As I said there is plenty of gold at the Right Price. This is what Willie, Holter, and all the other enlightened commentators are alluding to.  _JLG. 

    • @ jj, JOHNLGALT I agree also that there is not enough gold to back the currencies. But is there enough other metals ( silver, copper etc.) to back them? If currencies were backed by “just gold” that would mean a dollar would be about 0.00065… of a gram, which doesn’t make much sense at all, but maybe a metal backed currency would work. What are your thoughts?

    • AG, Well damn, I just wrote a very long dissertation that went away. Made headline reading too!

      I will say that in short, this country is getting totally screwed at any store cash register. I am an old Soul (75) and try to tell people and mostly family and friends what lay ahead. Rolls off their brain intake like water off of a poisoned water pipe in Michigan. I always read your comments and read your articles AG.

      My (Trophy wife of 51 years) and I have lost heavily in our oil income. Royalties and Working interests combined. We have accumulated all necessary items to survive the crash event on the Horizon, Savings will run extremely short depending on which Horizon the Gurus talk about!

      My in home Safety Poster business that I started 25 years ago has plainly gone to the proverbial Shit House! Even the Customers who don’t pay their bills aren’t buying anything!

      Living off of dwindling savings and Social Security, less oil income and my poster business. Hopefully with my dwindling health issues I will live long enough to savor what we have to protect ourselves.

      My Best Regards to you and those you care about.


    • lol @K.Honaz


      Ah, the best-laid plans of mice and men… or, as is said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans” because as sure as anything, He will have different ideas about what happens to us.


  1. It sure could be THAT day.

    While all the Death Stars are aligned in a dismal formation of chaos, I take no comfort in seeing what appears to be inevitable.

    No one will go unscathed from these events. The weathly will loose some money but the poor will loose their lives

    Prey for the widows, orphans and the infirm.

    Only God alone is able to shield against this onslaught of wrath.

    • @Citizen


      “Only God alone is able to shield against this onslaught of wrath.”


      Yes, He is able, but is He willing?  It is entirely possible that the coming collapse is a major part of His plan to bring us all back into the fold and away from the current secular debauchery in which so many now engage.


    • ” It is entirely possible that the coming collapse is a major part of His plan to bring us all back into the fold and away from the current secular debauchery in which so many now engage.”

      If that is so, then why is God waiting?  No, I feel that God is having a good laugh at all the shenanigans.

  2. Nothing farther from the truth, all risk factors are being removed from the markets. And btw: a few days after I asked when the fed will buy stocks Janet her self started talking about it, nice!

    Let’s listen to Christine Lagarde explaining what is going on with SDRs and the world echonomy in general, does she look worried? 🙂


    • “does she look worried? “


      Yes, she does… but no more so than most bankers and economists.  It’s one of their “professional” attributes.

    • While it now seems that Friday’s rumor of a substantially reduced Deutsche Bank settlement with the DOJ, which sent the stock price soaring from all time lows, was false following a FAZ report that CEO John Cryan has not yet begun the renegotiation process, and in the “next few days” is set to fly to the US to discuss the proposed RMBS misselling settlement with the US Attorney General, Germany’s largest lender continues to be impacted by the public’s declining confidence, exacerbated over the weekend by a disturbing “IT glitch.”

      For one, it remains unclear if Friday’s report halted, or reversed, the outflow of cash from DB’s prime brokerage clients, which as Bloomberg first reported last week was a major catalyst for the swoon in the stock price. However, as UniCredit’s chief economist Erik Nielsen notes in a Sunday notes, one thing is certain: “so long as a fine of this order of magnitude ($14 billion) is an even remote possibility, markets worry.”

      There is also the threat of the bank’s massive derivative book, which despite attempts of many pundits to gloss over, over the weekend none other than JPM admitted that that is what the markets will likely be focusing on for the foreseeable future: “In our opinion it is not so much funding issues but rather derivatives exposures that more likely to trouble markets going forward if Deutsche Bank concerns continue.  This is especially true if these concerns propagate into a confidence crisis inducing more rapid unwinding of derivative contracts.”

      Indeed, as we first hinted last Thursday…

  3. Last quarter of 2016, what will it bring in terms of pm values?

    Who will be the next President of the USA?

    What will become of the US economy?

    When will WW III begin and by whom?

    Stacking the shiny while my wife sleeps

    • I talked to Blo…he says on the seventh hour the seventh minute and seventeen seconds from the seventh blood moon divided by seven gives us the exact date on Daniel’s timeline. He will tell you for $99 ( which is 7 x 14.1428571 add those numbers up and you get 40…40 /7 = 5.71428571…simple really!)

  4. Right now the financial system falls apart unless DB gets a bail out.

    Europe then falls apart unless BMP gets a bail out.

    So if we are looking at a controlled demolition DB will go down soon. If we are not, and instead looking at group of pathological incompetents trying to save the system, we can expect an announcement soon that both banks are to be bailed out.  In this eventuality the demolitionists will revert to the argument that the system has been saved for a while longer to enable the elite to milk even more wealth from the productive classes. This is of course a current system outcome anyway.

    The above the most obvious prediction anyone can make and is a useful tool for determining the boundary between conspiracy theory and stupidity in the leadership.

    We are at a critical point in history.

    • Au = $1316 right now.  I guess last Fridays slam down was because the bankers were expecting DB issues to work against them so they wanted a lower start point for this weeks paper price rise.

    • Aparently Martin Armstrong has it that gold only has a retail market no institutional market.  Strange that with Central Banks buying for about a decade, there being no Russian retail market and Russia buying and mining like crazy and of course the chinese PBOC (and other banks that are hiding the yellow stuff for them. He is probably largely correct about India, at least in the main.  But surely such a smart guy cannot be aware of this?  Does he have some hidden agenda?

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