end-collapseIf the following is any indication, the bankster elite are in BIG trouble:


From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler

If the Fed were to reverse the portion of its QE in which it injected trillions onto big bank balance sheets as well as fomented a mortgage/housing bubble, the Too Big To Fails – including Goldman Sachs – would collapse.  Make no mistake, it would ultimately prove to be a good thing.

However, there’s also a growing groundswell of grassroot Americans who have “woken up.”  Perhaps the only good attribute of the last election is that it hastened the rate of enlightenment.   Too be sure, the number of Americans who understand the difference between Truth and Propaganda has vastly increased.

SilverMapleSDBullionA reader of this blog and subscriber to the Mining Stock and Short Seller Journals submitted this narrative of a recent “enlightenment” experience that occurred while on a routine visit to the local barber shop.  It’s worth perusing:

I’m almost speechless as a result of the experience I just had. I have just returned from getting a haircut at the local barbershop downtown. I was there along with the barber, a semi-retired gentleman who now drives a school bus part-time, and a local hay farmer. Our conversation was an absolute stunner, and provides very compelling (albeit admittedly anecdotal) evidence that the bankster elite are in BIG trouble.


Well, first of all, the barber (in his late 30s) was explaining for all of us how the big banks are in MAJOR trouble on account of (and I am quoting verbatim) “the trillions of dollars of complex derivatives they are holding that are going to implode as a result of the rapid rise in US treasury bond yields.

The bus driver then explained to everyone how he is no longer keeping any more money in his checking account than he needs to cover outstanding checks; that otherwise he holds all of his money in cash at home.

Why? Because he is afraid that, at some point in the very near future, “we’ll all wake up on a Monday morning to discover that a bank holiday has been declared, and none of us will be able to access our funds.”

Finally, the hay farmer told us all how, as a result of having an excellent harvest this year, he had opted to pay off, two years early, the loan on his new tractor. He explained how he had received a call from the bank holding the loan, and the loan officer had attempted to convince him to NOT pay off the loan yet, and even offered to refund twelve months of interest payments if he would simply carry the loan to full term. The farmer adamantly refused.

His response to the bank officer?

“I understand perfectly well why you want to keep this loan on your books for two more years: you are using my loan as collateral to borrow short and lend long to the tune of at least ten times my original loan balance, and if I pay off my loan early, my debt and your collateral will be extinguished at the same time, and you’ll have to come up with more collateral to back up loans you never should have made in the first place.”

I was stunned!

“… borrow short and lend long … if I pay off my loan early, my debt and your collateral will be extinguished … loans you never should have made in the first place.” WOW!

I sat there absolutely amazed at the relatively high level of understanding manifest by these “salt of the earth” types — and I realized the extent to which the global elite have grossly underestimated the common folk of this world.

I am, at this moment, as hopeful for the future of America as I have been in many years.

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    • Coffee shops and work sites the world over are “getting it”. It’s like the 10 thousands at the Trump rallies we weren’t allowed to see. “Turn the cameras around”. At work for the last 3 years I’ve scrawled my why to buy silver screed on the govt bonds propaganda, while ridiculing the notion that one should give even more if their $ to a spendthrift govt for no return. Progressives are the most impervious to these truths. They relish their pseudo elitist status, and with their New Age bs, truly believed they are an enlightened film on the pond scum of humanity. Two women started talking aloud on the bus today about Hilary, so I considered it an open forum to respond to every point they made.

    • “Two women started talking aloud on the bus today about Hilary, so I considered it an open forum to respond to every point they made.”

      Lol… good job on that.  I can only imagine the dirty looks they gave you for that.  But, so what?  If even one other person on the bus picked up just 1 nugget of truth, it was all worth the effort.  🙂

    • Haha. Thanks Ed B. Ive discovered now I dont even have to wait for Hilary praising Progressives to start a chat. Once someone starts denouncing the Donald, I ask, but would you rather Hilary? Then wham! You got em! and can chat at length about her crimes and misdemeanors

    • You’re welcome @Strannick

      Yep, there’s just SO MUCH material one can use when Hellery comes into a conversation.  But I sure would like to see her in an orange jump suit with a target printed on the back.  That would be my idea of a “happy ending” to all this Clinton nonsense.  Maybe her husband and staff could have adjoining cells?  Lord knows, they deserve to be at her side, no matter what…  😀


  1. This is true and very inspirational. The dark side is that we all have to brace ourselves for the credit collapse that is coming. It will and should make our lives much more dismal.  But thank goodness the crooks are not going to get us in any deeper.  In the long run, we will all be much better off.

    • ” The dark side is that we all have to brace ourselves for the credit collapse that is coming.”

      Not all.  Some of us do not need any credit because we have money.  🙂

      Not that there won’t be many problems, of course, and no one is immune to the suffering of others.  Like a lot of others, I will be increasing my charitable contributions to those local groups that serve the needy most efficiently.

  2. Every recession, and including the Great Depression, were all caused by a “credit collapse”. A “credit collapse” means the the Bankers can’t make loans since the peons can’t get loans, because they are “over loaned”. When this happens the Bankers have no income, so they collapse the system to force a restart.

    The housing industry creates 1,000,000 loans a year. When this goes down, well you can figure it out. The auto industry is willing to lease a car [small, junk, but new] for $99 a month. Wow, they are at the end of cycle; credit collapse has happen for them.

    Even after the restart, reset, things will not get better. Automation is here, and is advancing at exponential rates. $70,000 for a completely automated pizza maker; 3 year payback at $15/hour. Self driving “long haul trucks”, etc.

    Have a Merry Christmas, buy gold/silver so you can have a Happy New Year!

    • “Every recession, and including the Great Depression, were all caused by a “credit collapse”.”

      In my view, the credit collapse that then caused the Great Depression was artificially orchestrated by those same self-serving banksters who COULD have made loans but chose not to.  Back then, gold was money and they hoarded gold as part of this plan.  FDR signed his now-infamous EO #6102 to force the banks to disgorge their gold hoard and remove it from the financial system so that it could no longer be used in this way.

      This fits their pattern of instigating inflation for some years and then pulling the financial rug out from under everyone who has over-extended themselves.  When the collapse comes, which they know that it will, they swoop in and buy lots of assets at pennies on the dollar, often from sheriff’s tax sales. After a few years, this process is reversed and they are able to unload those assets at MUCH higher prices.  By using this technique, they are able to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.  This happens about every 80 years.  A smaller version is done about every 40 years in between the bigger recessions.  To cover their butts from public outrage over this, they have coined the term “the business cycle” to imply that this is a natural event for which no one is responsible.  HA!, says I.

      As is often the case, a Thomas Jefferson quote is illustrative:

      “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation (Roaring Twenties), then by deflation (the Great Depression of the 1930s), the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”


    • I am Dave Kranzler’s source for the anecdotal account referenced in his blog post and now cited here at Silver Doctors. I will add one detail to the account which he chose (with my consent) to omit: the discussion in question occurred in a barbershop on Main Street in Cedar City, Utah.  And although I make no pretense to being able to predict with any degree of certainty what their reaction would be to the hypothetical events you posit, I am sufficiently well acquainted with myself and the other conversation participants to say that I most certainly would not, and I very much doubt they would acquiesce to a coup d’etat in the United States, and I am even more confident that they would never relinquish their 2nd amendment rights without a concerted and determined fight.

    • I always knew that there were good reasons to like Cedar City.  I’ve been there a couple of times on driving vacations.  Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument are all within easy driving distance of Cedar City.  The surrounding area also looks like a great place for fishing and hunting.  We saw a number of deer near the highway as we drove to Bryce Canyon as well as some lakes that seemed to be begging for someone to come and wet a line there.  🙂

  3. That’s good to know and comforting @Captain Danite.  The confusion created by and Fake News accounts of the disaffection of the Electors seemed to be a ridiculous side show.   54 Electors demanding a 9-11 investigation (like that one was done well) are all Dems, with more than a few originating from the Moonbeamanoid  asylum.   Dave’s a real treasure as he daily flogs his articles for our review.  Information and enjoyable to say  the least.

  4. Great stuff CD I am also an MSJ subscriber.  I live Frederick Md, where I can agree on some level about an “awakening” but here around DC people are still blissfully ignorant.

    I do have a small following/group of folks in the community but otherwise you speak the truth and people just look at you like you’re speaking French.  I do at times wonder if the lies and market manipulation will ever end.

  5. @Ed Brown and many others.


    I thank Ed Brown and Serveral others here for their insightful thoughts, I believe I am becoming a better critical thinker because of the manner in which they sift thru the BS and make sense of what is worth making sense of in the first place.    Good for me in these krazy times.

    • Thanks @Falco.  Many of those who come to this site contribute something to the conversation.  I know that when I first came here, I did not know a lot about PMs and other financial issues surrounding them.  But thanks to much reading of many of the comments here, I have learned a lot.  If I can share that with others, I am happy to do so.  🙂

    • Indeed so @AJ

      My very favorite way of doing this would be if Trump were to appoint Ron Paul as the Chairman of the FOMC.  Yellen’s term isn’t up yet but if the president of the US were to express public disapproval of the job she has done, she would be pretty much forced to resign.  😀


    • Agreed.  Or, at least modify it to include a stream of BS coming out of her mouth. That would fulfill any “truth in advertising” rules.  😉


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