imagesAre we about to enter Biblical times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?  Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse soon to ride?
How could such terrible calamities begin as foretold within the Book, and WHAT could be the ‘triggering event”?
Looking at our world today, the best guess of WHAT the ‘triggering event” could be is a worldwide financial Derivative Crisis
Calculations indicate we are now very close to such an event, in fact, EXTREMELY close… 



Submitted by Bo Polny:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to John the Apostle, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. The Four Riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest or Pestilence or Christ or the Antichrist (theologians and popular culture differ on the first horseman) [1], War [2], Famine [3] and Death [4].


Are the Four Riders in the Book of Revelation a Truth (yet to occur) or complete Fiction


Are we living in or about to enter these Biblical times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?  Are the horsemen soon to ride or is all this just complete Fiction? 


How could such terrible calamities begin as foretold within the Book?  WHAT could be the ‘triggering event” if the Book of Revelation is a truth and WHEN would it all begin?


Many questions and much to consider.


Looking at our world today, the best guess of WHAT the ‘triggering event” could be is a worldwide financial Derivative Crisis.  How could such an event occur?  That is anyone’s best guess; but the WHEN we believe is mathematically possible to calculate… and calculations indicate we are now very close to such an event, in fact, extremely close. 

In our most recent YouTube video titled ‘Chaos 2016’ (LINK) posted August 17, 2016, at the 11:20 minute mark we include this slide to the right outlining our 2015 and specifically our new 2016 US Stock Market calculations.    


The slide calculations point to August 15, 2016 as a date of interest.  Anything special about the date August 15, 2016?


 Slide 1

Let’s have a look at two US Stock Markets, specifically the DOW and the S&P500 charts below.  First, notice that on EXACTLY August 15, 2016 the DOW topped at 18,668 and has since been NO higher.  Next, notice that on EXACTLY August 15, 2016 the S&P500 topped at 2,193 and has since been NO higher.  Interesting!


Did August 15, 2015 just mark the FINAL top on the DOW the S&P500? 

Slide 2_DOW & S&P

Our calculations indicate that is exactly what just occurred.


Believe it or not, there is a second calculated DATE that points to the exact DATE the World COLLAPSE is expected to begin, and this DATE is now extremely close!


Recall in December of 2015, we also calculated the exact gold bottom at $1045 on December 3, 2015 in a Future Money Trends Interview (click LINK here) when we stated ‘gold would go no lower’?  It has not.  Well in our YouTube videos and multiple interviews we have also been discussed a 252-year and 42-year stock market crash cycles both specifically pointing to this year, 2016!


To those believing and hoping for continued and never ending US and World Stock markets price rise, our first top calculation indicates time is now at an END for possible higher prices; our second and more IMPORTANT calculations point to a CRASH expected to occur on a specific DATE faith and confidence breaks.  Will this DATE end up marking the exact date the horsemen begin to RIDE?


Again, Truth or complete Fiction


Time will soon tell; but if you are a trader and this DATE is of interest to you, for the first time ever we are offering a single issue of our Stock INDEX for a very special rate.  Simply send an email to [email protected] stating ‘THE DATE’ and we will send you all the details. 


This DATE is the expected to be THE day the world stock markets begin to COLLAPSE.  Just as we forecast December 3, 2015 to be a critical final bottom in gold at $1045 (LINK) and presently the August 15, 2016 DOW & S&P500 tops, so too is this coming DATE expected to mark a critical time point for our financial world.


To those wise at, remember, what does not burn in a Financial Fire is God’s money…  Gold and silver, we hope you have prepared! 

And to those that mock, ‘but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand’, at Daniel 12:10.

Warm Regards,  Bo Polny

Market Cycles Analyst

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    • :).   *Chuckles*

      Yes, I’m sure if you open your eyes, you’ll notice the 4 horsemen have been running around rampant for 2000 years…

      While Western Christendom busies itself with the theological intellectualism, forecasting the next antichrist or catastrophe…Eastern Christians are butchered, tortured, and exiled for simply having a Bible or wanting to gather together to worship.   And Khazarian converts to Judiasm living in a land they call Israel have the full blessing of western Christendom to do whatever they please to help fulfill prophecy, eh?

    • Using religion to make financial predictions is just delusional as in quoting the Bible. Most have awakened to the fact that both the old and new testaments have not only been mistranslated but intentionally altered and books have been intentionally left out like the Books of Enoch and of course the agnostics view that Jesus was not a savior but just a man. There was a program which aired last year on the Science Channel by an Israeli anthropologist and who was also a journalist reporting on ancient manuscripts. He found in Phoenician, Latin and Aramaic manuscripts a story of a Roman soldier who had a relationship with a women named Mary and produced a son. Now normally this type of stuff never makes it in history books or ancient manuscripts as this was quite common every where the Romans occupied but this did for three reasons. The first is that this son named Jesus started a movement with his wife also named Mary and who was actually a Phoenician Priestess. The second reason is this movement didn’t set well with the Hebrews and they eventually had the Romans arrest and crucify him. He went to an ancient burial site close to where the archeologist thought the Romans had done some crucifixions and found an Ossuary box and inscribed on the outside in ancient Hebrew was the name Jesus. Also the program proved that the Romans did not use the cross but the symbol X. He went around to ancient early churches in Israel and the surrounding areas and found on all these churches inscribed in stone the symbol X and this was the original Christian symbol. There is also nothing in these manuscripts of Jesus being a savior but just a person who was crucified for his movement. The third reason is the Roman was sent to fight the “barbarians” in what is now Germany along with his legion and there he became a great military leader. The program went to Germany and in one museum was found a statue with his name on it of this very Roman soldier.

      The manuscripts state that Mary escaped with her two sons to Cypress and the program went there as an ancient church was being excavated and on the floor was a very large mosaic of the images and names of both Mary and Jesus. Above Mary’s head was the Moon and she was dressed like a Phoenician Priestess just as the manuscripts stated. Two graves were found one marked as Mary and the other one a son named Maximus. There was no record of the other son.

      Some years back the Vatican had a professor who was and still is an expert on ancient Hebrew translate their old testament they had in their archives. It turned out to be not a spiritual book but a history of how man was created by beings called the Eloyhim from a very early primitive species. They eventually mated with man and their offspring is the Niphilim from the Books of Enoch and these are the individuals in the current version who had very long lifespans. When a second group arrived they tried to destroy man by a world wide flood. War erupted and the original were defeated and incorrectly mistranslated called the “Fallen Angels”. There were no mention of “GOD” or “GODS” as in many as this was also mistranslated and means “From those that came from above”. There is also no mention of Satan, the devil, the concept of salvation, hell,  snakes or serpents not even the garden of Eden.

      Both the old and new testaments have been changed so much that there are hardly even close to the original.  Organized religion back then as today is a form of control as it takes the power away from man and places it with some entity outside of yourself and to attain “salvation” you must go thru these organized structures. That they say is history!

    • @JJ –

      Might I suggest you find out from the Spirit the identity of Jesus Christ, rather than from television programs or esoteric reading.

      You may also by the law of adjuration command your spirit guide(s) to tell you who He truly is, though definitely not the best way to go about it.

      Best is to genuinely call out His name several times, and note why the unclean spirits are so troubled at the mention of His name.

      Once you discover all spirits are subject to Him, you may want to revisit the most historically documented, scrutinized yet accurate ancient Text in the world for juicy details explaining why He is the Christ:  the Bible.

    • @JJ ~

      Nephilim, reptilians, ascended masters, astral travelers, remote viewers, principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, demon spirits, disembodied human spirits, satan/lucifer himself…all subject to the name of Jesus Christ.

      There is no where in any dimension, parallel world, or time where His name is not the final authority.

      And those who know the Truth have authority over all those spirits in His name, and are tasked with using their authority to demonstrate His love to mankind and His power over all rebellious usurping spirits.


    • @NotAnOwner;


      Yup, Horus, Mishra, Krishna are all around still, and very much worshipped.  I don’t deny you your point.

      I simply am saying I’ve experienced the dominion that the name of Jesus Christ has over them.  They are especially discombobulated and weak when singing or giving loud thanks to Jesus Christ.

      Go ahead.  Adjure the spirits of Mishra, Krishna, Horus by the law of El Elyon the Most High (if you sincerely wish to know) to tell you the truth, then ask them who they serve.  They dare not lie under oath.  They pay homeage to Looserfer (I mean satan, aka lucifer), so they’re not even atop their own spiritual government.  They’re underlings.  And satan, whom they pay homeage to, is hot and bothered by the mere mention of Jesus Christ.  Not to mention powerless to touch any of those that belong to Him.

      Go ahead and worship who you want, or no one at all.  It won’t change the reality of the spiritual hierarchy, and that Jesus Christ sits at the top of it, and all the wannabe spirits like Horus and Krishna are a hot mess when His name is being exulted.

      Until your investigation leads you beyond mere books and history, and goes to the spiritual domain (i.e. the root of the issue), you will continue to promulgate these fairy tales and pat yourself on the back for being enlightened, much superior to those simpleton, gullible, deceived & powerless Christians you’ve had the displeasure of knowing.



    • @k-honaz : if you really want to talk about it .. I was raised in a Christian home, evangelists to be more precise, I always helped cook and feed others and many other chores there, including preaching door to door. One thing I learned about all that : no one really believes. Everyone has an excuse to not give them selves 100% for the others.

      Then fast forwarding to this date I can tell you I still believe in God, but the story we’ve been told and the entire Bible for that matter is full of pagan content.

      I think you are trying to do your best, I did too, but at some point you have to open your eyes and understand that believing a lie does not put you closer to the divine. It’s the opposite.

    • @NotAnOwner:
      “no one really believes. Everyone has an excuse to not give them selves 100% for the others.”
      I understand.  I also shared the same disappointment in my life.  But that, too, is a hypocritical position for me to hold, because I have many times “missed the mark.”  So for me to hold that assessment of others is, in itself, hypocritical.  Men fail to keep their vows to God.  Your disappointment is understandable, but it will only lead you to discouragement.  Giving oneself 100% for others is a laudable ideal, but even you yourself know you can’t do that.  And if you say that you can, you lie to yourself, and the basic truth or knowledge of the human nature is not in you.
      Then fast forwarding to this date I can tell you I still believe in God, but the story we’ve been told and the entire Bible for that matter is full of pagan content.”
      I would respectfully disagree, for a few reasons.   1.  In the Divine Court in heaven, I find it is accepted as legal precedent, and as a witness/testimony.  Citing Charles Dickens, the Koran, or anything else in the Divine Court is not accepted by the Judge as legal precedent.  2.  The Spirit bears witness to my spirit that is a true witness.  The Advocate, Jesus Christ, still quotes from the Text liberally.
      Historically, Jesus Christ Himself and the apostles all quote copiously from it.  If it were unreliable, they would all undermine their own authority in quoting it.  It’s also noteworthy that the same Text has been/is resisted by governments and authorities throughout history…why make such an ado over a worthless text?
      Furthermore, those who never heard of Jesus and then meet Him by visitation, dream, or vision are often spiritually hungry for a Text of Scripture.   When I first received the Holy Spirit, the only thing that satisfied my hunger and thirsting for God was the Text of Scripture.  It was a supernatural hunger, and I effortlessly read the Text for 4-8 hours a day.
      That’s to say nothing of the historicity and accuracy of the Texts we have from 2000 years ago.  We have reliable, unchanged Texts from 2000 years ago preserved in the Dead Sea scrolls.  To say otherwise is to bury your head in the sand and deny the body of evidence that both secular and religious scholars agree upon regarding this point.
      The deuce of it:  The heart of what you’re suggesting is that the spirit of the content is unreliable because of alterations and inserted or “pagan” content.  What is pagan but man’s attempt to give expression to the spiritual instincts that are borne within them?  That’s like putting a child before a spread of vegetables, meat, fruit, ice cream and candy and expecting them to eat a square meal.   They are going to gravitate towards what their tastebuds crave until instructed responsibly by an authority that loves them and cares for their advancement.
      So if paganism is the Jesus Christ-ignorant feeding of man’s inner spiritual hunger, then it needs a loving Father for guidance and direction to end up at a healthy and whole diet (Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life).
      But most people find a healthy diet too restrictive to their cravings.  They would rather enjoy satisfying their unhealthy cravings than strive for perfect health.   Most are too proud to admit that they need anything other than their own intellect and reason to make themselves whole.  They reject the guidance until they are near dead.   The face of death has a strange way of humbling a man’s confidence in his own abilities.


    • @k-honaz : what makes you think when I speak about everyone I am not speaking about me as well? There is no conflict in knowing the truth, acceptance brings clarity, clarity brings calmness.

      Books and Wisdom: I have learned so much lately from someone like Patanjali and his work, I would recommend everyone to learn from his sutras.

      As for the rest: I have a little trouble following much of what you say, and I don’t want to enter into a controversy about things I don’t fully grasp. Peace out.

    • The first horse of the apocalypse is the white horse:

      “Rev 6:2

      And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”

      This is a clear picture of the coming world dictator, known in theological circles as the antichrist, or beast. I’m not going to be here when he arrives on the scene, so this horse and the ones that follow have no relevance for me, only those left behind. A global economic collapse is also predicted in Revelation:

      “Rev 6:6

      And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

      Roughly translated, it means a day’s wages for a loaf of bread globally.

      Why I won’t be here for the party is explained in this video:

    • There is no cartel capping the gold price. I can’t believe in how many people have fallen for this nonsense. The HFT algos actually have been driving the price up, not down because of dollar strength especially in the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses as both are in long term bearish trends. Dollar strength equates to across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver. The bearish reversal level for gold is 1362 so the algos have been driving price up to around this level and then traders add shorts riding weakness back down. The last 7 moves upward proves this. First they drove to 1360, then 1372, 3 times to 1366, then to 1361 and finally to 1357 and each time traders added shorts at these level riding weakness back down to a low of 1313.

      This is not some “cartel” capping prices as these pm promoters and those who sell subscription services claim. They do this because they have to justify to there clients why metal prices are going down and have not broken out as they all have been promoting!

      The fact is the Fed could care less if the price was at $500 or $10,000 because the price of gold has nothing to do with dollar strength or weakness as this is determined by international capital flows. The Fed’s problem is that the dollar is to strong because one reason is every one is devaluing their currencies causing even more dollar strength. If the Fed actually thought the price of gold effects dollar strength or weakness they would simply have the price move higher to weaken the dollar but again the gold price has nothing to do with dollar strength or weakness. This is the reason the US was behind the creation of the Euro in 1985 at the Plaza Accord. They thought the Euro would be a major currency and this would cause dollar weakness. Now the euro and the EU is collapsing along with their economies due to incorrect economic and fiscal polices. Capital is flooding into the dollar, treasuries and the Dow due to these poor decisions made by the ECB, Brussels and Germany. Capital is also coming from Japan with negative rates and South America due to chaos. This is why all those who have been predicting a dollar and Dow collapse the last 3 years have all been wrong. Now so many are predicting a collapse in September or November and this too is total nonsense as these people only look at one market and that is metals. They don’t understand international capital flows moving into or out of markets determines price. As both the European, Japanese and South American economies continue to collapse more capital will flood into the US causing even more problems for the Fed. Funds are also moving to German banks from all over the EU because they believe that when the euro finally collapses the funds will converted into German marks. This is why some German banks went to negative rates to slow the funds coming in down. Capital moving out of southern Europe is causing massive problems with their banks and of their their Target 2 liabilities.

      This is how the real world functions and not the claims made by those who market metals or sell subscription services!

    • JJ, Why do you continually copy and paste that giant collection of words in regards to this subject?  It’s just as absurd this time as it was every other time you said it.

    • @jj

      No doubt that capital flows impact dollar strength or weakness against other currencies but other currencies aren’t gold. Gold is the ultimate yardstick against which the strength or weakness of a currency is measured, whether you think gold is a commodity or not. Given a hypothetical scenario where today 1 euro == 1 dollar and gold costs $1000 (or euros given the 1:1 ratio), if the world woke up tomorrow and gold was suddenly $2000 but still 1000 euro, I imagine the Fed would care quite a great deal about the price of gold in dollars.

    • jj you are just a disinfo agent:

      “The fact is the Fed could care less if the price was at $500 or $10,000 because the price of gold has nothing to do with dollar strength”

      That is elephant shit, many Fed minutes and Fed official declarations make clear that gold price capping is the most important theme for USD survival.

      Even Kissinger as secretary of state had meetings in which the only theme was gold.

      No, investors don´t collude to sell billions of dollars worth of gold in unison, that is illogical horse sh!t that could only be believed by someone without the slightest exposure to finance, a modern teenager maybe.


    • @jj  “HFT algos actually have been driving the price [of gold] up…the price of gold…is determined by international capital flows. … If the Fed actually thought the price of gold effects dollar strength or weakness they would simply have the price move higher to weaken the dollar.”

      You say that ICF determines the gold price AND HFT does too. Citadel is the HFT arm of the Fed and banks use easy/free money to support moves, neither you nor gold bugs should presume the Fed manipulates just precious metals prices in only one direction. You did not support your assertion that ICF determines the gold price, in fact you made a contradicting assertion that HFT does (which gold bugs would agree with). You want to mock gold bugs for believing there is collusion involved yet you do not offer any proof that there is none.

      @jj “The Fed’s problem is that the dollar is to strong because one reason is every one is devaluing their currencies causing even more dollar strength. As both the European, Japanese and South American economies continue to collapse more capital will flood into the US causing even more problems for the Fed.”

      All economies are burning currency trust through money creation but USD has more trust to burn through. USD money creation harms other economies first and their money creation response has less benefit. USD money creation is why other economies are collapsing.

  1. Bo does not say where the 33 day adjustment comes from. I gather then that 33 days separate the 252-year cycle and the 42 year cycle. The Jubilee adjustment for December 3, 2015 would be 360 days plus or minus 33 days. It is “plus or minus” because I don’t know which cycle was used for the December 3 calculation. Since Bo says “both specifically pointing to this year, 2016” then the date faith and confidence breaks would be Tuesday October 25, 2016. Anyone else want to make a guess?

  2. “Are we about to enter Biblical times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?”

    “Are we about to enter Hogwarts as foretold in Harry Potter?”

    Both fictitious or both real depending on how gullible you are.

  3. Its as well to remember that paul volker said the mistake they made in the 70’s was not controlling the gold price.   A reserve currency doing massive QE has to control the  gold price, the canary in the coal mine.

    • [……………………………………]
      The information provided can be easily verified by CLICKING on Silversmith username.


      Ana…We get it. Time for both of you to move on to another topic, please…Moderator  

    • He may be but somebody has to. My god, there has never been a sleazier bullcrap artist on the face of the planet. Bo is NEVER right, he is amazingly inaccurate, really.  Go read his 30 odd posts on SD and every single one has been proven wrong.

    • Ana Caci  is probably a Bo Polny sock puppet.  How else to explain support for the sleaziest operator there is in a field teeming with sleazy operators.  The use of religion to try to con people with his BS “predictions” is particularly despicable.

    • Ana Caci sounds suspiciously like Blo Pony having a little temper tantrum because he’s continually called out for his sleazy business practices.  Click on @Ana Caci ‘s profile name and I can’t help but find it suspicious that @Ana Caci has only been registered on this site for a week or so.  Nice try Blow, no cigar.

  4. Ready to ride the Bo express???  Choose which horse to ride!!!!   I’ll take my chances with Dan the donkey!!!!

    If he bucks me off and says “HEE HA” then I will know that it’s a no go!!!!!

    Thanks Bo for this completely brain damaging experience!!!!


  5. Bohdan Stephan Polny changes market cycle dates like he tries to change court dates. In April 2016, the con artist chiropractor was warning Will Lehr that “there was no time left” to buy gold and silver. In June 2016, the lying chiropractor was scaring investors with his “zero hour” and “running out of time” nonsense to buy gold and silver.

    Bohdan Stephan Polny owes so many legal fees for being a deadbeat debtor and a market loser for following his own terribly incorrect market cycles that he has a sale almost every week on chicken scratch charts and blood moon calendars. Bohdan Stephan Polny is just a charlatan.

    The hyped up date is October 2, 2016. After this day turns out to be another normal day, Bohdan Stephan Polny will still remain a delusional fool and a market fraud. Don’t waste any hard earned money on this garbage. Just use the money instead to buy a conservative amount of gold and silver and sleep calmly at night.

    Does Bohdan Stephan Polny recognize the cycles of his own business failures? This moron keeps losing and losing.

      SilverStrong…   Thanks AGAIN; but as pointed out to you in a prior thread, checked all your case links they were DISMISSED.  You keep point out FALSE information like a broken record!    As we all know this website SilverDoctors is INFECTED with ANTI-Gold/Silver TROLLS most likely PAID to lie and discourage readers.  I believe it is TIME ‘we’ the readers did something about these TROLLS, so let’s call them out…   Entertaining to watch, but CALL OUT a TROLL and all the other TROLLS jump in to defend their buddy!

      SilverStrong:  appeared on 5-months & 3-weeks ago.  His profile is EMPTY, displays NO photo of himself and hides behind a silly name of SilverStrong, pretending to know something about silver.   Best of all, to date has an incredible 112 post with ALL 112 posts bashing mostly Bo Polny, then David Morgan, Mike Maloney. Jeff Berwick, Jim Willie, Bill Holter, etc, a 100% track record, and now if that is NOT a TROLL then what is?   NUFF said.

      The information provided can be easily verified by CLICKING on SilverStrong username.

    • @SilverStrong

      You make a strong case. Thank you for sharing. It seems Bo isn’t profiting much from his timing forecasts, or perhaps the Jubilee year adjustment mistake hurt his bets. I’m sick of Bo’s vague “very soon” forecasts and attempting to figure out what date he might be implying. His attempt to collect large amounts of money to know “God’s timing” is somewhat offensive because if it really worked then money should come easy to him. It is as if God intended that only George Soros was intended to afford Bo’s timing forecasts.

    • @Ana Caci

      I had not even seen your “TROLL” claim until after my post, I was busy reading the links that @SilverStrong had given and had not refreshed the page before posting my own comment. I’ve been PM invested for several years now and was a sucker for the M.Armstrong and J.Kahn timing predictions. Bo was for a long time making forecasts that I believed were accurate.  I still have not concluded Bo is wrong, but I’ve lately been having doubts. I’ve only posted to SD once before registering yesterday, and I don’t normally even read the post comments.  I don’t know or care what @SilverStrong had written before, I only judged the value of the message I read. I’m certainly not his “buddy”.

      “Riptide” was just a random thought, the word means nothing to me. To me, you’ve exposed yourself as unbalanced. I see how you’ve rushed to judge me and so therefore I’ll second-guess anything that you write. I’ve seen my share of TROLLs in other forums, and I’ve seen them destroy honest people. I’ve also seen proof that known trolls had been posting from a Pentagon range of IP addresses. I have growing doubts about Bo and a comment section is a valid way to express them. So an attempt to solve the date riddle that Bo gave was trolling? Nope, you need to check your bias because you are the one being disruptive.


  6. I personally have to admit as a silver investor that I am often confused at the metals market. There are a lot of opinions out there, and there are a lot of conflicting viewpoints.I have run the gamut of emotions from total exuberance to abject apathy all the way to sheer jadedness and complete disgust The only thing that we can do is take it all in, and make a rational  decision on what is true and what is bullshyte based on logic. I find a thread of truth in everything I read, even from Bo. No metals guru has been 100% accurate in their predictions. I guess ya gotta think for yourself. Fine tune your intuition, sift thru all the garbage and look for a gem or two that you can hang onto.

  7. I noticed someone used rev 6.2 and 6.6 for the 4 horsemen 6+2+6+6=20th or +4 for the horsemen=24th,who knows what this crackhead is on about but bo might be using bible rev numbers,just a thought but i got no clue about bible stuff

  8. Personally i think its oct 2nd,i got that number stuck in my head so many times that i wrote it up on my board months ago,dont know why but had such a strong sense of this date in my brain,kinda like looking at horse race and getting sense about long shot winning,u dont have a bet and it bolts in,no im not crazy! i feel so strong about it that im pulling out of all stocks a week b4 this date.

  9. I am not a biblical scholar – but there are several passages re – the bible should not – be read literally.

    e.g part one of this – indicates a time by – astronomy configuration – and the second part a celestial… red visitor….  plus debris tail…. impacting earth.

    “1)And there appeared a great wonder in heaven;…. a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:…. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

    2)And there appeared >>>> another wonder in heaven; and behold ….  a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

    And his tail…. drew the third part of the stars of heaven,…… and did cast them… to the earth:

    and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born”


    Make of it what you will folks, but also….

    Ancient Sanskrit – BUL = Destruction

    Bi = Two

    The Bi-Bul … chronicles the last … two destructions – Exodus Of Egypt & Noah


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