crashOctober 3rd Looms.
Is A MEGA Financial Collapse Only 2 Weeks Away? 

Bo Polny Believes The BIG ONE Is Imminent: 

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  1. Besides sounding as if Bo recorded from inside a sewer pipe his broadcasts remind me of the sound from an OLDE TYME hit-n-miss motor. Older generation would recognize one, no mistaking it when you’ve heard them……….HIT, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, HIT, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss………

    • These dates will come and go just like all others. The fact is people have been predicting a dollar and Dow collapse for the last three or four years and nothing has happened and it won’t. Some were expecting a Dow correction, not a collapse, and we are seeing it now. The Dow will be heading to 20,000 and then on to 23,000 because of the huge international capital flows flooding into the US from Europe, Japan and South America. All of this is causing dollar strength and add to the fact that countries are devaluing their currencies against the dollar is also causing dollar strength. Dollar strength causes across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver and that is exactly what we have been seeing in price movement. As I have commented before the HFT algos at the Comex have been driving price up when there is short term dollar weakness, especially against the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses to the 1362 bearish reversal level for gold and adding shorts when the long term dollar strength returns and riding price weakness back down. Again the algos drove price to 1360, then to 1372, then 3 times to 1366, then to 1361, then to 1357 and finally to 1350 and each time when dollar strength resumes shorts were added riding price weakness back down.

      There simply can not be a significant breakout upwards of metal prices with dollar strength!

    • Blows Pony’s predictions are similar to hit and miss motors excepting that they never hit, EVER. Something more like the following cadence:

      miss, miss, miss, lie, lie, lie, miss, miss, miss, cheat, cheat, cheat, miss, miss, miss, mislead, mislead, defraud, defraud, defraud, defraud, miss, miss miss, charlatan, charlatan, charlatan, sack of &*it, sack of &*it, sack of &*it, miss, miss, miss.

      It is one thing to ‘predict’ future events based upon sound economic data and analysis, but completely different to use supposed religious prophecy. What an utterly detestable, vile and loathsome creature.

  2. Well Bo I will agree with you that there may be a financial downturn but I’m not sure it will be apocalypse styled!!!

    I predict anywhere from 20% to 40% downturn or the same old same old!!!!

    If the market does sell off the % of the selloff will have to affect the bond market and if this selloff is like or greater than 2008 then GAME OVER!!!

    You were expecting a snarky comment from me today so sorry to disappoint!!


  3. A Zombie apocalypse spread by Zika and Ebola will circle the planet attaching itself to liberals, socialists, communists, and Islamic will all die. Socially engineered by the CIA. This will leave 1/2 Billion conservatives to rule the planet.

    all in for the baloney from the paloney

  4. A technical note to the producer of this audio, the audio recording level is too low. Suggestion:  Be sure to normalize the audio proper signal level before you publish the file.  You can use a free audio tool that you can download called, Audacity.

  5. I’ve been reading more about this Sept 28th date where some sort of major option Put will cause a global Dirivitive debt Cascade and there is nothing the Banksters can do to stop it.

    Might as well add another event horizon dooms day scenarios.

    We’re ALL gonna die, some sooner than later.

    I thrive in this situation, its a challenge of wits and courage to try and prosper in the face of certain disaster!

    What’s in your heart?

    Got Jesus? don’t leave the planet without him!

    God Bless

  6. @precious mental – love the sputtering polny engine.

    Everyone prepare.  900-1200ft tall Nephilim are going to spread the cheeks and drop 3 tons of hot doozy on all major cities.

    Sales of hot peppers have been maxed  all around the world, it is rumored these Nephilim may intend to burn us out naturally.

    Maury Povich manages to get at least one batch of Nephilim DNA to verify if this might be Jiewannas baby daddy.



  7. It still amazes me how people use religion in financial forecasts. Both the old and new testaments today are clearly not the same as the originals. When the Vatican had their ancient Hebrew bible translated some years back it was clearly not a spiritual book but a history book of the creation of man by the Eloyhim and their offspring mating with man were called the Niphilim, from the Books of Enoch. These are the individuals in the bible today who had very long lifespans. There were simply no mention at all of Satan, the devil, hell, the concept of salvation, snakes nor serpents. Also there were actually no mention of “GOD” or “GODS” as in many as this was also mistranslated and everywhere you read these terms it should be “From those that came from above”.

    Now the new testament is also fiction. An Israeli did a program which aired on the Science Channel and he found in ancient Phoenician, Latin and Aramaic manuscripts which stated that a Roman soldier had a relationship with a woman named Mary which produced a son named Jesus who started a movement with his wife also named Mary who was actually a Phoenician Princess. The Hebrews had him arrested and was crucified not on a cross but the symbol X which was the original symbol of the early Christians as this in inscribed in stone on all the ancient churches in Israel and the surrounding regions. The Roman soldier was sent with his Legion to what is now Germany to fight the “barbarians” and became a great military leader and in a museum in Germany is a statue of this very same Roman with his name on it just as the ancient manuscripts state. There is simply no mention of Jesus being a savior but just a man who was crucified like so many others. Mary escaped to Cypress with her two sons and on a floor of an ancient church that was excavated is a mosaic with the images and names of both Mary and Jesus and Mary was in fact dressed like a Phoenician Princess. Two graves were identified as Mary and one of her sons named Maxim. An Ossuary box was also found in Israel with the name inscribed in ancient Hebrew Jesus and a press conference was in fact held on this find. For those that do not know the box was used by the ancient Hebrews to place the bones of the dead after the body decays.

    The Romans were not stupid and the Empire grew by conquering and occupying other lands and nations. They realized they could use the messages that Mary and Jesus preached like “Turn the other cheek” as this was preferred over the bible version of “An eye for an eye”. They realized that having a Savior put more emphasis on the message than that of  a man who was just crucified. The Romans pushed this thru out their occupied lands.

    The fact is we live in a fake world with fake history with fake religions with a man made god and others prey to a savior that was no savior at all. This is all scientific fact but people hold on the outdated beliefs because they need a crux to lean on! Even today DNA scientist have posted papers stating a large part of man’s DNA simply did not originate from earth and that man has been genetically engineered!

    • I’m not against religious beliefs, as long as people understands the metaphors. But it worries me when all they can think about is Apocalypse / End of the World, because we like it or not the things we believe in end up happening, be it because we cause it unintentionally or trying to avoid it or just because we fixed our imagination so much in it that we see no other path available. Not to mention the satanist elite making use of people’s beliefs to advance their agenda.

      That’s the big deal with religions that end up in blood baths and suffering.

  8. Bo Polny or is it Bogus Balony?
    I wish I had a $1 for every wrong prediction he made.  I could retire at the Playboy mansion.
    Global Financial Apocalypse
    What does it mean specifically.

    Will my EBT cards stop working?

    Will  SS stop paying?

    Will I get fired from my low wage cash only night job?

    Will my friends pensions stop paying?

    Will the skyes darken?

    Will my beer allowance stop flowing?

    Will my mother kick me out of the house?

    Will I have to get a educaton and learn a new trade?

    Will my friends welfare checks stop?

    Will my co-workers stop selling drugs on the street at night?

    Ohhh tell me Great Obe One Po Baloney what will the world look like after the Apocalpyse?






  9. Being a glutton for punishment, I inquired with Bo with his suggestion of sending him an email with “The Date” as the subject.  All for the low price of 99 dollars through 9/20/2016 you can get the date of the crash + or – within one day, money back guarantee.  The only guarantee I can think is if I give Bo $100 dollars, I just blew $100 dollars never to be seen again…. 🙂

  10. Bohdan Stephan Polny the conartist chiropractor started a financial services company named Primary Financial Group LLC in his McMansion on 2012. Remember this lying chiropractor proclaiming $2,000 gold and $100 silver in 2012? Then after a series of financial losses from many failed predictions and gold not breaking out to $2,000 and silver not breaking out to $100 on his blood moon calendars and chicken scratch charts, he was forced to declare bankruptcy on Primary Financial Group LLC and to sell his McMansion.

    What kind of deadbeat debtor sells a McMansion with unpaid property taxes?

    Buy a conservative amount of gold and silver and enjoy the fireworks and recognize Bohdan Stephan Polny as a fraud and a wannabe market technician who is neither a chartered financial analyst nor a chartered market technician.
    Click on “Creditors” and “Parties” for more information.
    In 2016, Bohdan Stephan Polny is still a deadbeat debtor who learned nothing from the 2008 mortgage meltdown.

  11. BLOW PONY bankrupted my grandmother!You are correct SILVERSTRONG.My grandmother deposited 2.7 million dollars to Primary Financial Group to buy physical gold in which she never received.Within less than 30 days BLOW had filed bankrupt and stole 2.7 million dollars in gold from my Granny.She now lives in our basement and it is everything we  can do to feed her and buy her medicine.BLOW POLNY should be on AMERICAN GREED.OH by the way he blocks our Emails and telephone calls just like he does to all of his subscribers.

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