The issue is always, of course, one of timing.
All fundamentals indicate that the global economy is going down regardless of what central banks and international financiers do in the long run. The only question is whether or not they feel it is time to pull the plug on one of the last remaining bubbles (stocks)
A successful Brexit could be a perfect scapegoat for the next Global Financial Crisis…


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by Brandon Smith, via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Comment: Though it seems like a bit of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, there is reason to think that the European Union is so close to economic instability, that it couldn’t take losing its most powerful member state.

For Britain’s part, why would anyone there want to remain in such a toxic and interdependent relationship? The way things are set up, if/when another wave of financial collapse comes, being a part of the EU will be tantamount to leaving the system wide open for destruction.

Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?

by Brandon Smith

Those people who do not avidly track global economic events may be a bit confused by the growing tensions surrounding the U.K. referendum to exit the European Union, otherwise known as the “Brexit.” Or, they are completely indifferent. Unfortunately, the potential fallout surrounding the event could very well affect the entire world, but perhaps not in the manner the mainstream media and international financiers would have us believe…

I would point out that under normal global economic conditions, the Brexit really shouldn’t matter much to anyone outside of the U.K. If the EU was fiscally stable, if its banks were solvent and its national debts well in hand, if the EU was actually a practical and successful supranational body, then the damage done by a British vote to leave the union would be minimal. Of course, this is not the case. As many other independent economic analysts and I have been outlining for years, the European Union is on the verge of economic breakdown. Look at it this way — if financial turmoil in a tiny member state like Greece can cause widespread doubts about the EU’s stability, then there is something fundamentally volatile about the entire structure.

The Brexit matters greatly to the future of the EU because, theoretically, if one of its most prominent members says adios, then other members may do the same. As it stands now, the EU cannot afford to have even one member, economically large or small, drop out of the system.

The Brexit matters to the rest of the world including the U.S. because of the brilliantly-destructive program of interdependency and globalism that has shaped our financial house for decades. Interdependency leads to extreme economic weakness because no piece of the global system has the tools to survive without the other pieces; and on top of this, when one part of the machine goes down, ALL the other parts are affected.

It is a truly horrible and seemingly idiotic system; but not so idiotic if you accept the reality that it is deliberately engineered to fail.

When you examine the fiscal foundations of every major economy in the world today, what you find is a financial shell game. The fundamentals tell us the truth; with global exports and imports in decline, global shipping of raw materials in decline, manufacturing in decline, retail in decline, employment in decline, real unemployment numbers including those people no longer counted by the Labor Department skyrocketing and the number of people on welfare and food stamps skyrocketing.

In reality, the global economy is one massive thin-skinned bubble searching for a sharp object to impale itself on. The Brexit may very well be that sharp object.

Before I go into the various details surrounding Thursday’s vote, I want to state that I am in full support of the British movement to leave the European Union. The reasoning behind a successful Brexit is solid. The European Union’s rabid socialist tendencies have created a doom scenario for all those shackled to the supranational body. Forced multiculturalism and cultural Marxism has opened a floodgate of Islamic refugees which hold ideological beliefs completely incompatible with western principles and heritage while at the same time introducing a massive vampiric drain on the prevailing social welfare systems.

The EU’s governing body is a mostly faceless and unaccountable bureaucracy that hands down legal dictates from on high while the general population of the member states have little or no input. The European Central Bank’s monetary policies support failed financial institutions and fraudulent markets while siphoning tax dollars from stronger and more successful nations in order to feed the debt addictions of weaker countries. The very philosophical engine behind the EU is one of collectivism; it is a system that requires a hive mentality in order to function. Only a fool would WANT to participate in such a political and financial farce.

That said, I think we need to take stock of certain underlying realities.

First, as mentioned earlier, the EU, like most other economies today, is an interdependent structure and is thus designed to fail. The EU is not the golden goose for globalists, it is just another appendage that can be sacrificed or rearranged in order to achieve greater goals. The EU is a means to an end, it is not the ultimate prize.

The ultimate prize for globalists would be a system like the EU with a single currency and a single monetary authority, but this new system would erase all sovereign borders and install a single governmental authority as well.

What does this mean? It means that the failure of the EU does not necessarily mean a failure for the internationalists. For groups of globalists that promote an ideology of Fabian Socialism, a breakdown of the EU, whether partial or total, can be used as leverage for a larger and more centralized global power structure in the long term.  Mark my words, when the system comes crashing down (whether after the Brexit or after another trigger event), internationalists will say that the EU failed not because it was centralized, but because it was not centralized ENOUGH.

Even though I support the Brexit movement based on the principle that supranational unions are a heinous affliction upon free individuals and nations, I have no illusions that a successful Brexit vote will actually harm the globalists. In fact, they may very well desire the U.K. to leave the EU.

Why? As noted, the global economy is on the verge of implosion. The ONLY elements of the system that are not yet crashing are stock markets. This is because stock markets do not in any way reflect the fundamentals of the economy, they only reflect investor perceptions of the economy. Perceptions can be manipulated for a time, and public psychology can be subdued by false optimism and lies. It can take years for a population to psychologically accept the idea that they are in the midst of a recession or depression. Therefore, it can take years for stock markets to finally reflect the legitimate dangers within the economy.

Central banks at the behest of globalist institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the Bank For International Settlements have spent incredible amounts of capital and energy managing public perception. Through subversive monetary policies, they have weakened national economies to the point of collapse, and this collapse is meant to create enough chaos to inspire the masses through fear to support greater centralization.

While certain banking institutions may fall, the bankers themselves have no intention of taking any blame for this collapse.

If you examine modern history (the past century), you will find in the aftermath of every crisis that globalist organizations have consistently blamed nationalism and sovereignty while promoting socialism and centralization as the most civilized solution. That is to say, globalists create widespread war and financial terror, blame conservative ideals such as sovereignty, then argue that such ideals must be eradicated for the greater good of the greater number.

We have to be honest in our exploration of the Brexit event and admit that in this case the globalists win either way.

If the Brexit succeeds, the globalists can allow the market systems they have been inflating for years to finally crash. They can then then blame those dastardly “far-Right extremists” in the U.K. for triggering a domino effect within the global financial system, conveniently scapegoating British conservatives, moderates and sovereigns for a breakdown that was going to happen eventually anyway. Their solution will once again be to argue for the end of “barbaric” conservative principles and install complete centralization and socialism as the cure.

If the Brexit fails, or if it is a controlled fake out, they can artificially boost markets for perhaps another month while distracting the public away from the negative fundamentals yet again.

We should also not overlook the possibility that the referendum vote may be rigged one way or the other. Current polls indicate a tie between the “Leave” crowd and the “Remain” crowd. Any vote this close is the easiest kind of vote to rig a few percentage points to either side.

I believe the Brexit vote may be allowed to succeed, here’s why…

1) Elites including George Soros have suddenly decided to dive into the market to place bets on the negative side. Dumping large portions of their stock holdings, shorting equities and buying up gold and gold mining shares. Soros has been preparing his portfolio for a successful Brexit vote while at the same time publicly warning of the supposed dire consequences if the referendum passes.  The last time Soros put this much capital into the markets was in 2007, just before the crash of 2008.

2) The IMF and the BIS have been warning since late 2015 (for six to eight months) that a global economic downturn is on the way in 2016. We saw considerable volatility at the beginning of this year, and markets are due for another shock. The last time the BIS and IMF were so adamant about an impending crash was in late 2007, just before the 2008 market plunge.

3) While the Federal Reserve has not yet implemented a second rate hike (I still believe they could use a rate hike this year to stab markets in the back if necessary), Janet Yellen pulled a maneuver which was almost as upsetting to investors. After the Fed policy meeting last week, markets were moderately exuberant and stocks were rising, then, Yellen opened her mouth andblamed the Brexit for the rate hike delay

Here is what the Fed has done: By delaying the second hike for another month, and then blaming the Brexit vote as a primary reason, they have created a bit of a paradox. If the Brexit vote passes, the Fed is asserting that they may not hike rates for a while, giving market investors the impression that the global economic recovery is not all that it is cracked up to be. If the Brexit vote fails, then the Fed MUST hike rates in July, otherwise, they lose all credibility. I believe Yellen’s claim that the Brexit vote was the cause of the hike delay was highly deliberate. It has triggered what may become a growing firestorm in equities and commodities.

From the point of view of investors, if the Brexit passes, then all hell breaks loose. If the Brexit fails, then the Fed will hike rates and once again, all hell breaks loose. Or, the Fed refuses to hike rates even though its number one scapegoat is out of the picture, it loses all credibility, and all hell breaks loose.

It’s a lose/lose/lose scenario for the investment world, which is probably why global markets plunged after Yellen’s remarks. Investors have been relying on the predictability of central bank intervention for so long that now when ANY uncertainty arises, they run for the hedges.

The Fed decision to blame the Brexit for their rate hike delay could indicate foreknowledge of a successful Brexit vote.

4) The recent murder of British lawmaker Jo Cox is perhaps the weirdest piece in the puzzle of the Brexit. For one thing, it makes no sense for a pro-Brexit nationalist (Thomas Mair) to attack and kill a pro-EU lawmaker when the polls for the “Leave” group were clearly ahead. One could simply argue that the guy was nuts, but I’m rather suspicious of “lone gunman,” and his insanity has yet to be proven.  I see no reason for this man, insane or not, to be angry enough to kill while the Brexit side was winning in all the polls.

If someone was using him as a weapon only to discredit the Brexit vote or sway the public towards staying in the EU, you would think that they would have initiated the murder closer to the day of the referendum when it would have the most effect. The information flooded public has days to digest new data and forget Jo Cox.

My theory? Thomas Mair has handlers or he is just a mentally disturbed patsy, and his purpose is indeed to paint the Brexit movement as “angry” or crazy. But this does not necessarily mean the intent behind the assassination of Jo Cox was to break the back of the Brexit movement. Rather, the goal may only be to perpetuate a longer term narrative that conservatives in general are a destructive element of society. We kill, we’re racists, we have an archaic mindset that prevents “progress,” we divide supranational unions, we even destroy global economies. We’re storybook monsters.

Even the cultural Marxists at the Southern Poverty Law Center somehow produced documents allegedly linking Mair (a veritable unknown) to Neo-Nazi groups in 1999. Wherever the SPLC is involved, the official story is always skewed.

The murder of Jo Cox has had a minimal effect on Brexit polling numbers.  In the end, the elites may find Thomas Mair more useful as a mascot for the Brexit AFTER the vote, rather than before the vote.

So now the Brexit movement, which is conservative in spirit, is labeled a “divisive” and “hateful group”, and if the referendum is triumphant, they will also be called economic saboteurs.

There is also the possibility that the Brexit is yet another fake out. We have seen many of them over the past few years. So many in fact that a lot of analysts in the Liberty Movement have grown pretty cynical, as if the system could be propped up forever.

The issue is always, of course, one of timing. All fundamentals indicate that the global economy is going down regardless of what central banks and international financiers do in the long run. The only question is whether or not they feel it is time to pull the plug on one of the last remaining bubbles (stocks).

A successful Brexit could be a perfect scapegoat for the next leg down in the economy, or it could be a perfect placebo to boost markets for a short time if it fails. In either case, I have no doubt that the outcome has already been decided.

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    • Yes Sylvie, and who did what about it?

      Anyone assasinate the Rothchild family head? Any justice for the middle class in Britain? People were looted and did nothing over there, but British citizens were always cowards, ruled by a monarchy. Any man with a pair became a colonist in North America, and thats why were STILL the last nation on earth to bear arms (despite royal attempts to disarm us)

      They cannot pull this off and get this nation and its food. This part of the plan isnt going to work, and as a result America will implode do to their attempts to bring her to heel.

      When U.S. gets cleaned out, and the people are robbed, it will not go quietly into the night. Wake up the Yank, and pay the price. Gosh I hope they oveetly make their move and wake up the Yank!

  1. My heads beginning to hurt…

    Boogymans plan over here…

    Boogymans plan over there…

    Works out for them either way….

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont…

    No wonder this guy went psychopath.

    FREEDOM, Fresh air, lack of opression, mentally and financially never seemed so far away… as the pressure builds on humanity, as any house built by man, things will go terribly south at some point.

    Didnt work out for them under Hitler, set them back 70 years. Most of those sociopaths are dead, and their lunatic children picked up the reigns. This crap NEVER ENDS!

    Either a dictator opresses for a time, then revolts massacre the royal rulers, only to be replaced by similar lunatics some time after, with the same plan. (Omnipotancy)

    Never works, never lasts, ends in unequaled deaths, rinse, repeat, insert new sociopathic leader.

    Jesus! Come down and end this experiment. We get it! We’re unfit to rule ourselves! Please bring your morally superior rule and bring the evils of mankind to heel once and for all!

  2. Although I have made a few posts saying they will obviously rig it to stay IN just like they rigged the Scottish Referendum and just like they rigged the General Election through the redistribution of Postal votes.. I am not quite so sure now

    I know it makes no sense in a way that the Brexit will win which it probably would in a fair vote. the Cabal/Zionists are running out of time and there are not many oppurtiunities to left to blame any complete collapse on

    The Brexit is the perfect scapegaoat

    I dont know but I think the British public are awakening and its probaly 52-48 in favour of LEAVE…though they do not understand all the reasons to leave …perhaps the exit polls will be more accurate

    BUT MI5 have their orders and they will decide and I think .in spite of what I  have said and many others that it may result in  a BRExit LEAVE which actually is not legally binding anyway

    Anyway I am 50 -50 now As for jesus …Its up to US… MATE to collectively get together to combine our thoughts and cosciousnesses to force a change . It wont happen by some sort of divine intrervention. WE have the power individually and between us to an extent beyond most peoples and all of our  imaginations  to change the collective cosciousness and it is happening ..albeit slowly of course . This may be quickened up on  a STAY vote its possible …either way…but after WE have changed…..then Jesus or some entity for the GOOD may come dowm in some sort of way..I dont know. I am a spiritual being but not religious

    Everybody out there is going to help us but nobody is going to save us…AND THAT INCLUDES jesus if he exists or ever existed


    WE have to do the work and undo the work done by the evil entities that have ruled our planet, not just our markets.

    WE WE WE thats all of us…no I DONT MEAN JUST On SD …have to believe and think and realise what we could be and what the planet will be and when it all implodes …. to never give up  to this criminal banking system again …..however appealing that might be in the immediate short term….the opposite may be..if only for the planet …not for us

    Im totally drunk here and my best and all of my worst posts ..not just here …are done this way

    Friday morning maybe interesting…personally I think/ am hoping  the rise in the equity markets is all but baked in and the gold will rise but its pointless trying to predict whilst the FED and the banking cartel are still in control


    there are some very clever people that come here and some extremely good writers who would say what I have written in a tenth of the space. Many thamks to  them and to silver dagger for all of his pictures

  3. @ The Doc


    Your post over on ZH about Sinclairs interview brought back my thoughts of what Sinclairs comments were while I was listening to the interview a few days ago.  “I was thinking… one of these times its going to be it”.   And why not when you have the perfect excuse.  Im not rooting for the crash of everything good, but I am pretty sure we have been heading that way for quite some time.

  4. Tomorrow is D-day. Win or lose the world is not going to be the same. As noted, winning could be the extension of the corruption of the elitists saying see we have a free hand to change things our way or losing could actually be the UK populace finally raising their hands saying enough bs. Get rid of the immigrants, get rid of the nonresponse EU leaders, get rid of Blair and his cronies, get rid of the overbearing fraud laced banks, and all other things nonproductive to the loyal citizens of the UK. Trump has opened the door to truth for all of the World to see what is on the other side of the curtain. He may not be perfect, but he is a breath of fresh air to the UK and European voters, i.e. Italy, Philippines, and soon Spain and others. This could be the beginning of the French Revolution on a world wide scale. We could only hope.

  5. While watching the astronomical amount of paper being thrown at the gold and silver market, I thought that this time (finally) they maybe loosing control. As others have said, whichever way the vote goes, the eventual outcome will not be kind to them. Remain means civil uprising (which I think sadly is inevitable in the UK) and leave means global financial collapse here and now (instead of a little later with remain). A bloody time is coming for the cradle of the anglo empire of evil, but yet this is necessary so our children will not see that george orwell dystopia come into reality. We all have to go through this pain. Shaking the blood sucking tick that has been on the backs of the humanity since the beginning of time is the only way out. Else we all kill each other in a world war. My rambling 2 cents too.

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