A collapse is coming.  This is a mathematical certainty. If you’re not prepared for living independent of the system then you will feel the full brunt of the pain to come.


From Mac Slavo:

On Monday House Majority leader Paul Ryan warned that if his health care plan fails to pass then the Obamacare system will collapse. It’s a sentiment that The Market Ticker founder Karl Denninger has shared for years, citing basic arithmetic that shows the Affordable Care Act passed in 2009 simply cannot be sustained.

But before you get excited about the possible repeal of current laws that are to be replaced by Ryan’s new GOP bill, consider that the new bill is destined to fail for the very same reasons. It’s a simple math problem and the math shows there is not enough money to cover the costs for a health care system rooted in corruption and monopolistic tendencies, regardless of what Paul Ryan, President Trump or their opponents in Congress say.

The end result, says Denninger in a recent interview with Future Money Trends, is a complete collapse of not just health care, but the entirety of the U.S. economy. The fall out, he says, will be devastating and will lead to the deaths of many who have become completely dependent on an ever more broke U.S. taxpayer:

Exactly how this thing detonates and who dies, if you will, from a corporate perspective and from an economic perspective is very hard to figure out because if you think that this beast is just going to roll over and quietly go into the night you’d be very mistaken about that.

When this goes up in smoke there are some things you can very reliably count on happening and one of them is that if you are dependent on high dollar treatments… you have a high impact disorder or disease… you’re going to die. You need to understand this very clearly. You are going to die, unless you have Donald Trump style money.

The bottom line is that as the system starts to cannibalize itself, what it has done up until now and will continue to do… since they can’t take from those who have nothing to take… they will attempt to take everything from those who have something.

The only way to avoid that happening to you is to not need. If you do need, then you need to decide if you are just going to make peace with God and leave whatever wealth you have to the people you choose or you’re going to essentially donate it to a corrupt system that is stealing about one dollar in five.

There are other options… some of them are not very legal… but among the legal options, the best one that you can take is to become independent on that to the extent you are able.

Being as independent of the system as possible is the key to surviving the coming collapse. While the failure of our health care system will be a significant factor in the breakdown of life as we have come to know it in America, we can fully expect other core systems to malfunction, including financial markets and the economy as a whole.

That’s why Denninger has previously suggested that people take time to prepare:

This time it won’t recover with more “hopium” and fraud – that card has already been played which means the pension funds and annuities across this nation are going to get smoked.

They are going to come for all of it – pension funds, private retirement funds, savings accounts, you name it.

They’ll raise taxes to extreme levels, as we are already seeing in California, where they are now literally taxing cow farts.

The insanity will not only continue, it will accelerate, which means self sufficiency may be your only way to avoid a total collapse of your personal environment.

Assuming the disaster is worse than 2008 and mirrors something on the order of Greece, we can expect a variety of problems that may limit access to your bank accounts, life saving medicines, food, and meaningful work.

This is why we have repeatedly urged our readers to prepare for a variety of disasters by stockpiling long-term dry goods to supplement your diet in the event your paycheck takes a hit. We also encourage those with critical medical needs to put medicines in reserves, because they may become inaccessible or extremely expensive to acquire amid shortages. Finally, have gold or silver in reserve and diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals resources companies.

While we can’t predict the future price of gold,  the historical evidence for gold and silver as stores of wealth during times of crisis are hard to argue. Up or down in terms of dollars, what will really matter is purchasing power, and that has remained consistent with precious metals for thousands of years.

A collapse is coming. This is a mathematical certainty. If you’re not  prepared for living independent of the system, at least in part, then you will feel the full brunt of the pain to come.

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  1. Hmmmm

    3 articles with 4 words that are 100% fear porn

    Detonate, Explode, Overthrow, Die, Crisis, Collapse.
     I could have some fun with this.  Let’s try

    From the Best of Harvey Organ bastard stepchild

    The COMEX Detonated today.

    The precious metals prices Exploded upwards by 500%

    The price monkeys were Overthrown.
    They Died by nail guns to their heads

    The Crisis caused the stock markets to fall 75%

    This caused the world economy to Collapse.

    Don’t you love a happy ending?

    Uh, 5 words.  
    I’m a total maffamatical certainty F’Tard

    PS Slavo is an econo-Miss’tard

    • We do.  It was one of those “much ado about nothing” scenarios.  Yes, there were some bookkeeping issues but that was about it.  No airplanes falling from the sky, no financial collapse, although a bad recession did come later in 2001-02, and no mass die-off.

      What we DID have, however, was people running for the hills, then discovering that the world was not ending, and finally ending up selling off generators and other preps for cheap.  All of which is not to say that this will be the same, although that IS the likely scenario.  Someday, the S really will HTF, so it is prudent to do some prepping for that possibility.  But in no case should any of us get hysterical about it.  There will be MANY people who are a lot worse off than we are, so even a reasonable level of prepping will be WAY better than what at least 90% of our fellow citizens have.


    • @Ed_B – I just happened to be home sick today and watched this National Geographic version of an attack on the grid from about 2014. It has a fairy-tale ending so as to nor freak out the oblivions too much, but a cautionary tale nevertheless. Enemies of the US work day and night on this to make it a reality, rest assured.

    • @DanDaley


      “I just happened to be home sick today and watched this National Geographic version of an attack on the grid from about 2014. It has a fairy-tale ending so as to nor freak out the oblivions too much, but a cautionary tale nevertheless. Enemies of the US work day and night on this to make it a reality, rest assured.”

      Ha ha… love the term “the oblivions”.  How fitting!

      You know, I sort of remember that movie and rolling my eyes when it came on.  While this is a real subject for concern, the way it was presented was laughable… just what one would expect from those who have heard of something but don’t really understand it.  “Oh, no!  My smart phone isn’t working!  Waaaaahhh!”.  As if we would not have problems about a billion times worse than a non-working phone.  I dunno.  Maybe that is the worst thing that these libtards can conceive.

      If this is the same movie, of course.  Will watch it later to see. Thanks for posting the video URL.


  2. Fake news again, mucho fear porn. Walk down South Central L.A., their you will have a case of fear in broad daylight OR South Detroit or Southside of Chicago etc… These articles are written to entertain us pm stackers.

    Stack and pack

  3. I’m not even going to read it. Even loyal contributors seem to be tired of the content here. Would we (PM community) have reached new a generation of pear porn addicts that decides to start stacking hard? Painfully, they’re timing it better than the most of us.

  4. “… you have a high impact disorder or disease… you’re going to die. You need to understand this very clearly. You are going to die, unless you have Donald Trump style money.”

    The bottom line is that since we are not immortals in this life, we all WILL die whether or not we have lots of money.  Maybe we will die sooner if we do not have good care, maybe not.  The recent hysteria over “health care” is something that fazed our grand parents and previous generations not a bit.  Docs made house calls back then and charged a small but reasonable fee.  Lawyers weren’t getting rich off of the Doc’s backs.  Nobody had health insurance and didn’t really need any.  It was a simpler time and nobody felt entitled to a long, happy, and healthy life.  If anyone had a health problem that the docs could not fix, well, that was why you went to church on Sundays.

    Another issue is that “health insurance” and “health care” are not at all the same, yet in the press and elsewhere, these two terms are virtually interchangeable.  No issue can be intelligently discussed if we are not clear on the terms we are using.  To me, “health insurance” is a financial product that can be bought in case the buyer gets sick and needs some expensive doctoring.  In this regard, it is like home owners insurance, a product that is bought to protect the financial value of one’s home in case something bad happens to it… not something that we wait to buy until AFTER our home is damaged or destroyed.  “Health care” is what is done for us by docs, nurses, techs, and other office, clinic, and hospital workers that seek to improve our health condition.

    Almost all of the kicking and squealing going on today revolves around who gets what benefit and who pays the bills for it.  Whenever I hear or read about someone saying that health insurance costs will be cut, the very first thing that enters my mind is, “OK, so who gets less than they are getting now?”.  This is a vital question that ALL politicians will do any verbal gymnastics necessary to avoid answering.  If we are paying less, we are likely to be getting less or fewer people will be getting insurance.  Those reductions in cost HAVE to come from somewhere besides the smoke and mirrors of politics.  So, politicians, just tell us WHERE this “found money” will come from and we can go from there.  This is often referred to as “having an adult conversation”, something that is in far lower supply than gold.


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