nuclear dollarJim Rogers Warns it’s Time to BUCKLE UP, a Derivatives Collapse is COMING…


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  1. I keep stacking the shiny like there is know tomorrow, whether there is good or bad news. Staying on the path of accruing the pms, day by day, month to month, and year to year.  It is a long journey in terms of investing. I stay focused on my plan.

    This is what happens when ” Greed is good”, the people will suffer if not prepared.

    Time to round up the banksters.

    Stacking the shiny one coin at a time.

  2. Rogers: “The world is flooded with liquidity.”  If this is so, then DB will have little problem covering its obligations. The LACK of liquidity is when banks get in trouble.

    Rogers is a little jerk who got lucky a few decades ago and is still trying to ride that diminishing wave. A bow tie doesn’t make one smart.

    • If not for a gross excess of stupidity, bankers would not always be starving for liquidity.  Liquidity is what they need AFTER they have well and truly screwed up and lost beaucoup bucks in the stock market casino.

      Note that when they win their bets, there are NO banksters offering to share any of those winnings with the much-abused tax-payers.

      As to Jim Rogers… he uses his country-boy personna to put people off their guard.  Beneath that “aw shucks” exterior is one shrewd financial SOB.  He was a cohort of George Soros, after all.  He swam with that shark and not only survived but prospered enough to become a billionaire himself.  Anyone here a billionaire?  😉


  3. Deutsche bank just hit a new low per stock share @11.20 and closing @ 11.23 I am tracking this stock and will update it!!!   Losing 4.73% of its share price in one trading day and doing this repeating will be the death of Deutsche bank for sure!!!

    Something is going to break and its going to be a dozzie for sure!!!!


    • “A lower share price has no effect on Deutsche Banks functions as a bank.”

      It sure does IF they use their own stock to fund deals or borrow capital against it.


    • Thanks @Plata Pura


      I am not an expert on banks or banking.  What I know comes from reading and observing what they have done in the past.  AGXIIK is the real banking expert around here and UglyDog is also quite knowledgeable about banking and other business matters.  I would trust either of them on most any banking or business comment.  That neither of them has told me I am wrong on this is encouraging.  They would correct me if I was off-base on this, I’m sure, and I would want them to do that.  Knowledge is good, so when a correction is needed, it is appreciated.  I am never embarrassed to be ignorant but I am embarrassed to stay that way.  We all have knowledge of certain things but not other things.  That’s the beauty of a group such as we have here at SD.  Chances are good that at least one of us knows the scoop on most subjects or will take the time to look them up on-line.  Sharing that info helps us all know more… and knowledge really IS power.  🙂


  4. @Bay of Pigs  @killroy.

    Just in on zero hedge   Chinese Bitcoin bank just got robbed of $60,000,000 of bitcoin.   Bitcoin value drops 30% immediately after the theft

    Our silver and gold laugh.  HA HA  HA   I pity these people because despite this is kind of commonplace, Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks

    “Cuz dats where dey money iz”

    Bitcoin bank offers apologies and will look into this


    • Agreed – nothing beats our slabs – no internet or electricity required. Although they were sort of asking for trouble in that the “coins” should not be left in the bank imo. Coins Should be downloaded and protected locally like pm’s.

    • @AGXIIK


      Re:  Willie Sutton


      I read an interview with him once where he was asked about this “quote”.  He said, “I never thought of that but would have said it if I had”.  lol


      As for Bit(ch)coin, well, it’s just another fiat currency and it is remarkably susceptible to theft… which is just the way that banksters and politicians like currencies.  IMO, it is a trial balloon that various governments are using as a test for an all-digital fiat world.  Here’s the thing:  banks are already mostly into digital currency.  They have piles of printed currency around but are tired of shipping it, storing it, guarding it, transferring it, counting it, replacing it, etc.  All this costs money and banking can get cut-throat competitive.  Banks that do not have these expenses can and will have a significant cost advantage over those that do.  Bankers know this, hence the push to go to an all digital system.  That an all digital system would be even easier to rob and then cover up their crimes makes is a 2-fer.  Governments love this idea for the ring fencing of Other People’s Money that it would allow them to do.  Crime can be extremely profitable… for the criminals who engage in it.  A good number of these are politicians and banksters.  Best of all, they can print their own Get Out of Jail Free cards.  Lately, they simply tell the FBI to back off. 🙁


  5. Att: C’mon Silverdoctors – If you can’t flesh out the “Big Headline” with an written article, please indicate next to the “Big Headline” that it’s a VIDEO so people don’t waste time opening a link to a VIDEO they can’t view.

    Geeze the first three headlined “articles” I looked at were videos.

    Thanks – Keep on stackin’

  6. Thanks, @cork

    Spoken like a true Hughes Net user (sucker)?…

    At least the “smoke and mirrors” sell-you-something hooks, offer you the “text only” page when you click out of it!!

    somedays, it just don’t pay to peal back the covers, eh?

  7. @Ed_B  If Willie Sutton didn’t say that then I’ll lay claim to it. I’ve been ‘robbing’ banks nothing more than a pen, and doing it legally, for 25 years.  And these ignert idjits let me into the vault to do so.

    • Thanks for the information on bitcoin I wondered how long it would take for a big theft of this new age currency to happen!!!

      And if the system goes down so does bitcoin!!!


    • @AGXIIK


      Might as well.  It IS a catchy phrase.  But I figure that if Willie says he didn’t say it, that pretty much tells us what’s what on that issue.  😉


      Yep, as they say Bro, “The best way to rob a bank is to own one“.  lol


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